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Sunday, February 28, 2016


Black people have probably known this about white Christians since we first stepped off the very first boat from Africa.

The thing that irks me about these kinds of articles is that the authors nearly always leave out the word "white" And as I do understand what evangelize means (despite the pop culture rants on misinterpretations of that word) I've never understood the term "Evangelical Christian." To me this label is nearly as redundant as "Christ-Believing Christians"

The people we are now calling "Evangelical Christians" are "White Christians" who don't believe in much more than their future as part of one-percent.

White Christians, white agnostics, and white atheists justified genocide when this country was being formed. White Christians, white agnostics, and white atheists justified slavery when this country was being formed. White Christians, white agnostics, and white atheists justified the sale of children away from parents. These things that were done were not connected to "Christian" part of these human doings. These atrocities committed were connected to the "white" part, to the white supremacy and to the greed part of these human doings.

The bible was pulled out by a portion of white supremacists and used as a cover.

My questions is this: In 2016, by getting white evangelical Christians to support him, has Donald Trump have torn the cover off them? Do people with white skin still believe these people calling themselves "evangelical Christians" are observing anything more than their own whiteness and maybe their own green, money?

Trump, like all GOP candidates, has worked to court evangelicals, but also repeatedly flubbed attempts to talk coherently about religion throughout his campaign. He has been unable to name his favorite book of the Bible, said that he doesn’t ask for forgiveness from God because he’s “not making mistakes,” appeared confused about the beliefs of the Presbyterian denomination he claims, and evoked laughter while speaking at Liberty University earlier this month by referring to a book of the Bible as “two Corinthians” instead of the more common phrase “second Corinthians.”
Trump couldn’t even hide his religious illiteracy when he tweeted out the news of Falwell’s endorsement, referring to the college president as “Rev. Jerry Falwell Jr.” even though he is not an ordained religious leader or reverend of any sort.

Even white, atheist and/or white agnostic people should be able to see, by now, that these white "evangelical Christians" voting for Trump have very little that's Christian about them.

Even white agnostics and white atheists, who usually do their level best to blame every single white supremacy "evil" they can find on Christian hypocrisy rather than whiteness and white supremacy should be able to see that going to church every week doesn't make you a Christian any more than deciding to live in a garage makes you a car.

Even white agnostics and white atheists ought to have been forced, by now, to stop pretending that black, brown, and Asian Christians do not exist and therefore acknowledge that it is not Christianity that breeds anti-black and anti-brown racism.  

The white liberal/atheist/agnostic, thanks to Trump, should be able to stop brainwashing themselves into thinking belief in Christians and Christianity somehow enables white supremacy instead of acknowledging that white people create, protect, and enable white supremacy because they so rarely fully identify as fully human, people that do not look like themselves.

The word "white" should be in front of "evangelical Christian" almost every time that group is discussed because the common denominator shared between the WHITE right and the WHITE evangelicals should have been seen a long time ago by more than people of color in this country.


As for the poor evangelical Christians?

They are the same as most of the poor white people of 200 years ago, the ones eating grass outside the local white master's plantation where the slaves ate better than they did.  Poor white people, then and now, know their skin gives them a higher status.

Feeling superior to blacks is and was part of that higher status for poor whites and they were/are honored to align themselves with the one-percenters. That's why the white poor used to report on runaway slaves and volunteer to be on slave patrols etc. Poor white people supported the ones, the slave masters, crushing them with unfair competition. The 'cut your own nose off to spite your face' cliche has never fit any other group better.

Believe this:

Whether 2% or 5% or 10% of white people ever owned slave back in the day? Slavery absolutely does not work without poor white folks. No poor white racists using their skin color as status when they look at their reflection in the river, then there's ten million hiding places for black slaves. Ten million hiding places for black slaves = no slavery. 

Just like in the days of slavery, the one-percenters like Trump absolutely cannot function without their ignorant, white poor and white middle class support. There's nothing Christian about any of these political maneuverings on the right.

Trumps support, inside and outside the church, is 9/10ths about white supremacy and greed. The right white Christians, the right white agnostics, and the right white atheists are walking in lock step as they always have been.