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Saturday, May 14, 2016


"Even though Monique Tillman, now 17, knew what had happened to her during an encounter with a Tacoma police officer in a mall parking lot two years ago, seeing the video for the first time was staggering.

“I was absolutely in shock, anger and disbelief,” said Tillman, who is black, about the video that shows the white officer pulling her around by her hair, throwing her to the ground, tasing and arresting her....

[Her attorney] De la Cruz said before the encounter with Williams, Tillman was a mostly-A student who had respect for authority figures."

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Photo by De La Cruz

A judge saw the video and dismissed the case against a then 14 year old Tillman. And now her family has a lawsuit against the police department. But I want Officer Williams, the cop that abused his authority in jail.

While he was working part time as a mall officer, he wasn't actually in his policeman's role. But he used the policeman's role to arrest her -- for irritating him in some way, breathing while being black maybe.

Every state in the nation needs a charge called "Abuse Under Colors," a charge that is specifically for cops that arrest people because they're irritated or because they get a hard on just thinking about beating up and threatening a black person, even if that black person is only a 14 year old girl.

And if you abuse the authority you aren't supposed to be using -- as in you're off duty like Dante Servin was when he murdered Rekia or off duty being mall security, there should be an additional charge.

Firing  Officer Williams is not enough. And I haven't read, yet, that that is even happening for sure.

I'm glad the family sued the mall and security firm that hired him as well. We have to make everybody who hires bad cops afraid to do so.

We have to make sure everybody who hires cops to do security work does a damn good job checking a police officers record for citizen complaints etc. before they hire him to do a thing. If the cop has citizen complaints against him prior to the mall hiring a cop, the mall pays too. If the cop does NOT have citizen complaints against him, then they don't pay -- maybe. It depends on how off the charts the behavior is.  And in this case, everybody who has an ounce of responsibility for this man being in a position to abuse this girl needs to pay

We have to hit everybody we can in the pocket. We have to find to make wider and wider circles of people responsible.