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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


"“If my daughter EVER disrespected authority, whether a teacher, officer or elder, I’d put her face in the ground myself!” Detective Angela Arredondo posted."

ARRESTED FOR "INTERFERENCE..." before charges dropped due to public opinion. The blue arrow shows the closest Adrian Martin got when he slipped/skidded to a stop.
So, I have several questions
1) Is there a "back talk" charge I don't know about?  
I didn't know a policeman could legitimately wrestle you to the ground for back talk at 40 years of age, much less 14.

2) How many states have this "back talk" charge?

3) If I know I haven't done anything, and you're barking orders and cussing, why do I have to respond with verbal respect to you? (At 14 I might have to. But even 14-year-olds can be provoked by the n-word treatment)

4) Is this "back talk" charge a down south thing?

5) Is this  "back talk" charge a down south for n-words thing?

6) Is this  "back talk" charge for n-words thing, unofficially in place everywhere?

If you, as a cop, haven't read me my rights, or said the words "you are under arrest" 
after back talk from me,
then you have the audacity to TOUCH ME,
and I respond by 
pulling away from you,
is that resisting arrest 

resisting assault?
"No Saint Either" Dejerrica Becton, 14 years old, according to Fox News' Megyn Kelly

8) Does the answer to #7 change if there's cellphone video?

9) And if pull back hard, is that nonverbal cop-eese for 
"she tried to get my weapon?" 
"I thought she had a weapon"
Boom I'm dead, right? 

10) Does the answer to #9 change if there's cellphone video?

 Forget answering the first 10 questions. The ones below are the questions that matter.

ARRESTED FOR RESISTING ARREST before charges dropped due to public opinion  Adrian Martin running from Casebolt with his gun out, the same cop who has been screaming, "get your asses out of here" for the best part of the famous Brandon Brooks video.

11) How many people has Angela abused already? And how many of the abused in question were non-white and/or black?

 12) How do we get more uniform definitions of things like:

- "resisting arrest" (maybe the actual arrest has to have begun? Miranda rights have to be read?)
- "interfering with a police officer in the commission of his duty"
- "he tried to grab my gun" and - what are we going to say reasonably constitutes  "I thought she had a gun" ?

 What process can we put in place to almost immediately  remove a judge, pending investigation, if he or she doesn't acknowledge or enforce the definitions and penalties we come up with #12?  

14) How is it 14 year old Dejerrica Becton was "held" or "detained" by police because she was "no saint either"  when a 14 year old Josh Duggar was never "held" or "detained" for  some "inappropriate touching" that probably fits under the heading of  Sexual Assault of a Minor.

 15) Is it as clear to you as it is to me that we have a nationwide problem with the screening portion of the police hiring process?

It should also be clear to you that 


You'd best believe that.
16) How do we stop the problem of police brutality before it starts?

 We need to weed out the slow minds, weak empathy-ed, and those that get off on stomping people before they get a job in the police department. This will simultaneously take down at least half the racists, sexists, and general low-lifes maybe by three-quarters.  

Until we get some sort of  psychological testing and background checks (for fighting in school, low grades, and domestic violence -which cops do at a rate 2x the general population
) to get rid of applicants who cannot handle authority or disrespect without pretending to imagine the manhandling their own daughter, we are all doomed.

These bully cops are coming for black folks first, again. But they are moving with impunity now. Michael Brelo stood on top of a car and fired 15 bullets into two unarmed people, then walked out a court room a free man. The number of middle class, white dead will increase. 

The bad, predominantly white police officers that have been killing our unarmed dead are feeling more and more invincible, their rightness more and more solidified with each exoneration.  It's inevitable that their desire for absolute power will grow, and they will  start to eat their own.  More and more black and brown police officers will become infected with the white supremacy rules of law enforcement too.

As clear as it has been that black-unarmed-then-dead events are race based, some people are still lying to themselves about I'm-not-a-racist. And they are going to start to believe themselves even more deeply. I find it hard to believe that anybody not in a blue uniform is going to be seen as NOT me-and-mine, eventually.
People worried about the militarization of the police are right. That is part of the police-us versus non-police-them mentality taking firmer hold in police departments. Most of the white middle class think they are safe. And they are for now. But this won't last forever. And I think I see signs that the eating-of-their-white-own has already begun.

White poor and white homeless are already being attacked by (predominantly) white police officers. I can't get this awful picture of homeless, mentally ill, Kelly Thomas out of my head - even though more white homeless have been beaten to death by police since Thomas. The murderer  of Kelly Thomas walked away in my own backyard.

We need to stick together or we will perish alone.


* * * * * * * *

 How does that "First They Came" poem go?

 Here it is- 

Monday, June 29, 2015


Feeling rebloggy

"I began my activism by participating in the Moral Monday movement, fighting to restore voting rights in North Carolina after the Supreme Court struck down key protections of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

I traveled down to Florida where the Dream Defenders were demanding justice for Trayvon Martin, who reminded me of a modern-day Emmett Till.

I marched with the Ohio Students Association as they demanded justice for victims of police brutality.

I watched in horror as black Americans were tear-gassed in their own neighborhoods in Ferguson, MO. “Reminds me of the Klan,” my grandmother said as we watched the news together. "
- Blue Nation Review

Read more:

Bree Newsome & James Stone 

Police said Newsome, 30, was arrested and charged with defacing monuments on state capitol grounds, a misdemeanor. James Ian Dyson, who spotted for Newsome while she made her climb, was also arrested and faces the same charge. The pair, both from North Carolina, were taken to a detention center, police said.
The charges is a misdemeanor with a possible punishment of up to three years in prison or a fine up to $5,000 or both.
Newsome and Dyson were later released after posting $3,000 bail.

QUOTE ON Fake Deepness

“Because if I had to respond with correction to every instance of misogyny, I’d have no time to life me life, quite honestly.”

“So I’m going to need you to take that pro-black, quasi-conscious, pseudo-intellectual, patriarchal, misogynistic, respectability-politics-laden bullshit and take several seats… sir.”

“He’ll talk highly about mothers, aunties, and sisters – and his future children that you are obliged to bear – but any other woman is eligible to be a whore, bitch or dispensable affair.”

- From Cecile Emeke's Poem FAKE DEEP 



Sunday, June 28, 2015





Watch the trailer
It looks like this "Lila and Eve" performed well at Sundance. So far it's scheduled to be in theaters on July 17th. I'm gonna be there!


One of these things is not like the other And one of these things is not like the other in more ways than one Four of these thing are very, very much like the other. TARGET STORE ADVERTISING EXECUTIVES GET IT RACIALLY WRONG - AGAIN .
How is is possible to "randomly" choose four white models all near the "normal" standard of beauty size-wise then decide to make African American the plus sized model? And not only did Target make the African American model the plus sized model, they went out of their way to choose a plus sized model that doesn't look like a model at all. In other words, all the right junk is not in all the right places. The African American model also looks to be half a head taller. And that head is positioned so as to make her look like she's some distance away from the group. And was she placed directly next to the bony thin white model to make her look --dare I say it-- as monstrous as possible?
EXHIBIT A: Sports Illustrated Plus Sized Model - Ashley Graham
White thin models are always photoshopped to perfection. Always. So why does the African American model have that bulge there at the top of her thighs? Why haven't African American's bulges, cellulite, and skin tone been smoothed out like it has for this white plus sized model in Exhibit A? How is it Sports Illustrated went out and found the most attractive white woman they could find when looking for a plus sized model but Target didn't? Could it be because the plus sized model Target went looking for was black - so who cares? Target doesn't seem like they made the slightest effort to make the African American model attractive. Could it be that white advertising executives at Target don't think attractive African American women exist?
As far as plus sized African American beauty goes, Serena Williams is very, very likely a plus sized as big as her muscles are. But if a Serena Williams body is too hard to find, then a Serena body minus 15 to 20 pounds of muscle which is probably still plus sized AND sexy. Beyonce's body while NOT plus sized in size, she probably still fits into the plus sized category shape-wise at least half the time (using rail thin, white standards that magazines use) And Beyonce's beautiful body 15 to 20 pounds ago would fit into the plus sized category for sure (size 8 or size 10 was plus sized half a minute ago as far as models go) The sexy plus sized body exists, and it exists in people of color too.
Exhibit B: Plus Sized Model: Tocarra Jones 

But why go the "Glee" route to diversity in the first place? Why decide to have all the diversity in one place?  Why is it white, large-and-in-charge have to have standard white female beauty everywhere and put the diversity all in once place? Actually, this Target ad is like "Glee" on steroids. If Glee had had a single character that was black, female, plus sized, and in a wheel chair singing with a speech disorder - while having all the rest of the huge ensemble cast be the white, thin, and empty-eyed as usual - that would be the "Glee" representation of this Target Store advertisement. What is it that the advertisement exec's at Target and the producers of "Glee" are having a hard time with? Why couldn't one of the four white models be the plus sized model? How do we not take this as a visual joke? Or is it that white advertisers at Target just go looking for the Aunt Jemima motherly shape because mammy is just so familiar and likable? By the way, more than one person has suggested that this is what white people found so comforting about Oprah. Regardless of her business acumen, looks count on television. And Oprah's look was mammy familiar.

This is not Target's first time out of the racial box. Little black actress Quvenzhane Wallis was playing "Annie' at the movies not long ago. And instead of putting up adverts with the actress all over the store to push an "Annie" clothing line or other "Annie" crap (lunch boxes, backpacks - I don't know) they used a little white girl. And I don't recall seeing a little white actress replaced in this 
And then Target refused to apologize to Wallis for replacing her in ads with a white model (read more:

Clearly the first place that Target needs to add some diversity is within their Executive Staff. And if their executive staff already has some diversity, then the people they already have need to be replaced with new people with backbones. Apparently the Huffington Post could use a little more diversity as well . Read the original story here:

UNHURT! by Aja Monet

Aja Monet

#SayHerName Activist
Completely Vulnerable
Completely Honest

UNHURT by Aja Monet

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Black Workers Put Back The Confederate Flag That Bree Newsome Took Down


"At about 7:45 a.m., a maintenance worker and a state security officer, neither of whom would give their names or comment, raised a new banner after removing it from a plastic sheet. The two state employees who arrived on the State House grounds to put the flag back up were African-Americans."

Read More:

The flag was going back up anyway. But tumor has it the flag was especially important because a white supremacy rally is scheduled for late morning, early afternoon. And those #@$#%$!  had two black men put the flag back up instead of having white people do it.

Is that a micro-aggression? It feels pretty "macro" to me. 

Read more here:

Bree Newsome Removes Confederate Flag in South Carolina


In an act of civil disobedience, activist Bree Newsome took the confederate flag down today.

Rumor has it that the South Carolina Legislature was talking about taking flag down after the 4th of July. Just one more little slap in the face. Or were they simply waiting for the issue to wane before leaving it in place for another year or two or ten?

I have my doubts that that South Carolina was really planning to remove the flag. I won't believe it until I see it. But there's pressure all around. Other southern states are pulling that flag down. But the first state to leave the union so as to keep their slaves might be a harder nut to crack


"South Carolina officials have sided with white supremacists in choosing to restore the flag before a planned rally. The legislature must immediately vote to permanently remove the Confederate flag from the capitol and all state buildings."

Bree Newsome took that terrorist flag down today, praying the entire time. Then she was calmly arrested. Watch her take it down. Then please sign a petition to have her set free.


In the meantime, know that Producer/Director/Activist Michael Moore has offered to pay her bail

BLACK ACTRESS, EPISODE 4 - Vanessa Bell Calloway


30 Seconds of Witness/Advice:

(Note: recently won a NAACP Image Award for her performance in the autobiographical play "Letters From Zora"

Kori is extremely hesitant to open up to Romeo but doing so may help her as an actress and leave her with a pleasant surprise.


I just assumed the flag had been flying on government buildings in South Carolina since the Civil War.

Not so.

The confederate flag was raised and put on government buildings between 1961 and 1962...when the Civil Rights Movement was moving into the area of making sure black people could vote.

Sounds like THAT FLAG was pressed into service so as to signify white supremacy on two independent occasions.  No wonder



Black Lives Matter,


Southern Poverty Law Center,

and various White Power Groups

have never, ever been confused about what this flag means.

If there is something else that anti-racism and pro-racism groups agree on 100%, I don't know what it is.

Read More:


Friday, June 26, 2015


"President Barack Obama delivered the eulogy at the funeral for Rev. Clementa Pinckney, one of the victims of deadly shootings at Mother Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina
  - PBS

OVERJOYED, Music by Esperanza Spalding

If “esperanza” is the Spanish word for hope, then bassist, vocalist and composer Esperanza Spalding could not have been given a more fitting name at birth. Blessed with uncanny instrumental chops, a multi-lingual voice that is part angel and part siren, and a natural beauty that borders on the hypnotic, the prodigy-turned-pro might well be the hope for the future of jazz and instrumental music.

FUN FACT:  She snatched Best New Artist from cutesy child sensation Justin Beiber in 2011 


Spalding was born and raised on what she calls “the other side of the tracks” in a multi-lingual household and neighborhood in Portland, Oregon. Growing up in a single-parent home amid economically adverse circumstances, she learned early lessons in the meaning of perseverance and moral character from the role model whom she holds in the highest regard to this day –
her mother.

Read More:

Listen to More:

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Jackie Robinson West, Stripped Of Championship Title, Sues Little League

Last year, Jackie Robinson West, a black little league team was accused of cheating and eventually stripped of its championship title over recruiting children from outside the allowed geographic boundaries.

This year Jackie Robinson West is suing Little League over the loss of their national title.

From the various stories I've read over the last year, white teams were also recruiting from outside their geographic boundaries. In fact, the white man that reported Jackie Robinson West (JRW), Chris Janes, was accused of doing the same type of recruitment.

But you know what? This is little league baseball. Who cares?

However, if you do care, and you want to check where everybody lives then the governing body should do it at the beginning of the season. Seems like common sense right?

Turns out it's common sense that was followed.

It looks like a governing body of some Little League office does do this. A Little League District Office signed off on the JRW's roster knowing full well where everybody lived.

If this is important, then why wasn't it important to the District?

And if the District signed off on it, why isn't that the same as Little League's governing body sign off on it? Why didn't the interim organization (if there is some sort of an American Little League Organization) forward that information to Little League International?

Why isn't somebody from Little League International on down to the District Office taking responsibility for the actions of the District Office? Why would the Little League District exist if it has no governing responsibilities? And if the District is not considered some part of the Little League's organization, then who is in charge validating information (that it must have received at some point) within the Little League International's Organization?

In other words, who dropped the ball? And why is it the JRW Team Management's fault if they turned in what they were supposed to turn in to the District?  

And why was there a re-check after the title had been won anyway?

I know there was a complaint -- from a white man named Chris Janes who was reportedly doing the same thing. But why follow up on on the compliant if the geographic boundary was already signed of by the District and that paperwork (had to have been) turned in.

And if various others knew that the geographic boundaries were not being taken that seriously, then what changed -- after the title had been won by a bunch of little black boys?

"At a press conference held on June 24, 2015, at the Ray & Joan Kroc Sports Center in Chicago, Jackie Robinson West officials and their attorney Victor Henderson released a 100-page report of their own investigation. The report documents the teams’ correspondence with officials at Little League International, including emails, letters, maps and other documents that show the team was given support and approval by Little League International to play several times before it won the championship. “We are willing to stand by the mistakes that were made, but we want to be treated fairly,” Henderson said. “Little League has to be held accountable and Chris Janes has to be held accountable."

Henderson said any protest of player ineligibility should have been made before games were played, according to the Little League rule book, not afterward.  "

My mind has wandered back to one of my original points. Why is there a hard and fast rule about geographic location, anyway? We're talking little league not voting.

What if Black Mr. And Mrs. Jones who live in suburban Whiteville would like their black children to play with other black children on a predominantly black team, a few times a week, after spending on all day in Whiteville school, going to Whiteville afterschool  computer programs, and going to Whiteville Church on Sunday? (Chicago is pretty segregated)

What if Black Mr. And Mrs. Jones want their kids to learn about sportsmanship, teamwork, and fair play with other kids that look like them...JUST SOMETIMES. And beyond making sure their kids don't feel like outsiders 24/7 every damn day of the year, at least one story I've read said that the white teams didn't want these little black boys on their teams.

What does the Little League Districting Rulebook say about that?  

Some want to say what happened to Jackie Robinson West has nothing to do with race because the white man that reported the JRW team is married to a black woman and has four children by her. But I submit to you that a white man that reports on black people is always taken seriously. And he knows that. What he didn't know is that his wife being black wasn't going to shield his use of white privilege to attack black children.

And even if his black wife is not a female Tiger Woods who agreed to live her husband in the historically black-unfriendly suburb of Evergreen Park and raise children, his white maleness being taken seriously makes this story about race.  Furthermore, the team he coaches, as a white man, has not been scrutinized despite a black mother reporting to a Chicago News Paper that Janes has recruited outside geographic boundary lines as well, in the past.

Jackie Robinson West, in addition to suing the Little League, has left the Little League International Organization to play in the Babe Ruth's Cal Ripken Division so that they can keep the team together.

Raise a glass. Here's to hoping Jackie Robinson West wins in both places, in court and in their new league.

On the Obama Faux N-Word Controversy

I'm glad Salon wrote a good piece on this  manufactured controversy because it's so stupid, I barely stand to think about this --much less write anything on it.

There's plenty good in the piece about the political right's co-opting of language and dog whistle racism.  The article also speaks briefly on a subject near and dear to my heart changes to the meaning and uses of the word "colorblindness" as it refers to race.

Um...maybe a little too briefly...

In the 1960s and 70s, the goal to be "colorblind" was a goal to stop letting race be a block to get to know, to learn, the racial other.

Now, phrases like "I am colorblind" uses "colorblind" as a claimed virtue or trait.  "Colorblindness" is claimed in order to say "I don't need to learn anything about the racial other. There is no racial other. Everybody is just like white-me."

And this new definition of "colorblindness" not only e-races race in the mind of the beholder, but racism too.

We can't have that.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Feeling Rebloggy,

"Meanwhile, “The South Carolina House passed an amendment on Tuesday allowing debate on removing the Confederate flag from Capitol grounds. The vote passed 103-10,” FOX 6 reports.


In Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, during a conversation about what happened at Mother Emanuel AME Church, seven year old Madeleine asked her mother Melanie for a picture of the church where 9 people were murdered because of their skin color.When her 
mother also gave Madeleine photos of the nine victims, Madeline drew this lovely picture.

This child's picture and the questions she asked immediately made me imagine a child that is the very picture of innocence.
But memory, history, main stream media habits, and a couple of comments within the story also made me worry about the kind of person that Madeleine will grow up to be.
"Madeleine's currently working on another drawing, this one of a group of dogs sitting in a field of grass....'Being colorblind is awesome. You should give it a try,' is written across the top of the page.' 
Children, whether black, brown, or white, who are taught that "colorblindness" is a personal trait (21st century definition) that you possess as a "good person" --as opposed to a goal (1960s colorblindness definition) where one seeks to know what one does not know about the racial-other-- are children that grow up to be adults seeking to be blind to race and racism both.

Adults who claim colorblindness as a trait or personal virtue seek to not-know the varied experience of the racial other and invariably avoid the signs and symbols of racism. More importantly, they seek to not-know their own biases.

Whether the people be black or white or somewhere between, this self-destructive/other-destructive attitude puts in place or holds in place the institutional racism that helped make Dylann Foot what he is today -- especially when you decide to be blind to the effects of raising children under this flag. 

"Be colorblind" is not an anti-racism message. This has been tried for 20 years or more, and it's only making the racially unaware stupid and proud of the stupidity on top of that.

"Be color/ethnicity aware and respectful of difference" is the right anti-racism message for 21 century.
 Some of those unaware of being unaware will make an effort to learn. The price of continuing to get this wrong is too high

 [Mommy] "says her family is active in the community, adding that she and her husband try to teach their two children the importance of kindness."
Clearly,  this teaching of"kindness" isn't enough, especially since I could have found this quote on child rearing in a 1715 South Carolina Newspaper and discover that the quote came from a slave owner.

 I worry about these messages being given to Madeleine if she and her Mommy are black because Madeleine might be left defenseless if Mommy shows her pictures of murdered people but doesn't take the time to communicate that difference is good, colorblindness goes no place good, and that good people can be racists too

But I am especially worried about such messages being given to a white Madeleine. 

Until Madeleine's Mommy gets it right, Madeleine might have a slightly better chance of turning into a good being than the future slave owner in the photo above.  More than once I've read slave narratives that spoke of little white children that remained innocent and loving with the slaves that cared for them until they turn 11 or 12 or 14 years old. After a certain age these children taught loving "kindness" turned into masters that bossed, beat, and raped.

And though Dylann Foot's *age of turning* into a white person that embraces racial superiority appears to have been upper teens, I seriously doubt the average age of turning has changed much in 150 years. 

I'm not precisely sure what should be said to Madeleine at seven years old. But if Mommy gave her pictures of the dead and told them they were shot due to their skin color, I am sure that Mommy can begin a conversation about the racism inside the good people.

And maybe she did.

Maybe Madeleine's Mommy had the whole race and racism conversation and the article writer wasn't interested.

I hope she did.

 It could very well be that the person who wrote the article didn't want to ruin the innocence of the picture with the ugly reality that many white children of the south are being raised with an empathy so weak that they will never see their own part in maintaining the white supremacy that their local terrorists are being weened on.

 Dylann Foot was 7 years old an innocent once too.

What are we going to do to stop Madeleine from turning into Dylann at 21 years of age? I don't know. But a first step might be to stop southern white children from being raised under that flag.

READ MORE ON "White Millennials Are Just About As Racist As Their Parents"

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

HOW I DISCOVERED I WAS WHITE by Renegade Mothering

Oh yeah, I had America all figured out: If ya work hard, you get ahead. And if you don’t get ahead, it’s because you made bad decisions. And if you get arrested it’s because you’re breaking the law, and people who break the law are more likely to be black. Obviously. That’s why they’re always getting arrested. (How’s that for some cyclic logic?)

I knew this to be true because:

America was awful to black people but that was fixed during the Civil Rights movement;
Therefore, we are all on equal footing now and if you don’t succeed it’s because you aren’t trying.
I learned it in school. It was fact. School teaches the truth.

And then, graduate school, and Professor Lee.

Oh, shit.

“Not all white people are white supremacists, but all white people benefit from white supremacy.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Governor Haley Reverses Course: She Says It's Time To Take Down The Confederate Flag

The only thing NAACP, KKK, Southern Poverty Law Center, Skin Heads, Black Lives Matter Movement, and White Power Groups all agree on is that the confederate flag means "white superiority"

And now southern, w
hite I'm-not-a-racist conservatives are finally coming to the table. Governor Haley, doing an about face from her previous position, is talking about applying pressure to remove THAT FLAG.

Could be lip service to the immediate outrage, but we're headed in the right direction.
In other words, the petitions you've signed seem to be having an effect. 

 Keep asking people to sign the petitions. Maybe we can get the South Carolina confederate flag down by the 4th of July. Maybe Mississippi's state flag can be next. We should take advantage of the momentum. Even the republicans know which way the wind is blowing at this point.
By the way, did you know that this flag has NOT been flying atop of various building in South Carolina since the end of the Civil War? 

No, this symbol of hate was brought back into use by white racists in the 1960s in response to the Civl Rights Movement. This flag doesn't just represent hate. This flag represents hate-squared.

QUOTE ON Strength

Sunday, June 21, 2015



White people have the complexion for the protection for the collection.
 - Paul Moody


Feeling Rebloggy

You're an "all in" kind of dad, and hesitation is not part of your process. Save for labour, delivery, and breastfeeding, I'd be hard-pressed to find any other act of parenting that you haven’t been able to do. Your fatherhood is more than presence—it is deliberate action and intentional love; a fertile soil where our daughter can take root and thrive.

- For Harriet 

Read much more   Follow us: @ForHarriet on Twitter | forharriet on Facebook


Venus Williams being interviewed at 14, with Dad not far away. The behind the scenes look at an interview is less than a minute long, but it's an awesome example of fatherhood.

Strong Father leads to Strong Daughter
Serena Williams on Racism In Tennis

"She overpowered her" is what they say whenever Serena wins. "[Apparently] they don't know how hard I can hit...I never get credit for the mental"

Saturday, June 20, 2015


"Me and White friends would sometimes would watch things that would make us think that “blacks were the real racists” and other elementary thoughts like this, but there was no real understanding behind it.

 The event that truly awakened me was the Trayvon Martin case.

 I kept hearing and seeing his name, and eventually I decided to look him up. I read the Wikipedia article and right away I was unable to understand what the big deal was. It was obvious that Zimmerman was in the right.

I haven't read the entire manifesto. And I probably won't.

But this section right here doesn't reveal beliefs very different from those uttered by many a white conservative within range of my hearing. And I know they've said worse when I wasn't anywhere near.   

 So much for the mentally-ill theory.

Read More:

Funny how

1) Dylann Foot

2) KKK Members

3) Black Lives Matter Supporters

4) A Host of  Civil Rights Groups

5) And A Host of White Supremacy Groups


Everybody knows what this flag means except white "I''m not a racist" conservatives. How does that work?


How is it that so many of Foot's family, Foot's white friends,  the white people raising Foot's white friends, and most of those working at Faux News will likely claim that they do not.  

But the wind has changed!

Conservative presidential hopefuls are supposedly calling for the the confederate flag to be removed from South Carolina's statehouse.