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Monday, June 1, 2015

DEFINING THE LINK BETWEEN "THUG" and MURDER without using the word once

THE QUESTION: Does Britain Have Structural Racism? 

of the U.K.





"Do we have the same institutional disparities in race and imprisonment that they have in America?
Yes absolutely we do

 Do we have same disparities as far as who is dying in police custody?
Yes indeed we do.

 In 2011 we were told that we loved Libyans so much that we wanted to bomb democracy into them Less than 5 years later we're leaving people,  fleeing the same conflict, to drown in the sea while giving a woman space in a national newspaper to refer to them "cockroaches"

And when you refer to humans as "cockroaches"   that's a mandate for murder Let's be clear about that The moment humans become non-human that is a mandate for murder And there's long historical parallel with that"

And there you have it.

Call people "thugs" and the white officers doing the shooting don't have to feel a thing about it. "Thugs" are less than human. And if the white news anchors repeats "thug" often enough most of the white audience buys in. Then part of the white audience becomes part of the jury and white officer walks free

Only 2 minutes in and you can hear more from Akala on structural racism and how language is used to make racism deadly. (I'd heard that Australians had hunting licenses for who they called "aborigines" But I didn't know that the aborigines were classified as "flora and fauna" until 1967)