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Sunday, October 11, 2015


Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty said a grand jury will decide whether Officer Timothy Loehmann and his partner, Frank Garmback, will face charges.

But McGinty has collected two reports that defend the police officers his own mind.

To me this means a regular jury is going to have a hard time to deciding, based on common sense, that the officers actions were not reasonable.  That is, even if we get past the grand jury stage, the prosecutors and the defense attorneys are going walk into court believing the same thing: The officers responded appropriately. 

Why did the prosecutor publish reports he got? If the objective was to find out how hard his case would be to prosecute and it's still a grand jury decision to indict, then why publish the reports? What kind of transparency deliberately taints the grand jury or a regular jury? This should have been a defense attorney maneuver not a prosecutor's 

I've said it before. I'll say it again. The prosecutors, who work hand in hand with police most of the time, should NOT BE the ones to prosecute their buddies on the police force when things go wrong.  

As tragic as Tamir Rice's death is, I am genuinely having a hard time imagining him running around with a toy gun or understanding how real or not real it looked. But I STILL want a real prosecutor to prosecute a real case and make a real effort with a real jury of our real peers (a significantly black jury) so I can find out exactly what happened. 

As far as I'm concerned the prosecutor just old me the Tamir Rice case is all but done. The prosecutor has all but said the cops are innocent. 
  That means that there is nobody motivated to advocate for justice on this boy's behalf. 

And let's get real here. These cops shot their gun(s) within two seconds after arrival. In my mind, that means they shot without thinking at all. If it actually turned out the result was justified you STILL can't say their actions were. There was no thinking involved in this shooting.  

- The police got there.

- They saw dark skin and a gun (not realizing it's a toy gun) 

- They shot within 2 seconds. 

And keep in mind, one of the cops had been forced to resign from another police force

As I understand it, the police illegally drove onto the playground, closing the distance, and creating the danger they were supposedly afraid of. They fired their guns, as a result, within two seconds.
  I cannot imagine these little white girls being shot in the same manner if they had real guns.
From Does 2nd Amendment Apply To White People Only

There are pictures of white grown folk walking around in stores with guns exercising their 2nd amendment rights. They are very 
occasionally arrested in states without open carry laws, but for the most part they have not been shot. We hear about innocent whites being shot over and over and over again. When Seymour Phillip Hoffman accidentally killed himself with a drug overdose, the predominantly white press was looking for someone to blame for weeks.

The Tamir Rice Case deserves a real prosecution effort too. And as of now, it doesn't look like we're going to get one. The Cleveland Police Department already responded to a lawsuit saying Tamir Rice caused his own death ---inside 2 seconds of arrival of the police.

At the very least, McGinty has damaged the jury pools so badly that I think we're all but done here.  We might go through the motions, but it looks like Tamir Rice is going to be found guilty of causing his death. The prosecutor has taken 3 out of 5 steps in that direction by publishing the reports that defend the officers' actions.  

We better stand up and hollar if we want to change the direction of this case.