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Sunday, January 3, 2016


I fully expected there would be no indictment. The child just having a gun was enough for the cop to say "I was scared" and walk. We've seen cops scared of lit cigarettes do things like go buck wild during a traffic stop and still keep their jobs.

" is now indisputable that Tamir was drawing his gun from his waist as the police car slid toward him and Officer Loehmann exited the car." ~ McGinty

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Did you see that in the video? Did you see Tamir Rice reaching for his gun?  I didn't. And I'll bet I won't see that when we get to see the enhancement. The power of suggestion is strong when you are white and the person at the wrong end of the bullet is black.

I'll never forget reading that one of the white jurors said that Rodney King orchestrated the entire thing.   Somehow Rodney King directed his own beating, from the ground, while on his back.

The only way you let someone show you 

a horrific beating on video
then let that same someone tell you
to believe King is responsible for his own beating
despite what you see with your own eyes

is to watch that beating video
having pre-determined King is guilty

The predetermination of guilt was/is based on King's skin color.

In these grand juries, I envision
one white supremacist talking to another
in code,
understanding one another
via having the common stereotypes

pre-exist in their minds, the ones that 
parents, grandparents, and great grandparents created and passed down
from generation to generation, meanly held
stereotypes ever present in their minds
before they 
enter a jury room

The racism is never spoken aloud.
That is not required.
The code has been perfected over decades

That's how you get a predominantly white jury to see Rodney King beating himself or bringing it on himself. That's how you get a predominantly white jury to mistake a 12 year old for an adult that getting what he deserved.

If it had been a white child shot, the officer's shooting before he had time to determine a damn thing would have led to indictment even if didn't lead to jail.  I think the only thing that mattered in the moment that Tamir Rice was shot was that Tamir Rice was black and maybe moved his hands toward his own body.

This was no sudden surprising shoot out at the O.K. Corral between two grown men as the prosecutor acting as defense attorney would have you believe A man that's supposed to protect and serve got out of his police car and shot a person in black skin, a boy, within one-plus-one seconds of seeing him.

Dead in two seconds.  A boy. No indictment.

No indictment is what I braced myself to expect once it was disclosed that the boy had a gun within 100 feet of his person. I knew the system would be telling us that black lives don't matter yet again. So I'm not outraged. But I am tired.

Big grand jury decision between big holidays again too - minimizing the likelihood of protests once more.

We've got to find a way to make the grand jury process public. White people, all people, do things in the dark that they won't in the light. 

But I hope this is enough basis for the family to sue the city of Cleveland into bankruptcy