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Sunday, August 21, 2016





Chris Rock is right. When you hear "Racial Progress in America" your brain should translate that into "White People Slightly Less Crazy"

But now it is 2016.

The "disaffected white people" are looking to move the entire country backward by electing Donald Trump.

Every time Trump opens his mouth, I become more and more convinced that I am correct, that he is trying to cross a final line so that someone will save him from being president, so that someone will snatch him off a stage and say "You've gone too far."

I swear he just wanted to be the national center of attention and now he's scared he just might get elected. So now he saying the wildest thing he think of.

That crack about second amendment people taking out Hillary Clinton, joking about killing her?  I don't care how big an egomaniac he is. That's OUT THERE.

The white racists who pretend they don't know he's a racist and crazy, both, must have the brain wattage of cabbage. I don't care how much they love his racism, his basic disrespect for racial-others in the form of being "free of political correctness." They can't see that he's threatening to cut us off from allies and making jokes about killing a fellow presidential candidate?

Just last night as I was sort of half watching a movie, Oliver Stone's "JFK," I thought to myself, if I was writing a movie about this time in our history, I'd have the CIA plotting to take Trump out should he get elected. Oliver Stone probably thinks they are.  Even the powers that be -- on the right-- are seriously scared to death of his idiotic mouth.


Donald Trump 'dangerous' say 50 Republican major US national security figures

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