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Thursday, June 11, 2015


Apparently Izabel had done a few things she shouldn't have. When  her father decided he'd had enough, he shaved her head. Then he put a video of her on social media, while he basically asks if she's learned her lesson The following is the audio from  recording: 
“The consequences of getting messed up, man, you lost all that beautiful hair,” a male voice can be heard saying from behind the camera. The video pans down, where long locks of black hair are scattered on the ground. “Was it worth it?”

“No,” she responds quietly.
“How many times did I warn you?” he asks.
“A lot,” she replies, barely audibly.

She jumped from a bridge onto an interstate a few days later. One news article called Izabel a "troubled teen"

Yeah, troubled by having an abusive parent.
Ms Cool, the police spokeswoman, said she believed Izabel had killed herself because she believed things she had done in her past had shamed her family. “This was her way of apologizing to everyone,” she said. (

Troubled by having an abusive parent doesn't always end in suicide. But this is still a form of abuse.

Anybody who would 1) shave her head 2) send it to her over her phone to remind her of how terrible she is/was  likely also 3)
 at her, glaring at her, and beating her over the head with what she did wrong multiple times a day.* Because that's what self-righteous abusers do.

The psychological beating in addition to the shame of exposure took a few days to do its work. She killed herself a few days after the video was published.

READ MORE: Original Article at Jezebel with video

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*correction 6 11 15- Her parents did not think to put the video on social media. Apparently a friend did it trying to help her after Izabel shared it herself. But even that seems less than completely certain.

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