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Friday, June 24, 2016


Officer Caesar Goodson Jr. a black man, is the third person to be acquitted of Freddie Gray's murder. And, as I recall, he had some of the most serious charges against him. It also seemed like he had the most damning witnesses lined up against him. I don't even know how to feel. But The Van Did It? That was a stupid approach from the start. I'll never be sure Marilyn Mosby didn't say what she needed to say to get the Baltimore Uprising to stop. She said the seat belt was the issue (twice during that famous press conference) when we saw Gray was BROKEN BEFORE THE VAN. And then she posted a field of 6 black and white faces together to seal the deal, to get those Black Lives Matter protesters to stop protesting, the same ones the then Black Baltimore Mayor, Stephanie Rawlings - Black, called thugs.

Black Faces In High Places


We have to watch those black folks in place within the white supremacist system, which means we have to watch EVERY police department and prosecutor's office in the land. We didn't watch Mosby. And this case is falling apart in Chocolate City.

She may have had an impossible task. Maybe Mosby did the best she could, did the blackest and most devoted things she could. Maybe.
The answer
to this picture
is ALL I'm interested in
for now
Maybe I just think her case is idiotic but it was an innocent idiotic mistake. But i
f a white prosecutor had jumped up and said that the lack of a seatbelt broke Gray's neck so bad his neck felt like a bag of rocks, the van did it, and then produced some new black people we've never seen before AFTER watching Gray be dragged to the van, unable to walk, his head lolling off the side, there would STILL BE people marching in Baltimore to THIS DAY.

Even if Goodson turns out to be Uncle Ruckus come to life, the white officers who put Freddie Gray in the condition shown below should have been the ones with the most serious charges. There's no way a judge should have let one of the people who set this whole thing in motion walk away -- without a jury trial in Chocolate City. I don't even know what to think. I can't figure out how the police in charge of and driving the van would differentiate somebody who is drunk or high --which the that police van must pick up every other day-- from somebody who was beaten so badly the police van should have become an ambulance.
Only the people who beat Gray before putting him in the van would know that.

How was this case going to go any other way than the way it's going?

The judge for Goodson's trial said there were 5 plausible scenarios, based on what conflicting experts said, as to how Gray died. I also heard that prosecutors and the medical examiner argued about whether Gray's death was an accident or murder.

The thing that caused Gray's death, in my mind, was the illegal arrest. The top charge probably should have been some sort of manslaughter since I doubt anybody was going to be able to prove pre-meditation based on racism.
I'm so glad I wasn't on that jury. What a mess.
The only hope now is for "The Van Did It" prosecution to go away so she can focus on Gray's beating. Read More: * * * * * One or more of the white officers that made the arrest is still in line to go to court. However, I'm not sure either of them can be forced to sit before a jury. I'm not sure, but I think the cop gets to decide whether he wants a bench trial (judge only) or a jury trial in Baltimore. I have to find out.