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Tuesday, August 16, 2016


I wasn't going to address the Gabby Douglas problems because I thought everybody black understood why Gabby Douglas is being dragged over forgetting to salute the American flag and her hair (again). 

*  *  * * *


Yeah, she forgot to be patriotic as she should have been at the Olympics where she was representing the United States. 

But, so what?

She spaced out for a few seconds or sixty. If Becky had done the same thing, the questions about her behavior would have been somewhere along the lines of, 

"Oh my Gosh! Where was Becky's head? Why didn't she salute the flag? What WAS Becky thinking about instead?" 


Who does this ____ think she has the right to deliberately skip putting her hand over her heart for the American Flag? 

But Gabby is black and not white like Becky. Therefore, a number of things have to be kept in mind.

1) I tend to think that anybody who hasn't spaced out when saying the pledge of allegiance or hearing the national anthem is lying. But for black folks? Sometimes putting hand over heart for the flag is kinda galling.

When is it galling you ask? It's galling to salute the flag 10 seconds after you've finished reading a news article about how white people don't know what Black Lives Matter's goals are.
(Pssst!   BLM want white and white-adjacent police to stop shooting black people for nothing)

2) Authoritarian white people, especially those on the right, think they own everything American. They think that anybody not-white is a guest lucky to be here, are people that need to prove their American-ness. That's why some are voting for Trump (--who probably doesn't want to be president, just the center of attention on a national stage)

3) In the white racists opinion, Gabby Douglas, as a black guest lucky to be here at all, should always be showing how grateful she is to be allowed to live here in this white man's country of the United States.

In the white racists mind, even the ones that don't know they are racists, black people should always be bowing and scraping with gratitude to be in the white man's America --and damn well better not forget to put their hands over their hearts during the national anthem.  

The white racist never remembers that the blood of Gabby's ancestors has soaked the ground and makes her have more right to be here than just about anyone except First Nations descendants.  

If Gabby had been white and she forgot to put her hand over her heart, many might still have been somewhat irritated as she was at the Olympics representing the U.S.A. But just irritated

They wouldn't have come anywhere near hinting,

 "How dare that militant black Gabby Douglas deliberately not salute the flag? She should go back to Africa."

President Obama (birther movement) and Michelle Obama (called "militant" in place of the n-word) have been getting this treatment since President Obama was elected the first time.

It's possible I could get my militant behind into a snit and deliberately decide not to salute the flag a month or less after a cop murderer was exonerated, even at the Olympics. But it would be ten times as likely that I just spaced out. And some of us suffer from resting-b*tch-face, so....

Part 2 tomorrow: THE EDGES