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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

White Racial Apologies #100,817,004 and #100,817,005



Black Males

Mexican Males

and Asian Males 

Staring At My Sexy White Female Ass


Apparently,  two white teenage girls at Grapevine High School in Texas sang a song about how sexy they are, as white females and how they wanted to lynch and kill non-white males that inevitably want them, stare at them...because as white females they are the sexiest of all women.

Clearly, the main stream media and everything around us tells white girls the same thing it tells our black and brown girls: White girls rule. And the audio recording below is proof positive that these white girls are hearing and embracing the message and even going so far as to count their white female supremacist blessings.

And some people actually had to ask why Michelle Obama felt it was necessary to speak at Black Girls Rock

Apparently this white supremacist song was passed around between the white students at this school for 2 years before word got to the media.

Apology  #100,817,004

"While my intentions were never to offend anyone, I wasn’t thinking at the time about how awful this recording is or that it would get spread so widely. That was almost two years ago and we were just getting into social media at that time. Being new to social media then, I did not fully understand the swift and large impact that one posting can have. That does not excuse my behavior and I realize I made a huge mistake. I am so sorry to all the people who heard it and who I hurt by my actions. The song does not portray in any way how I actually feel about people. I am a very open-minded person and I enjoy being part of a diverse family and diverse community. I am being raised to be respectful of all people, cultures and differences"

Translation: Racism is supposed to be secret, especially when it involves murder. You're not supposed to say it in a place where the people in the "diverse community" can hear it.  And what a person says has nothing to do with what that person means and what you were raised to believe. Nothing. This is all about what I SAID, the words I used. My parents didn't teach me to be this way.

Ummm, sure they did. If my upbringing didn't allow me to sing such things about people of other races before I was 5 years of age, then your parents are doing a piss-poor job of making sure you did not learn white supremacy -- because you've got the lingo down pat.

But at least this one knows it's not all about her.

Check out the next apology


Apology #100,817,005

"The moment I heard that someone had heard and reported the rap to the principals office, I was fully aware that my life was about to change forever. I have gone over this day after day, thinking about what I was going to say to the people hurt, and utterly disgusted at the content of the recording. I understand that there are many unanswered questions and multiple versions of rumors regarding when, where, and why the rap was made. I have never been so utterly humiliated and ashamed in my entire life, because if you know me, you know you will never meet a human being with as much unconditional love and kindness in their heart as me...."

Translation: 'The words didn't mean anything. I didn't mean anything. I am the most loving, non-racist individual you will ever meet. I love everybody equally. Attitudes, words, and actions are not linked....the bible says mean..."

When she wrote this, did she remember that she was writing an apology for using the n-word in a song that jokes about murdering people for being black, mexican, and asian?

And I don't care how young she is:  How stupid is she?

How stupid is she, her parents, and everyone around her. Who let her write "you will never meet a human being with as much unconditional love and kindness in their heart as me..." at such a time as this? Who is this ridiculously unconscious about singing about murdering people for not being white? Who?

 Once again, we see the white racial apologies are about the offensive words used in mixed race company. It's all just words and getting caught. It's nothing.

When these two girls are 10 years into their futures 26 years old(?), I wonder how small this will seem. I'm sure all the white students that have been passing this recording around between themselves for 2 years are telling them to get over it already.

Note To Self:
White female racists might be too delicate to have their names disclosed to the media.Check future white racial apologies for pattern