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Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Death Of Jeremy McDole And The Echoes Of John Crawford

The video is too far away for me to see much of anything except for the one thing that's important here: I didn't see a gun Jeremy McDole's hand when police shot him to death.
I didn't see a gun when the cop fired the first time. The first time I saw the video, I thought things happened too fast and I missed it. But I did see that his hands were empty when they shot several times a few seconds later. There was no gun in McDole's hands. The cops had to have seen that his hands were empty. They had to. His hands were clearly visible on his knees.

I have no idea why Jeremy McDole didn't raise his hands when told --- other than he was already in pain from being shot once already. The cop told him to raise his hands and instantly shot him. From the commentary of the person holding the cell phone, maybe the first shot was a beanbag? I'm not sure. But the officers were not in danger when multiple rounds of bullets were fired. McDole's hands are on his knees then alternately lifting himself up out of chair.

The reason police showed up in the first place was supposedly due to a report that this man had a self-inflicted gun shot wound. John Crawford died the same way if you think about it. That is, somebody called 911 and said there was a black man with a gun and the police officers arrive ready to kill someone.

But this time there wasn't even a toy gun to provoke police officers to shoot. There's nothing that looks like a gun that I can see. If police did find a gun on the scene (as they claim) I don't see it his hands or on the ground in this video. Where was it 10 feet away in the grass? What were they so scared of that they had to shoot him? How are they going to claim they shot him because they were "in fear for their lives" THIS TIME? The only way the cops' excuse is going to halfway work is if the people filming say they saw the gun in Jeremy's hand at some point. The video starts when things are already in motion so maybe that happened before the video. I also want to know who called the police and if that self-inflicted gun shot wound they reported was real (<---if that happened at all. News reporters are notoriously sloppy trying to get the news out first). And I say the cops' excuses will only "halfway work" because Jeremy McDole having had a gun at some point doesn't give cops the right to shoot him several times when his hands were in plain sight. And reports that police are saying something like 'a gun was found at the scene' does NOT sound like they are claiming McDole had the gun on his person. The statements I've read sound very carefully worded in order to imply, 'Fine. McDole wasn't armed. But he was a thug. So it doesn't matter that he's dead.' If one idiot cop shot and the others panicked, that's a reason for anybody that fired their weapon to lose their job instantly. Hysterical men cannot be police officers. Indictment and jury trial can come later, but removing a cowardly cop who cannot control himself should come first.

Furthermore, if a police officer is convicted under **Acts of cowardice under the authority of colors** he or she should lose their 2nd amendment rights permanently. Removing 2nd amendment rights can ensure that he or she never gets another job as a police officer. There is precedent for this. Convicts lose their right to vote. Police convicts can lose their right to shoot anything at anybody. And do not think that one idiot shooting and a panicked response of shooting by other cops makes this shooting NOT about race. This is very, very likely about race. Not so long ago, I read a story about multiple undercover officers refusing to shoot a white suspect that was shooting at them BECAUSE the white suspect legitimately thought they were rival drug dealers. That was mighty understanding of them considering the fact that black undercover cops have reported being afraid of being shot by white police officers. I need a few more facts. But I think #BlackLivesMatter should keep a bright light on this case for the duration. Warning: Graphic Video In The Link

UPDATE: 911 tape -
P.S. Yes I made up the ACTS OF COWARDICE UNDER THE AUTHORITY OF COLORS charge. Riffing off Abuse Of Authority Under Color Of Law. I think we should use patriarchy to our advantage so long as its so prevalent anyway. The label of "coward" will sting the predominantly white male police officers killing us at will.