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Thursday, December 17, 2015


"A mistrial was declared in the trial of a Baltimore police officer charged in connection with the death of Freddie Gray after the jury failed to reach a unanimous decision.
It's unclear whether the state will pursue a retrial of the cop, William Porter.

The jury deliberated over three days, signaling at one point that they might not reach a unanimous decision. Jurors told the court Tuesday they were deadlocked but the judge sent them back to deliberate."

 - - - - - - - - - -

The only thing I believe in for sure is Freddie Gray's screams before he was put in the van and the witness saying that the cops were breaking his leg. You can't see much. But I can hear Freddie screaming I said a long time ago
"The Van Did It"

because there was no seat belt
trotting out 3 black defendants
along side
3 white defendants
2 of which likely did all the beating
was never going to hold together

But trotting out three new black faces along the three old white faces in the beating video  was the quickest way to end the protests in Baltimore.

Like I said, I wouldn't turn my back on Marilyn just because she's black. She's a politician. Politicians of all colors love power for its own sake.

Her theory of what happened in the van came together too quickly for me. I haven't read enough to know what the standard procedures are or who usually decides the police van's route or who decides deviating from the usual route to the hospital.  Most of all, I don't know how badly hurt the three people in the van thought Freddie was....

You know who might know how badly Freddie was hurt? The people that beat him up. 

And that brings me to my next point. 

Why would you try the people who brought the van to the scene of the crime before you try the people who did the original crime (the illegal arrest and beating)? Why wouldn't you establish how badly Freddie was hurt before he was put in the van-- by trying the people who did the beating first?

Wouldn't the severity of the beating itself determine whether or not Freddie was capable of holding his neck and head in a normal position during the van ride--if you tried the people who did the beating first? Wouldn't his head and neck strength determine how much the absence of a seat belt would hurt him? 

The 6 juries are not sequestered. Each juries decision will impact the remaining juries. I'm trying to figure out why the seat belt crap is first. And it's actually making me mad that the seat belt is getting all this air time on the news...

--as if we know for sure that theory is true

--as if we did NOT hear Freddie Gray screaming before being put in the van

--as if we did not see him being dragged to the van with a bystander yelling about how it looks as if the officers were trying to break Gray's leg.

(It's not like we've seen video of this van going around corners on two wheels.  How does a van ride damn near separate the spine of a normal healthy person? Maybe I'm just not appreciating how helpless one is while shackled?)

To me, believing Marilyn Mosby's story, the first official story of Freddie Gray's death --that just happened to present perfect imagery to stop the protests dead in its tracks-- is like believing the first story told about JFK's murder when you know that first story is probably coming from the people who failed to provide adequate security on the parade route.

If Baltimore is heavily black and we know the jury is majority black, then  maybe something is probably isn't right with Marilyn Mosby's case.

I need to hear more about what went on in that jury room, a lot more.

So, I don't know how I feel about this at all.  Not yet.