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Saturday, November 7, 2015


Apparently, a white woman and her husband were sitting in an Applebee's Restaurant when they overheard someone in another booth speaking a language that was not English. A white entitlement rush to the brain led the wife to physically attack an unaware Asma Jama.


Asma Jama
Before and After

"[Jodie] Burchard-Risch then smashed her beer mug across the victim’s face in a “round house punch” motion before fleeing, causing significant injuries, according to the complaint.

An Applebee’s manager followed Burchard-Risch until Coon Rapids police officers caught up with her and arrested her."

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The police are trying to "figure out" if they can charge this woman with a hate crime when she said she attacked her for not speaking English in front of multiple witnesses.

Not only is this a hate crime, this is fairly pure as hate crimes go. But I can't figure out how the racist mind works in this instance.  

Do I have to tell you how angry some white people can get if people of color do not make every effort to, assimilate, to be as white as possible? This demand that everybody be "white like me" is older than colorblindness. And somehow people not speaking English fits into the hated not-white box. But I'm not sure of exactly how.

I just know that I've only heard about this hatred for people who don't speak English from sneering, snarling white people. I would almost swear that all of the white people that I've ever met who've repressed a sneer and a snarl over people not speaking English were republicans too.

I know I asked "why" the hate during discussions about hating foreign language speakers, but beyond the denial of the "hate" itself I don't remember what they said. (I have a hard time remembering nonsensical gibberish unless I write it down.)

Even though I've been around white people my entire life, the hatred of foreign language thing is not one of those MANY things that I understand and disagree with. I simply don't get it. I know it's firmly attached to hating not-white. But I don't know HOW.
Maybe it's like this:  

Everything that is connected to white people in the United States is good and anything that deviates should be smashed. English is firmly connected to white people in United States. Therefore, English is the only "good" language. Is it that simple?  

 Actually, it can't be that simple.

French speaking white people are sophisticated according to U.S. white folk. German speaking white people are lifted up by them too.  Lot's of European white folk with foreign accents are sophisticated.

So it must be that foreign language signals race or ethnicity, yes? And non-white race or ethnicity is something to instantly hate and smash for some white people. That's it, isn't it?  But how do they do the "I'm not a racist" dance in their heads at the same time? How does that work?