Friday, August 5, 2016


(Sing Song Voice) Sooo, George Zimmerman wasn't the only anti-black, racist murderer beat up today.

While in prison, in protective custody, coddled terrorist Dylann Roof was accidentally left alone by a guard. Another inmate went running to where Roof was and kicked Roof's butt.

Hopefully Roof was punched dead in his face too. But i
t doesn't sound like hospitalization or stitches were required. Yet...


I hope Zimmerman and Roof are scared for their lives for the rest of their miserable lives, and that lying racist sack, Darren Wilson too. 

Black guy on the left is thinking, 'You better be able to run if people come for you.
Because if they do bruh? I'm going to fall on my back, legs in the air with a stomach ache that looks so bad they are going to wonder if the creature from Aliens is about to eat it's way out of me.