Wednesday, July 6, 2016


On Wednesday, July 6, 2016, in Falcon Heights, MN, Philando Castile was stopped for a busted tail light. Soon after being stopped, Castile was shot 3 to 5 times and killed by an Asian Police Officer.

His girlfriend, Lavish Reynolds, started filming via cell phone after Philando was shot. There's nothing to see in the video link below. Philando is already bleeding out and moaning, leaning between the front seats of the car.

But there's plenty to hear. One of the first things you can hear is that the police officer that shot Castile is out of his mind with panic. (Akai Gurley came to my mind immediately.) 

According the girlfriend's narration,
this is what happened 
before she started filming

  • Castile told the officer he had a licensed weapon
  • The officer told him to get out his ID
  • Castile's ID was in his wallet
  • When Castile started to move his hands, the officer changed instructions or changed his mind(?)
  • When Castile was raising his hands again, the officer fired

Again, none of this is on the video. This is what the girlfriend, Lavish Reynold's described after Castile had been shot. 

During the video the Reynolds tries to settle her little girl, who was also in the car. Then she rattles off all the ways Philando did not fit the black stereotype that usually justify an officer involved murder of a black person. 

  • No record
  • Not a gang member
  • Work for public school

But Philando Castile is still dead. 

Near the end of the video you can hear the 4 year old girl trying to comfort her handcuffed mother.

Video of the shooting - Graphic, Loud. Please have children leave the room

Story, Video of Shooting
Graphic, Loud. Please have children leave the room

My heart was pounding the entire time I watched the video. It was like I was there. I wanted Lavish Reynolds to shut up. I kept wanting her to shut up. I kept thinking, "He's going to shoot you too. Shut up."  

You know the white supremacy is getting to you when you're scared someone will be shot for talking.