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Saturday, May 9, 2015


I think that's what I'm reading.
Sisters Miko and Titi Named Their Natural Hair Care Line After Their Grandmother
Titi Branch hung herself in December of 2014.  And sister Miko Branch says that Titi's boyfriend, Anthony Spadafora, drove Titi to it after he'd bilked her for thousands of dollars. And now he wants half
"According to The New York Post, in court papers filed at Manhattan Supreme Court, Branch alleges that Spadafora’s “undue influence” led him to “extract hundreds of thousands of dollars from Titi to launch his own beard-care business, Maestro’s Classics; $420,000 to buy and renovate a Pennsylvania house; and a $135,000 interest-free loan.”
Miko also alleges that Titi was ready to end her relationship with Spadafora when she found out he made sexual advances towards her trainer, but the 43-year-old “took extreme measures to stop her . . . sending compromising photographs that he had taken of her.” According to the court papers, just days after her death, Spadafora sent the Branch family a barrage of emails claiming that Titi had drafted a new will giving him 50 percent of everything."
I hope Titi didn't die as desperate for love as her sister is making her sound.  And I suppose this type of accusation is normal between a have-a-lot-family and have-not-boyfriend. But he hasn't been around that long.

So, why would she leave somebody that she decided NOT TO marry that much money and power? So far the moral to this story could be: Watch what you buy online because millions and millions of dollars might not protect what's most valuable in you.

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