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Friday, October 9, 2015


Maybe a decade back, I remember reading this story about how two rival "groups of teens" from two different high schools have had "run ins" before. I started reading the story in the middle of the newspaper for whatever reason. Something must have caught my eye.

So I'm reading about this tragedy of misguided youth. Then I finally read that one of these "kids" has been stabbed to death.

You know I had to run, get another paper with a photo, just to confirm with my own eyes that these "teens" that have "run ins" and are now stabbing one another to death are white, right?  And once I confirmed all this tender loving concern for the stabber and the stab-ee was about whiteness, I scanned each article thoroughly for the word "gang."  
I did not find it.

So here we go again.

This time there was a "cocaine apartment"? (What in the entire hell is a "cocaine apartment?") Whatever.  In this latest version of "SAVE THE WHITE PEOPLE" there's a "cocaine apartment" instead of "drug den" full of "high society members" instead of "drug dealing thugs."

words and photo from the Daily Beast

And look at the description of the person that O.D.ed:  “A beautiful Long Island dermatologist and mother of three died after a night out partying."  If that doesn't scream "WHITE" at you, nothing ever will.

And a police source said, " Word is she likes to use drugs” instead of saying anything that might imply "It's a shame that this irresponsible crack ho died but think about what she won't be able to expose her children to anymore."

Do you remember when the actor Philip Seymour Hoffman ("Hunger Games") died? Not only were there calls to arrest the drug dealer for Hoffman's MURDER, there was all this concern that heroine addiction was just too available and out of control. The more realistic folk were like he was an O D just waiting to happen, but the white outrage was louder.  I was actually waiting for charities and kick-heroine specific halfway houses to be constructed in every neighborhood there for a minute.


When Whitney Houston died x months earlier than Hoffman, the newspapers essentially opined, "What a shame she did that to herself?" and  'Here! Look at the ugliest pictures of her we could find over the last year of her life. look Look LOOOOOK!!!!!'  And when Houston's family was looking to blame someone else for her giving the the drugs she wanted that day, there was complete silence and/or pity from news outlets INSTEAD OF an escalating echo of their outrage in larger and larger news outlets. 

Did you know that when drug addiction was white it was looked upon as an illness instead of a character flaw?

One of the more famous drug addiction epidemics made it's way through white women during 1800s. Laudanum (opium) was a popular treatment for all kinds of fictitious white female ailments. And there was great concern that white women would be lured  (and "outraged") in "Chinese Opium Dens."

From the Victorian Era now, the theme has always been the same "WE MUST SAVE THE WHITE PEOPLE"  And every mistake, failure, or crime is a matter of misunderstanding and illness rather than character.
You know what I'm thinking?

I'm thinking that treating drug addiction as a serious illness and a social disease that must be eradicated in order to save us white folk reduced that particular drug addiction epidemic, especially among white women.  So now I'm wondering how many black people would have survived the 1980s and 90s had crack addiction been treated like an illness and a social disease with the potential to affect us all instead of a character flaw that's somehow an expression something on the DNA of the entire black race? (Of course, you also would have to have found a way to break the link between crack sales and our apparent funding the Contras in Nicaragua but that's a story for another time.

 And if a modern mechanism had put in place to deal with waves of drug addiction epidemics, wouldn't there be fewer dead white meth addicts too? Wouldn't dealing with crack in the black neighborhoods have prepared all us Americans together for whatever comes next? There's always a next? And whatever it is that comes to get us always comes to get white people.


There was an attitude of containment, as far as drug addiction goes, as early as the 1950s and 1960s when it looked like only black people were dying. Then when little white Johnnie died of an overdose in Wisconsin all of us sudden Nancy Reagan was trotted out with "Just Say No" to drugs...while the sales of crack cocaine in black neighborhoods were funding  "Freedom Fighters" in Nicaragua.