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Sunday, June 12, 2016


In case you've missed the news, some background:
Brock Turner, an Olympic hopeful, raped an unconscious woman behind a dumpster near Stanford in California. While Turner was raping her, he was discovered and he ran. Turner was caught by two Swedish Students and held until police arrived.

The rape charged was dropped. The sexual assault remained. The judge Aaron Perksy disregarded the minimum sentence after Turner's father said the sentence was too much for "20 minutes worth of action" Brock received a 6 month sentence and will likely be out in 3 months with good behavior.

This judges sentence has outraged women in the United States. The anger is nearly as strong as it was when Anita Hill was raked over the coals by white congressman in the early 1990s.

I hope another wave of female outrage is going to do the same thing again. I hope that we can remove Judge Persky from his job. There is a solid attempt under way.

The removal of this judge has implications for other things, Black Lives Matter type things -- Rekia Boyd's cop killer was set free by a judge as was the cop killer of Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell (after an OUTRAGEOUS SHOOTING). However, even if we can't get Persky out of his job, that might not be the end of it. Anita Hill lost too but women won.

If we keep the heat up we can change laws and also remove and replace every police officer, peace officer, prosecutor, or judge that even thinks about trying to make the rape the victims fault with the list of questions below.

The rape survivor's statement that should be a teachable moment in high schools across the country. Until then, use the link above to listen to it or read it to with

-your sons,
-your daughters,
-your sisters,
-your brothers
-your cousins
-your friends
-at lunch with classmates

Have them pay special attention to what this woman says about the initial aftermath but also what happened with her sister and her boyfriend on the day that Brock Turner raped her. And make sure this is read and listened to, with those you love, BEFORE the young ones leave for college or a job.

College is one of those interim places where those you love will continue to learn how to be a functioning adult. And a lot of people have been failed in this department. If those two Swedish guys that tackled and held Brock Turner are heroes because their actions in that situation are unique, we're clearly in trouble. If we fail to prepare our sisters, our girl children by the time they are 18, after one in four of them are raped or sexually assaulted, they will be raked over the coals a second time via the slut shaming attempt at the police station. 

The "Victim's Statement is here as well

 * * * * * *

When I was in college, I assumed or projected that this kind of bullsh** at the police station was coming to an end. I remember there was this big press by feminists to stop cops from asking a rape victim,
"Well...what were you wearing?"

Not only does that question imply it's the woman's fault for turning randon men on too much. It implies men are so out of control that they're pretty close to being wild animals before or after a single beer.

Now that I look at this current list of questions for a rape victim, I can see that my assumption that the police coal raking had somewhat stopped, was wrong. "Well...what were you wearing" is the only freaking question missing from interrogation that we can now call an attempt at 
"slut tattooing"

To be specific, the purpose of the questions is to tattoo "drunk slut" on the raped woman's forehead -- but only if tattooing "forgot giving consent due to alcohol consumption" doesn't work. Brock Turner raped this woman behind a dumpster while she was unconscious, then ran. So in whose imagination were these questions relevant?

I assumed wrong about the second virtual rape at the police station being virtually over nowadays. I couldn't believe it when saw this list of questions AGAIN after all this time.

I feel like I am one of the ones that dropped the ball. I moved through "rape culture" and recognized it as b.s. before it was called "rape culture," but didn't do enough to end it.

All I can do is hit on this subject regularly until I figure out what to do next.
To my younger sisters out there, I am sorry.

(updated 6 14 16)