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Tuesday, September 1, 2015


According to Anthony Horowitz, writer of some of the latest James Bond novels, Idris Elba is simply "too street" to play James Bond

I don't even want Elba to play James Bond and I'm still ticked off. 

Come out and say what you mean Horowitz. "Black" is the word you're looking for. Idris Elba is "TOO BLACK" and any "BLACK" at all is too much for a James Bond character in your teeny-tiny mind. 

Playing cute annoys me to death. "Too Street?" Give me a break. As if Daniel Craig, the current James Bond, hasn't played a series of lowlife hoods just fine prior to taking on the role of Bond.  

Personally, I've wanted Elba to play a James Bond like character but with a whole new name and identity. Now, I really want him to play a new character with a new name, similar enough to Bond to make whatever white actor they choose, that some would clearly prefer, seem redundant on movie screens. 

Horowitz apologized. That's fine. Take back the words. But we all know you can't take back your attitude. As long as he has any power to say who plays James Bond you can bet James Bond won't be black, Idris Elba or no Idris Elba.