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Thursday, May 7, 2015


Imagine!  Just imagine what it would be like if black women's bodies were considered attractive on black women

Keke Palmer might be playing a black 'Black Widow' in "The Avengers, The Age Of Ultron" this summer.

Cinderella's Black Fairy God Mother in ABC's "Once Upon A Time" wouldn't have been killed off less than 20 seconds after she appeared, never to be heard from again (in the first few seasons). I think Sir Lancelot, also black, lasted an entire episode before he was killed.

The producers of  CBS's "Person Of Interest" might have paid Taraji P. Henson absolutely anything to stay on the show as a rocket launcher toting, bad ass cop that's also a loving mother and the heart of the show.

Would Michelle Obama might have been able to wear her hair any way she wanted to during the 1st and 2nd terms of her husband's presidency? If blackness on black women was considered attractive?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Alas, black features are only considered attractive on white people and white women to be specific. And the white fascination with black features on white women (without acknowledging that black women exist at all) sort of reminds me of an inverted doll test.

You remember the doll test, right?

That's that decades old race/racism test where researches presented dolls to children that were exactly the same except for "skin" color.  Small white children choose the white doll as prettier, smarter, more honest, and cleaner while the black doll was uglier, dumber, dishonest, and dirty. Not that big a surprise in some ways. But even in 1950s and 60s it was surprising that teeny, tiny children had absorbed white supremacy. It seemed like some were no more than 4 years old.

What did surprise researchers in the 1950s or 60s was that the black children also chose the white doll as smarter, prettier, more honest, cleaner, and just better overall. Again, these doll tests showed that even the tiniest children were being affected by the white supremacy washing over them daily.

When researchers tested older children, the black children in particular, they knew not to pick the white doll anymore, which doesn't say a thing about how the children really felt about themselves. They just knew the correct answer after a certain age; B
lack children said they liked the black doll better or said that both dolls were the same.

Signs of  internalized racism aside, white features and white beauty is the only beauty that's truly seen more often than not, even today. Supposedly "interracial" magazines, bill boards, movies, and television tell the story.  And when white women culturally appropriate a black female features, they do so without acknowledgement. Black beauty is taken from us as if we do not exist.

Things like thicker lips and thicker butts become BEAUTIFUL on white women and put forth as if a new fad, something completely new and if black women's full lips and full backsides do not exist.

Black women appear to be invisible to white people (and black men too, as would be indicated in the lack of outrage over Rekia Boyd's death)


EXHIBIT A:  Kylie Jenner's surgically enhanced Lips  (left) and black woman's natural lips right.

Black child picking white doll to play with

MEGAN TRAINOR IS Bringing Booty Back:   All About that B...ASS.

Megan Trainor is bringing booty back?

Newsflash: Booty never left the black women, dear.

That entire song ("All About That Bass") seems like it was lifted out of decades worth of black women's conversations about white women who were touted as gorgeous precisely because they barely had any ass at all -- for decades. 
Talk about cultural appropriation? And the video is it's use of the black female body. Sad and ridiculous

See for yourself at youtube:-->

EXHIBIT C: Justin Timberlake's white wife was all over the news a while back because she actually has an ass. Actress. Forgot her name. Doesn't matter. Social media, press, etc, everybody found her less-than-average-on-a-black-woman ass just FAScinatin' I tell you.

Jessica Biel photo jessica_biel.jpg

(And don't tell me it hasn't crossed your mind that Timberlake is into black music, black dance moves, and black women's features so long as it's all painted white. Justin Timberlake gets to be ultra cool and RICH because he gets to be white black dude. Has any white body, besides Elvis Presley, gotten this rich off blackness before?)

EXHIBITS D & E The Evolution Of Kardashian's Butt
D. Black Features on a White or White-ish Woman? Oh baby, that's the marrying kind! But Kanye and the slew of black male entertainers she and her sisters have run through is not nearly the end of Kim K's exploitation story
Photo "Kanye West Lollapalooza Chile 2011 2" by rodrigo ferrari - Kanye West 05.
E. At the beginning of this year or at the end of last year, Kim Kardashian used her artificial(?) black-woman-butt to help a white photographer known for the objectifying, exploiting, and animal-izing of black women's bodies recreate a 1976 photograph of a black woman with a champagne glass propped on her backside.
READ MORE: White Male Fetishist Recreates Black Female Exploitation Photo And White Supremacy Soaked U.S. Doesn't Get it