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Friday, June 19, 2015


I am so exhausted. Watching my people die for nothing is exhausting. I feel more tired than angry, like I'm accepting something I shouldn't accept. It feels like it's happening against my will. I don't know why I can't really seem to maintain and focus my anger on that inbred white racist, bulletproof vest coddled, terrorist piece of garbage, Dylann Foot.   Then again, maybe I do know why. I don't actually care about him. Not really. He's nothing. He doesn't matter. He's just a symptom and not the disease. The disease lies in the foundational white supremacists. And I know that you know about the ones I mean.
The ones who don't do shoot any bullets. The ones who only shoot their mouths off The ones that let their benign sounding racism flow outward between smiling teeth and watch their matter-of-fact superiority push their unstable ones, the ones sitting in the midst of their foulness, right over the edge. And then when 9 fall dead, there is the gasp of dismay and clutching of pearls at the throat. 
RE: PEARL CLUTCHER NUMBER ONE AND THAT FLAG In response to news of the shootings, White Republican Tea Partier Governor, Nikki Haley reportedly said that she could not fathom what motivates one person to take the life of another inside a house of worship. I guess her 2014 memory of vigorously defending the confederate flag that sits atop the statehouse in South Carolina blocked the memory of  4 little black girls who died inside a church bombed by confederate flag loving KKK members in 1963.

You know what else Haley will never be able to fathom? That Dylann Roof  shot these 9 black people for white people just like her.  
Even if Roof should somehow get near microphone and use the very same words that Haley herself used to keep that confederate flag flying in 2014, to explain his white supremacist manifesto, Haley still won't recognize that the part of herself that loves that confederate flag as the same white supremacy that motivated Roof 

Tell Haley to take that KKK symbol down
Let us let the removal of that abomination be the first victory of many that we claim on behalf of the nine.  It's symbolic but important. The losers truly know they've lost the war when they see the burning of their flag. The Civil War has been over for 150 years. It's time for the losers to acknowledge they lost.
It's time to stop letting that flag motivate generation after generation of white supremacists. 
Call, write, post, tweet. Tell Nikki Haley to take that flag down  Phone: 803.734.2100 Fax: 803.734.5167