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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Armed White People Follow and Intimidate Mosque Attendees in Irvine Texas

Feeling Rebloggy

Irvine Texas is the same place where the teacher mistook a clock for a bomb and had a child arrested. In this link, a Fox News affiliate asks if the terrorists ("protesters") are going too far.

The image comes from this link

THE STOP THE ISLAMITIZATION OF AMERICA GROUP  admits that their goal was to intimidate.   "I'm not gonna lie, we do wanna show force" was reportedly said by David Wright, a representative of this organization.

Doesn't this make them a terrorist group? Do they have to kill people like the KKK has done first? Are these white people terrorist wanna-bes?  Are they on a watch list?

Is it only in Irvine, Texas where you can't be tried for a hate crime after following somebody around with a gun? How many other states can white people, and white people only, get away with this?

If this mosques hires anybody but the whitest, blondest people guard this mosque with guns and not one Muslim touches a gun, the people inside the mosque will still be called "terrorists" before a white guy with a gun dressed like the one in the photo

By the way...

Am I supposed to be confused about why the white man in the photo is covering his face? Am I supposed to be confused just because some of these white supremacists aren't using pillowcases with holes for masks anymore?

More discussion in the video below