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Tuesday, April 12, 2016


A long time ago, a woman smarter than I am reviewed Dark Girls and said it was interesting how this documentary by a black man, and other such vehicles by black men about colorism, focus on black women instead of black people.

Black men themselves used to suffer more from colorism than they do now. Coming out of slavery, the light-skinned person man or woman, was assumed to be closer-to-whiteness smarter, closer-to-whiteness prettier, and closer-to-whiteness more industrious. Remember, white people had spent thousands if not millions of dollars creating science that said race was based on genetics. White genes, in white minds, made black people only identified as "black" via hypodescent rules, smarter, prettier, and less lazy.

To this day, darker-skinned men are still assumed to be criminals faster. And they sure don't have modeling contracts waiting for them the day they leave jail. But now (and always) a man's worth isn't assessed using beauty the way a woman's worth is (right or wrong). That's why looks and white aesthetic as a measuring stick hasn't clung to black men the way it has to black women

That's why it looks like we, black women, are more affected by colorism. But that's only appearance.

These little girls running around with waist-length, straight weaves aren't crazy. They see what black men want on in rap videos, on television, in black produced movies, and in who black ball players tend to marry. Black men are a HUGE part of the black female colorism cycle.

Hotep logic denies this. But the truth always comes out.