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Wednesday, August 5, 2015


This is why the goodness of the good police officers is constantly suspect:

"Thomas Fehr, a representative of the Fraternal Order of Police-Ohio Labor Council, told the Cincinnati Enquirer that the grievance was filed Thursday on Tensing's behalf and with his consent. "We filed the grievance, number 1 because there was no just cause [for firing him], and number 2 because he was not afforded his due process rights under the contract," Fehr said.

I had assumed Ray Tensing wouldn't have a police union because he was a campus cop. Or was he a regular cop doing campus duties? I may have read and re-read a few things because I'm confused. Did this "Fraternal Order of Police - Ohio Labor Council" voluntarily insert itself into the OBVIOUS murder of Samuel DuBose or are they obligated to represent him?

And if this police organization is obligated to send someone to represent Tensing in regards to the violations of the technical rules of firing a police officer,  then where are the regular, due's paying members, the "good cops"  hollering, "OH H*LL NO" not with my money you're not?" Where are these officers? I haven't seen any coverage of their protest on television.  Did I miss this protest?

Or did some of these "good police officers" I keep hearing about contribute to Tensing making bail instead?

One person, two people or ten within the Fraternal Order Of Cops might be obligated to represent Ray Tensing and mis-represent his hair trigger racist reaction. But the entire Union doesn't have to pretend it's okay by being silent. Think my position on this is not
 entirely fair? Okay. It's not. But I'm less worried about hurt feelings of the good police officers who haven't done anything than I am the weak backbones in so many of these same "good police officers"  --backbones so weak they can't even stand behind a cop that DOES stand up to do the right thing.



Not only did "all the good police officers" fail to stand behind the whistle-blowers in the image above, Joe Crystal was actually threatened by fellow police officers for reporting on police brutality. And after 19 years of service, Cariol Horne was still fighting for her pension at the end of 2014  despite the officer she reported on was later accused of choking another cop off-duty and has since gone on to face what sound like criminal charges.

The silence in the face of abuse is always suspect. And it is especially suspect when good cops don't stand behind whistle blowers.


As kind as this white police officer looks to be, I cannot give him more than a quarter of a cookie for going slightly beyond basic human decency.

Officer Of The Day: John Nissen went above and beyond for a grief stricken driver named Barbie Henderson.While driving, Barbie got word of her sister's death and pulled over to the side of the road. She was too distraught to drive and didn't know what to do so she called 911.

That's when officer Nissen came on the scene and asked if he could sit and talk with her.

Nissen says: "I turned the air vents towards her – it was over 90 degrees that day – held her hand, and she cried on my shoulder. I had her take sips of water."  He stayed with her for an hour until another family member could come and get her home safely.

I'm all for this kind of story being put on a news website as a positive event in an other wise negative news day. All the news should not be bad.  However, we ought to find it pathetic and sad that stories like these have to be trotted out in order to prove that individual police officers are capable of basic decency when they've signed up for a public service job.

Instead of "Officer Of The Day" pats on the head, how about "Officer Of The Year" bonuses for those who stand up against police brutality--maybe do this instead of firing them?

If the shoes I'm describing don't fit, then some of these "good police officers" should stop wearing them. When the Joe Crystals and Cariol Hornes outnumber the silent bully majority, police officers will collectively earn our trust. 

In the meantime, I'm not going to jump up to wipe blue tears any faster than I do white ones.