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Thursday, May 28, 2015


"In late April and early May, African-American young people protested the killing of Freddie Gray by the Baltimore police. Those peaceful protests escalated into a local uprising against the police. This was neither random nor unprovoked: The Baltimore uprising was a response to the long-simmering upset and righteous anger about poverty, racism, civil rights violations, and abuse by the police. 

No one was killed during the Baltimore protests or subsequent uprising.

The gun battle chaos in Waco was a result of rivalries between [white], outlaw motorcycle clubs, in competition with one another for the profits from drug and gun traffic, various protection rackets, and other criminal enterprises.

[Nine people died]"

- Salon
Please notice: As often as Salon writes about race and racism, they mention "African American" or "black" in conjunction with a person's name or pronoun or as a description of a person consistently  and leave out the word "white" because "white" is assumed as "normal." 

This absence of the word "white" when talking about the criminal activities above ALLOWS white people to forget to associate the criminal activities being discussed with WHITEness.

This is how it becomes possible for a large swath of
 predominantly "white" New York police officers
to become "confused" about the fact that
we are upset about
"white" police officers
"white supremacy" executed by people of color
as it pertains to
the murdering unarmed black people

--so confused that police officers
pretend(?) to believe that

the shooting of two non-white officers
Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos
is truly "black" revenge for the murders of Mike Brown, Eric Garner
INSTEAD OF the deranged actions of someone
that had just shot his girlfriend
--so confused about
"white" supremacy's link to black, unarmed death by "white" cop
that they turn their backs on
the "white" mayor who is married to a black woman.
at a funeral.

(Why DO YOU people, keep making everything about race? We, the NYPD, were protesting at a funeral because DiBlasio supported blaming cops all the time, blaming those two dead cops. It's shameful. This is not about race. This is about disrespect for policemen. And by the way, it's just happenstance we turned our backs on that race-traitor DiBlasio who married a black woman. IT'S A COINCIDENCE! NOTHING MORE! <---Extreme sarcasm)

White Cops (mostly) Turn Backs On  DiBlasio At Various Locals, Including A FUNERAL

When you can fake this level of confusion and even fool yourself, it becomes obvious that "white" needs to be mentioned when describing who is doing what. And it needs to be described every single time. This country is close to 1/3 non-white now. It's time to make the transition. I have to go back and fill in "white" almost every time I write something. "White" as "normal" is so normal that it need not be mentioned has been beat into me through news, books, movies and television since I was small. It's a difficult transition.  But it's time. I'm doing it. Salon can too. So can you.

It's time to end the confusion.  It's time to burn the whole truth into our short-term and long-term memories, especially "white" memories, as far as who is doing what to whom and for what reason.