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Wednesday, October 7, 2015


There was yet another mass shooting by a white male this week in Oregon. Maybe you heard? Or maybe you halfway ignored it same as I did.

The FBI identifies a mass shooting as a shooting where more than 4 people are killed. And according to an article I read this week, there will be 250 to 300 in 2015... maybe more. Whatever. I barely read anything about mass shootings anymore. When I hear about one, I turn the page and read something else so I don't vomit. I think I need 20 or 30 dead to get excited enough to stifle the disgust and keep up with current events.

I think my disgust with this country and guns peaked when two dozen small children were killed at Sandy Hook. WHITE CHILDREN, no less. And somehow the gun lobby successfully stopped any gun legislation from being passed. When that happened? I knew the rest of us could go to hell in a hand basket and nobody would care.

I'm almost at the point now where I'm simply counting the white dead versus people of color dead. I'm thinking I should just hope for fewer black dead than white dead. I'm trying to figure out how far white-on-white crime will go before white people get tired and put a stop to it. I'm pretty sure white women dying won't matter either. Their rapes and murders don't matter much so far. 

I'm thinking mass murders of white men by a white man, maybe 4 to 10 in a row could break the gun lobby's hold on our country. Is that what I'm supposed to wish for?

I know that's hateful. But I feel hateful. I hate it and I am disgusted that we couldn't get gun legislation passed, not even after 2 dozen children were killed, WHITE CHILDREN.   White children  were killed en mass and nothing changes? Really?  Farai Chideya said that children do not count in this society base on short jail sentences people get after hurting them (Department Of Justice stats) But I guess I didn't really believe it until Sandy Hook and zero gun legislation.

President Obama isn't any less disgusted than I am.  I promise you he's not.

So I don't know what I can do, personally. I guess I could send money somewhere. We have to out spend the gun lobby, right? I don't know. Maybe I should be still.  Maybe I should just see if most of the mass shootings are in red states and count my blessings. 

Authur Chu, AUTHOR or the article below, thinks that the first thing we should do is to stop calling white male mass murderers "mentally ill" instead of "focused" and "evil."  (paraphrased- maybe he wouldn't agree)  However, once we identify these mass shooters "focused" and "evil" maybe there's a greater chance that there will be some interest in keeping these evil focused bast*rds from getting guns so easily.


From Arthur Chu

When you call someone “mentally ill” in this culture it’s a way to admonish people not to listen to them, to ignore anything they say about their own actions and motivations, to give yourself the authority to say you know them better than they know themselves.

This is cruel, ignorant bullshit when it’s used to discredit people who are the victims of crimes. It is, in fact, one major factor behind the fact that the mentally ill are far more likely to be the targets of violence than the perpetrators–every predator loves a victim who won’t be allowed to speak in their own defense.
But it’s also bullshit when used to discredit the perpetrators of crimes.

Mass murderers frequently aren’t particularly shy about the motives behind what they do — the nature of the crime they commit is attention-seeking, is an attempt to get news coverage for their cause, to use one local atrocity to create fear within an entire population. (According to the dictionary, by the way, this is called “terrorism,” but we only ever seem to use that word for the actions of a certain kind — by which I mean a certain color — of mass killer.)