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Tuesday, December 15, 2015


The word "Adieu"

Translation: Bye Felicia

Erykah Badu has a uniquely beautiful face and this totally cool vibe to her. And she's sung a couple of black woman anthems. So I like her. I've never been that big a huge fan, but I like her and I try to check out what she's been doing from time to time. 

Recently, Badu sang R. Kelly's praises as she introduced him on The Soul Train Awards.

“I know they said no red cups y’all, but this man has done more for the blacks than anyone.”

“He taught how, in the name of love, to step together. He taught us to stay out that trapped closet. And he believes he can fly,” she continued.

This is not okay.

I heard an interview with Badu recently, so I know she's not the sharpest stick in the box. But we all know by now that there's video of R. Kelly peeing on a black female child and also that his own words leave no doubt that he would be guilty of statutory rape in most civilized countries.

There's no excuse for a black woman being but so ignorant and/or being so foul herself that she doesn't care what this low life has done that another black woman or girl.

Beyond a certain level of self-hatred, I have to turn away. Therefore, I'm going to show my love for black women and black girls by boycotting Badu and The Soul Train Awards, both. I'm done.