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Monday, May 23, 2016



"Honestly, I'm not worried about transwomen coming into women's bathrooms and attacking people or whatever. I'm worried about straight men who may use this as an opportunity to sexually attack women, etc..
What's to stop a straight man who decides to dress up like a woman and go into the bathroom because he wants whatever. What happens if fathers or uncles decide they should be able to accompany a girl child to the women's bathroom because the transgendered are allowed in?

Straight men have always had the ability to walk into a woman's bathroom -- dressed as female or not. And now they still do. Some may be rapists.

But the question is presenting a false dilemma here. The law is about female presenting people going to the female bathroom and male presenting people going to the male bathroom -- not anybody go to any bathroom.

Truth is, trans people have already been doing this for decades already. And according to FBI UCR data I've looked at, it wasn't the trans people in the bathroom raping people. It was the heterosexual male (and usually NOT in a public bathroom where they can be discovered -- who were doing the vast majority of the raping and sexual assaults.

Now that the law has changed, a heterosexual person can't call the cops and have a trans person arrested based on a suspicion based on seeing a more squared off jaw or an adam's apple or something else ridiculous.

For heterosexual people, the law changes nothing -- not really, except you can go to the bathroom with a transgendered friend and not have to worry about someone attacking your friend for attending to a basic need.

For trans people a b.s. basis of harassment and arrest is being removed. That's huge.

You can fit what I understand about trans issues in a thimble, but I"m learning. The thing is, you don't have to understand much to figure out that this whole debate is fear and loathing feeding on itself.