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Saturday, April 25, 2015


Take a look at this 20 second video of the end of police chase.

It looks like the guy on the motorcycle was white. And it doesn't really matter if the cop was white or a pale Hispanic person. You don't get to treat criminals like slaves, okay?  You don't get to treat criminals like you own them, like it's your right to beat them when they disobey you.

Doesn't that cop kicking the man and motorcycle over just scream "How dare you defy me?"

By the way, I've seen a practically still motorcycle fall over on a man. It look like it HURT pretty bad. He was limping afterward. So there's no doubt the white man, this human being, in this video was hurt. There's also no doubt in my mind this cop meant to hurt him in order to punish him

News Flash: In this country, policemen are not in the punishing business. They are in the arresting business. That means keep your hands to yourself outside of defending yourself and making the arrest.

And I get that cops are human. They get mad. If I were a cop and I got flipped out and afraid for my own safety, I just might take out my gun and shoot everybody in a circle around me, accidentally hit my partner and grandma just taking a stroll a little further down the block. And that's why I didn't sign up to be one.

Criminals break the law. That's what "criminal" means - a person that broke the law. You don't get to act like massa's overseer, slave catcher/ paddy roller just because someone defied you.

And you don't get to stupidly arrest someone in their own house ala Skip Gates and pretend you thought this little ole man on a cane, on the phone with the door open was robbing his own house because he didn't obey your demand to step out on the if you own him

You don't get to treat criminals like slaves, as if they are yours to beat because they broke a rule. You don't What is it some officers are not understanding about this?

Some might say that only a few officers are doing this. And I would respond that 1% is too many because that could (and has?) resulted in a few beatings per day nationwide, and some of those beatings have ended in murder for those of the darker persuasion.

Flying kick officer is a likely precursor to officers like Dante Servin (Rekia Boyd's murderer - set free because his actions were murder (in the judges view) while the prosecutor only charged him with manslaughter and reckless....The charges didn't match the actual accusations= get out of death penalty free card) And I think the difference between Flying Kick Officer and the white-Dante-Servin-type officers of this country is the cheering section

The people who originally posted this video probably enjoyed flying kick officer and felt nothing for the white guy that went down. The bullying attitude wrapped in racism that is part and parcel of massa-attitude (see "Roots"), overseer attitude (see Cumberbatch's in "12 Years A Slave"), paddy-roller/runaway-slave-catcher-attitude (see "Django" lynch scene)  is not isolated to cops. The predominantly white part of the country who watches predominantly white police officers beat down anybody who ticks them off are feeding the violence inside those able to move from beating (Flying Kick Officer) to murder (Dante Servin). And black and brown cops are perfectly capable of catching this character-based disease (You did notice that there was a black cop present, who didn't appear to see or report anything when Walter Scott was gunned down.)

All of the above is why I think the movie "The Accused" should be required watching in school. Not only does this movie address rape culture, but it addresses just how influential the people who don't actually do anything but run their mouths are.

Understanding this fact would go a long way to making people understand that the racial rhetoric and straight up racism that has risen in quantity and quality since the election of President Obama has had a nationwide effect on the beaters (Flying Kick Officer) and changed them into murderers (Dante Servin)

Or maybe not.  It could be the murderers have been this frequent all along, pre and post President Obama, and that the thing that's changed is having a black male president address the death of Trayvon Martin has made the deaths of black men (and only black men judging by turn out for Rekia Boyd) truly matter.