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Tuesday, July 26, 2016


I've been saying this for a while now: With each police murder of black and brown, the police are going to get bolder. Every single time they go to court and get away with it, and it's broadcast across the country, other police hear it and get bolder. This means that the police are eventually going to start hunting white people.

The beating deaths of the homeless don't make national headlines unless they are horrific like Kelly Thomas's death. But I wouldn't be surprised at all to learn that most of the white people killed by police are very poor or homeless.

In June of 2016, the Fresno California Police killed a man-child that was only 19 years old by the name of Dylan Noble. He was white but he wasn't poor or homeless. "At the church meeting last week, where a Black Lives Matter banner greeted attendees, protesters said they were trying to figure out what might come next for them.  Many said they were trying to find a way to translate the issues raised by the Black Lives Matter movement to the needs of their own city. 
Some expressed frustration that it had taken the death of a white man to draw attention to the local issue of police shootings.  
Others, like Damon Thomas, who is black, 19 and graduated high school the same year as Noble, said they saw themselves in the teenager. "
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The video is of Dylan Noble's death is hard to see. Something, a head, hand keeps moving in front of the camera. Dylan did not obey right away. He really didn't. But the cops keep talking about a dog.

It could be the boy was trying to get his dog safe before complying with police commands. When you're white, male, and 19, this could seem reasonable. And based on what the cops are saying to one another in the audio, I'm wondering if Noble didn't keep his body between himself and the dog.

I've seen video of cops shooting dogs that were just being playful. 

Like I already said, the other thing that is very apparent in the video is that Dylan is white. You can tell that just by listening to the audio sans the actual video that he is not afraid enough of the police. 

I couldn't see what the police saw in his hand. But it didn't look big enough to be a gun. Therefore, I have questions about shooting someone twice for non-compliance, such as not moving his hands out at the same time, etc.  Noble was not giving 100% instant compliance. He really wasn't complying but that doesn't mean the police were threatened.

The initial 911(?) complaint was about someone walking with a rifle. Clearly, Noble didn't have a pocket rifle in his fist, in his back pocket, or tucked into his waist band. So why are there 3 cop cars (at least) and all these cops standing around with guns. And you know what else? A teenager, a white one, could very well think it's the biggest joke in the world for people to think he is dangerous.

We might be able to call this "white privilege gone awry."

Even if you're the biggest fan of the police in the world, how do you justify the cops shooting somebody an additional two times after they've fallen to the ground because you've already shot them.

I would not think that a person in pain, having been shot twice already, can comply with moving hands exactly where you say and when say it. 
He was 19. And he clearly did not have the rifle they were looking for. 

Justine Medina, Black Lives Matter Organizer, put together a protest over the police shooting death of this unarmed, white man-child. While Medina says he was disturbed by the disruption of the march of Noble by white people shouting "White Lives Matter" and the flying confederate flags, he said he was more disturbed by the way Noble was killed.

Honorable guy, Medina. Smart guy. He understands that Black Lives Matter is really Black Lives Matter Too and that the goal is for white dominant culture to come to see all American lives are not being valued equally by police but they should be.

Noble's friends, reportedly come in a variety of races and ethnicities and don't appear to share the white racist sentiments that came from some of those attending the protest.

“I never saw Dylan Noble with a Confederate flag,” says his onetime high school English teacher, Lou Standifer. “He loved everybody.”
And neither Noble’s race nor the race of others who had been shot by cops at other times was mentioned in the many online postings by those who loved Noble, friends who seem to include every race and ethnicity and sexual orientation."

But there are excuses, explanations leading away from white racism, in the article about yelling "white lives matter" and flying confederate flags anyway. The confederate flag being "a country boy thing" ain't cutting it in 2016.

Hopefully those that showed up weren't actually Dylan's friends. But whoever the white folks that showed up were, they either need to do better or keep their white unintentionally or intentionally racist @$$es at home.  Unity is not going to be costing black and brown a THING this time out.

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A link to the video of Noble's death is here. Judge for yourself.  Violence Warning