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Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Douglas's sweaty hair picture up below looks so "normal" to my eyes I can't even tell what the hair whiners are talking about unless I stare really hard.

But people are running her down again.

Out of all the people attacking her hair, the most obnoxious group, by far,  almost has to be black women with weaves being embarrassed for themselves. 

Now, I'll wear a weave in a minute if I want to and I don't necessarily want to announce when I'm wearing one. But I'm black. I have edges.  If I work out and sweat the edges are going to curl up. That's life. 

But some black women are out in the world tryin' ta perpetrate like the weave is their own hair. And that's normal for us.

White people really don't know a weave from relaxed hair, or even what "relaxed hair" is. Black men pretend they don't know a weave from a hole in the ground when they are first dating a black woman even if she has long, bone-straight hair to her waist in a day-glo orange color.  

We pretend.  It's part of the game. Don't hate the playa, hate the game because Gabby and Gabby's critics are all playing THE SAME GAME

This means that Gabby and her edges are essentially putting er'ry body on blast when her edges curl up or coil up on the national stage. 

If there were no white people on the planet, Gabby's edges coiling up even slightly would be a major problem for some black women because I know how some of us are about having the makeup and the coif under control at all times, regardless of circumstances.  I know.

All weaved women know this. So Gabby knows this. In fact, everybody black person knows this.

Some of the hair criticism is definitely due to internalized racism. Most of us were beat to death with the idea that long swinging hair equals feminine (afro, coily, curly, braided extensions, or straight weave)

Still I'm not crying for Gabby this time. 

Gabby and her critics are living in the same life boat as far as I can tell

Either Gabby Douglas toughens up and takes it or gets a natural style that doesn't separate into two completely different textures when she sweats.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not hatin' on any of worshipers of the weave --which includes Gabby.  I sometimes like long but never straight hair (doesn't look right with black features in my opinion) A long weave or long extensions hide my marble-shaped head and gives my real hair a rest at the same time. Sometimes I go weave-ish because a big chop was in order due to some damage (I live in reality: I don't have Halle or Lupita's face, so I can't go to a zero hair profile.)  But mostly? I probably have to have long hair on my head (curly, coiled, or my own afro) because I too have also been trained that long hair is feminine - no matter the texture. 

when I do not abide by 

the black woman hair rules 
and some individual black woman 

decides to give me  the look 
at the gym 
because there are 

two different curl patterns 
on my sweaty head, 
I gift her an 

oh-heffa-please look in return. 

But I do hot pout.

I know the black women's rules of engagement when it comes to weaves.  Gabby does too.  It is t
ime for this 20 year old woman to stand in her ovaries. She's not a little girl anymore.