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Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Feeling Rebloggy

"I love black people at a cellular level. I will defend our right to exist until my last breath. I have an almost iceberg devotion to defending black men. That devotion does not extend to rapists. That devotion is not blind and irrational. That devotion is not enabling.

Donald Trump,  Brian Encinia,  Darren Wilson,  Dante Servin,  Michael Brelo

Suddenly, I, a woman who spends her days calling out injustice against my people, have been accused of being anti-black. When I rage about black men being executed with impunity, I’m a bold and conscious. When I refuse to foster the same environment that’s made sexual assault against black women nearly a rite of passage, I become a sheep brainwashed by “the white man.”

Clarence Thomas,  Ray Rice,  Bill Cosby,  R. Kelly,    Lonnie Franklin a.k.a. The Grim Sleeper

In order to love and support my people, I must apparently discount not only the accounts of more than 30 white women (because the very real unfair persecution of countless black men somehow means that no black man can ever rape a white woman) but also the accounts of more than a dozen black women, my sisters, by blood or bond. The litmus test for my blackness becomes not my unwavering refusal to pander to whiteness, or my commitment to speaking the name of all the forgotten black victims, but my willingness to defend “America’s favorite dad” simply because he is black.

~Kinfolk Kollective

Nah, I don't think that's the right litmus test either. 
So keep reading:

The Refusal To Just Say No To A Predator
just because he was black
and "only" preying on 

"B*tches and Hoes"
is the reason The Grim Sleeper
was able to kill dozens if not hundreds of black women
over a period of decades.

Read More: