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Wednesday, January 20, 2016



I was in a museum, the Newseum in Washington D.C. when it occurred to me that Hitler's rise to power is very much of the Tea Party's rise to overtly racist power. 
Nobody was taking Tea Party and their back to the bad old days for everybody except white folks, rhetoric seriously. Nobody was taking their overt racism seriously either. Then President Obama became president, with his black self All of a sudden a whole bunch more white people thought the overtly racist Tea Party made a lot of sense. And then the Tea Party started providing a huge fan base for Donald Trump. I'm not laughing at Donald Trump too hard or ignoring is ignorant @$$. Especially since, I'm pretty sure that's the mistake the Jews made in WWII Germany.
Trump is definitely not subtle enough to be Hitler. Then again, maybe Hitler wasn't subtle either, not even when he was just starting out. But Americans aren't desperate enough (as they might have been in 2008 or so) to respond like 1930s German's did. But somebody a little bit smarter than Trump could be coming up behind Trump, letting Trump warm up the white racist audience so he can step onto the national stage. No, I am not taking Trump's popularity lightly.  
White people feel their power slipping away. To traditional republicans dismay, the dog whistle has been thrown in the trash. So I don't think it's any accident that "Oscars So White Again" is happening in this same moment. I don't think it's conscious on white people's part. I think 2015's Damonsplaining incident makes that obvious. But I see a lot of ensemble cast television and movies without even a token black or brown person. I'm pretty sure that #OscarsSoWhiteAgain is a sign, it's the tip of the white backlash iceberg. And signs of white backlash means we better keep our eyes open politically speaking. The Republicans and Tea Party may be tripping over their own ___'s right now, but they won't always be. Donald Trump should be seen as a sign of things to come as white power in this country goes on the wane.
Feeling Rebloggy
Donald Trump may be a fool, but he is a fool with a platform, an audience, and a bankroll. He is dangerous because his ideology kills.
~Stacy Patton

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