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Friday, February 26, 2016


So many people think that black and brown folk are afraid of police because of what happened to Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, and Sam DuBose. And we are, no doubt. But it occurs to me that white and/or class privileged people don't hear stories like this too often.

This is a twitter essay written by a man, an attorney, who defended a young, black, male who got sucked into the jaws of the criminal justice system simply because a cat crossed his path at exactly the wrong moment.

When you read this story, please remember that the officer that lied will never look in the mirror and see a racist or a racist's best enabler. He'll never hear himself teaching his children racism either.

The witnesses that lied will never look in the mirror and see racists or racist enablers. They'll never hear themselves teaching racism to their children and their grand children. People like the cop involved, who did no jail time, and the lying witnesses, who did no jail time, will always be horrified when they managed to create, nurture, and raise someone like Dylann Roof -- who is only different from them by one or two loose screws.


The cop and witnesses involved in this non-case nearly destroyed a young man's life, probably without even thinking about it consciously.  They saw a lesser being in human skin and acted on their prejudices on automatic pilot.