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Sunday, June 7, 2015


Black teenager in a bikini is yanked to the ground, yanked up then back down to the ground again -- as she screams and cries for her mama, over and over again.  Well-trained boys run to help her, mostly black boys. White cop pulls a gun on them.

I can't figure out what precipitated the call to the police. It really doesn't matter, anyway.

But one of the first things you see in this version of the video is some runty, white super-cop run past some white kids keep going then run, drop, and roll, then keep running as if he's chasing thugs that have broken into a liquor store. But he's only chasing the black teenagers that he's frightened away from a birthday pool party.

I was barely one minute into this, yet another white police brutality video, and I'm already thinking of Officer Michael Brelo,
standing on the hood of a car firing his weapon repeatedly, putting multiple bullets into both Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell. I'm thinking, 'Super cop, cowboy bullsh**'

In the video, there are some boys talking about giving back a flashlight(?) next. The boys are competing for which one of them should give it back, I think. Maybe runty, super cop dropped it when he rolled.

Some moments later I hear things like:

"Sir, we just came for a birthday party. Pleeease."

"I want my mama. I want my mama, now"

"Wait...that's my cousin!"

"I gotta find my bag." (in order to leave)

"Where are my sunglasses?"

These are kids. Some of these black kids looking for their stuff so they can leave. Parents don't respond well when you lose stuff that cost money. These are kids that don't know the danger they are in.

Other kids are looking for the people they came with to make sure they are safe. I did the same thing when I was young --though it wasn't the blue uniformed gang that put me in danger.  But the premise was the same even then: You don't leave your friends. Again, these kids do not understand the danger they are in. They become a little surprised and disgusted at the unfairness, "That's not right!" And when they begin to understand --just a little bit-- they still won't leave their friends and cousins.

I wouldn't have either.

"Get Your Asses Out of Here" can be heard from white super cop or another, over and over through out the video

"But we just got here," some respond. (<---They are children. They think like children.)
I believe it is runty super cop that starts an argument over a girl looking for something, maybe sunglasses. He's demanding that the teenagers leave without their stuff.  The teenagers are incredulous. Then people are screaming. 

One girl in a bikini screams, "Don't touch me." Her screams get louder

"I want my mama...I want my mama." Screams ..."I wanna call my mama...He hit me for no reason. I want my mama now."

A few, well trained boys, most of them black run toward her. Then super cop pulls his gun out on nearly full height, half dressed children.


Runty, supercops (small in stature or personhood) are cops with something to prove. People with something to prove  prey on the weak, the socially weak. 

Black people are socially weaker than the average white person.
Evidence: Shoot us. Maybe Go to Court. Walk Free

Homeless are socially weaker than the average white person, and if they're black, they're so much nothing - socially speaking.

Evidence: I didn't near about Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell until months after they were dead. There wasn't much on social media, therefore there wasn't much in the main stream news.

Teenagers are socially weaker than the average white person, and if they're black, they're so much nothing - socially speaking.

Evidence:  Not only did a white police officer start with the super cop behavior, reminiscent of Officer Brelo immediately - running, dropping, and rolling - he pulled his gun on half dressed teenagers at a pull party.

He yanked this black girl in a bikini around like a rag doll. He jerked her to the ground. When she was sitting he yanked her up and then yanked her back to the ground. After she was sitting the first time (if not before) he is assaulting her for no reason. He ends up looking like he's half sitting on her, as she lays face down on the ground. 

Girl is already sitting. Cop yanks her up and throws her to the ground again.  Moments later boys run to help her.

Girl is already sitting. Cop yanks her up and throws her to the ground again.  Moments later boys run to help her.

The thing that's clearest to me in this moment is that I too have no idea how to act in the face of white police brutality. I doubt I'd leave a non-emergency situation without my wallet, drivers license, credit cards, keys if they are all inside the house in my purse. If I did obey this profanity using moron and leave, should I happen to have my car keys on me, God knows I could get pulled over two blocks away without driver's license and get shot for that.

I don't care how many black friends runty, white super cop has. This behavior comes of knowing you have ultimate power-over And this self-knowledge of  having power-over in this case is clearly race based. That is, this runt of a super cop knows white supremacy has his back.

This kind of police behavior in white middle class neighborhoods doesn't happen. It hasn't happened. And it hasn't happened in White Middle Class America repeatedly. There's a brawl at Huntington Beach, chock full of white teens and twenties, every other annual surf competition.  Store windows are broken.

No guns drawn when the white teens refuse to obey the police and stop turning the port-a-potties over.  No guns are drawn when white teens turn over cars and burn them because their sports team lost either. 

The pool party neighborhood looks like it might have a little more money than neighborhoods we've seen before - where unarmed, black people have been abused or shot dead. If so, maybe a big class action lawsuit is called for.

And one of the things the parents of these children need to demand, what we all need to demand, is a better psychological exam for people wanting to become law enforcement. I remain certain that these white racists can be ferreted out before they ever put on a uniform.

If they've ever beat their wife or girlfriend - no police job

If they had a bunch of fights in school - no police job

If they had really less than B average in school - no police job

Maybe if no college at all - no police job. (Violence and low education is connected when it comes to cops TOO)

It's obvious that they shouldn't be handing these jobs out to racists and sexists. But we can find the closet bullies with a specialized target easily. If they answer questions about aggression, in general, incorrectly - no police job.

And if their supervisor doesn't catch an obvious pattern after multiple incidents with physical evidence - no police job. 

Training: One man ought to be able to tell another man he is out control and to settle down anywhere, anytime, but especially when they are police uniforms. But that's a whole OTHER discussion. One of the other white cops yanks super cops arm back at the critical moment. But that's not enough. He should have been sent to his room at the station before that -- his gun taken. 

There have to be some immediate repercussions that don't involve a court BEFORE these people go to court a year later. How much more than a video do you need to know a cop has exceeded his authority...and is clearly out of his rabid assed mind.