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Wednesday, July 1, 2015



This is the NY Times headline by Richard Perez-Pena and Alan Blinder.  However, that's not exactly what this section of the article says.

This section of the article says they haven't found them fires to be connected. Well, nobody expected the fires to be connected. KKK is pretty fragmented and prone to infighting.

And I'm having a hard time imagining that the low IQ white supremacist groups are any smarter. This section of the articles says they haven't found evidence that racism is behind the ones that have been determined to be arson. The article goes onto explain that there aren't any of the usual symbols usually left behind at a hate crime.

Well I've got news for Perez-Pena and Blinder and the spin machine at the Times. The year is 2015 not 1950.   Maybe white supremacy training doesn't include leaving flags and symbols on their work anymore.  Bubba and Jethro may not be able to read, but they are able to hijack cable and watch CSI eight times a day. Maybe leaving little flags with their hair on them or using spray paint that can only be purchased three blocks from home is contraindicated for the savvy 21st century white terrorist? Maybe? 

There have been more fires since the NY Times article. However, it is not certain that the number of arsons have also increased. Still, if there's another arson in the next few weeks, that will make it even more unbelievable that arsonists have randomly selected historic black churches to burn during the same week that there's been a big push to remove the confederate flag, a powerful symbol of white supremacy, white terrorism, and murder.

 There's not that much coincidence in the universe.

 I hope that the FBI is smarter than Perez-Pena and Blinder. And I hope they are making a serious effort to find all the unconnected Bubbas and Jethros out there to be caught.

Hunt the racists. Roust the racists before looking for anybody else. Evidence is not required. Just take a page out of the local police handbook and say "I thought I saw a gun" shortly after arriving at each gathering you find.