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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


"“If my daughter EVER disrespected authority, whether a teacher, officer or elder, I’d put her face in the ground myself!” Detective Angela Arredondo posted."

ARRESTED FOR "INTERFERENCE..." before charges dropped due to public opinion. The blue arrow shows the closest Adrian Martin got when he slipped/skidded to a stop.
So, I have several questions
1) Is there a "back talk" charge I don't know about?  
I didn't know a policeman could legitimately wrestle you to the ground for back talk at 40 years of age, much less 14.

2) How many states have this "back talk" charge?

3) If I know I haven't done anything, and you're barking orders and cussing, why do I have to respond with verbal respect to you? (At 14 I might have to. But even 14-year-olds can be provoked by the n-word treatment)

4) Is this "back talk" charge a down south thing?

5) Is this  "back talk" charge a down south for n-words thing?

6) Is this  "back talk" charge for n-words thing, unofficially in place everywhere?

If you, as a cop, haven't read me my rights, or said the words "you are under arrest" 
after back talk from me,
then you have the audacity to TOUCH ME,
and I respond by 
pulling away from you,
is that resisting arrest 

resisting assault?
"No Saint Either" Dejerrica Becton, 14 years old, according to Fox News' Megyn Kelly

8) Does the answer to #7 change if there's cellphone video?

9) And if pull back hard, is that nonverbal cop-eese for 
"she tried to get my weapon?" 
"I thought she had a weapon"
Boom I'm dead, right? 

10) Does the answer to #9 change if there's cellphone video?

 Forget answering the first 10 questions. The ones below are the questions that matter.

ARRESTED FOR RESISTING ARREST before charges dropped due to public opinion  Adrian Martin running from Casebolt with his gun out, the same cop who has been screaming, "get your asses out of here" for the best part of the famous Brandon Brooks video.

11) How many people has Angela abused already? And how many of the abused in question were non-white and/or black?

 12) How do we get more uniform definitions of things like:

- "resisting arrest" (maybe the actual arrest has to have begun? Miranda rights have to be read?)
- "interfering with a police officer in the commission of his duty"
- "he tried to grab my gun" and - what are we going to say reasonably constitutes  "I thought she had a gun" ?

 What process can we put in place to almost immediately  remove a judge, pending investigation, if he or she doesn't acknowledge or enforce the definitions and penalties we come up with #12?  

14) How is it 14 year old Dejerrica Becton was "held" or "detained" by police because she was "no saint either"  when a 14 year old Josh Duggar was never "held" or "detained" for  some "inappropriate touching" that probably fits under the heading of  Sexual Assault of a Minor.

 15) Is it as clear to you as it is to me that we have a nationwide problem with the screening portion of the police hiring process?

It should also be clear to you that 


You'd best believe that.
16) How do we stop the problem of police brutality before it starts?

 We need to weed out the slow minds, weak empathy-ed, and those that get off on stomping people before they get a job in the police department. This will simultaneously take down at least half the racists, sexists, and general low-lifes maybe by three-quarters.  

Until we get some sort of  psychological testing and background checks (for fighting in school, low grades, and domestic violence -which cops do at a rate 2x the general population
) to get rid of applicants who cannot handle authority or disrespect without pretending to imagine the manhandling their own daughter, we are all doomed.

These bully cops are coming for black folks first, again. But they are moving with impunity now. Michael Brelo stood on top of a car and fired 15 bullets into two unarmed people, then walked out a court room a free man. The number of middle class, white dead will increase. 

The bad, predominantly white police officers that have been killing our unarmed dead are feeling more and more invincible, their rightness more and more solidified with each exoneration.  It's inevitable that their desire for absolute power will grow, and they will  start to eat their own.  More and more black and brown police officers will become infected with the white supremacy rules of law enforcement too.

As clear as it has been that black-unarmed-then-dead events are race based, some people are still lying to themselves about I'm-not-a-racist. And they are going to start to believe themselves even more deeply. I find it hard to believe that anybody not in a blue uniform is going to be seen as NOT me-and-mine, eventually.
People worried about the militarization of the police are right. That is part of the police-us versus non-police-them mentality taking firmer hold in police departments. Most of the white middle class think they are safe. And they are for now. But this won't last forever. And I think I see signs that the eating-of-their-white-own has already begun.

White poor and white homeless are already being attacked by (predominantly) white police officers. I can't get this awful picture of homeless, mentally ill, Kelly Thomas out of my head - even though more white homeless have been beaten to death by police since Thomas. The murderer  of Kelly Thomas walked away in my own backyard.

We need to stick together or we will perish alone.


* * * * * * * *

 How does that "First They Came" poem go?

 Here it is-