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Wednesday, September 21, 2016


On September 20, 2016 its being said that black men were killed by police. Terence Crutcher was just walking.

One of them, Keith Scott, was supposedly reading a book but may  have had possession of a gun, in an open carry state.
But it sounds like the police are already laying the ground work to say that it wasn't pointed at anyone.

I've said it before. I'll say it again. Police Officers are the leading edge of white supremacy.  The skin color of the individual cop that shoots yet another black person hardly matters. So it doesn't matter that the cop that shot Scott was black. Black cops know who they can get away with shooting in questionable circumstances too. That's probably why the black cop with Walter Scott's killer didn't report his white cop buddy for murder prior to the video coming out.

White supremacy allows anybody 

of any skin color to say 
when the dead victim is black. 

Also, let us never forget that the income of the people of the area makes a big difference in whether you are shot or not for being "threatening." People that live in Bel Aire, California won't get shot if they are running around with a machete. Will Smith might get shot faster than Charlie Sheen, but the chances are still very small. 

I can't actually remember which city a stoned Charlie Sheen was running around in with a machete. But that cocaine swilling white dumb@$$ ain't dead by cop.)

This is what I do know.  North Carolina has been putting black people "through it" for years now.

A higher court had to tell North Carolina that it's voting rules were discriminatory. Do you understand that the white racists in the south are a heck of a lot more overt, generally speaking, than they are in other places in the country? 

Black people are justifiably angry about Black Lives NOT Mattering all over the country. But the general ambient racism in the state of North Carolina almost has to be part of what set the protesters off. The police, who also represent the state, don't have any credibility with the black community because they don't deserve any -- from the lowliest police officer to the governor.

So I accept the fact that we may see that there was some justification for this shooting. We may find out the gun fell out of Scott's pocket. Or it could turn out the book was really was a gun and the man was an idiot. But I already see justification for the outrage I'm seeing North Carolina, regardless.

North Carolina has a law going into effect on October 1, 2016 that says people will not be able to demand dash cam and body cam video unless they get a subpoena. This is even more reason for outrage.

Critics, including the state's attorney general, said it could have the opposite effect of minimizing police accountability.
"Technology like dashboard cameras and body cameras can be very helpful, but when used by itself technology can also mislead and misinform, which causes other issues and problems within our community," McCrory said.
Under HB 972, audio and video captured by police body cameras or dashboard cameras are not public records, meaning the general public has no right to see or obtain copies of them. 

If this does not represent white people trying to cover white supremacy's collective white ass then what is?

In principle, I don't really believe in trying something in the court of public opinion. But the last few years have demonstrated that that's all the court black people are going to get.

Unless body cam video becomes mandatory for every cop in the state and also available to the public along side dash cam video, I hope North Carolina winds up in the hole for millions of dollars trying to quell the outrage.

Losing money and white folks being impacted negatively in general is the only thing white racists and white people who don't know they are racists understand.

Just yesterday, I read an article by a man I put into the category of "probably a white racist" a long time ago. Glenn Beck wrote an article on "Empathy For Black Live Matter" Of course he tried to make all sides equal as far as the "misunderstandings" and each side having extremists with agendas.
This is the title of his article was: 

I am not looking to condemn, I am looking to understand. For some readers, this may be surprising to hear coming from someone like me. But on my show, I often discuss pivot points. Our opinions or perspectives are not impervious to change — nor should they be. My take on Black Lives Matter has not changed 180 degrees, but it has certainly evolved. Here is my pivot point.

After the horrific shootings of five police officers in Dallas this summer, I had the opportunity to watch an...

This article is supposed to be about Black Lives Matter and having empathy for BLM movement. Yet, his critical paragraphs, his "pivot point" are about the white Dallas cops that died at the hands of a nut that REALLY didn't have anything to do with Black Lives Matter.

In other words, white people like him are scared for themselves now.

And now a dozen cops were pelted with water bottles and rocks in North Carolina. So now they're scared for themselves too. 

All I can say to that is "Welcome to the party." I guess we can all be scared together now.  And I'm glad about that.

In Okahoma another black man, Terence Crutcher, was shot. 

He's just walking when he was shot. According tot the police officer that shot him, maybe he was stoned and just slow to response.  There's video from a helicopter.  And in that video there's another officer on the audio saying words that are the equivalent of  "Big Black Guy Dangerous"  

I read another article today where the white police officer, female this time, who shot Crutcher basically said she was scared of a walking man. She never says she was scared because he was black. But there's no terror of a walking person unless they're black. Again, the audio of her fellow police officer pretty much makes all her excuses for her.
So are we 80% 90% or 99% sure that  the white woman who shot the man dead had the very same thought process. Because in the video? He's just walking. He is unarmed. How is somebody walking a threat to you?


The man in this old video below is wielding a real weapon, a machete. He is surrounded by cops in Great Britain. 

The mentally ill man in the video appears to be white. So maybe this seems unrelated. But in the United States? Even white people in non rich neighborhoods wield machete's die, especially if they are perceived to be mentally ill. Police in the U.S. don't risk the slightest bruise if they can help it. , The police would have killed him almost instantly same as they killed that white boy in Fresno when he didn't stop and lay down instantly (no weapon)

The cops in this country are cowards. The kill anybody who so much as blinks at them wrong. They protect themselves first and the public second. We need to attack them in their toxic masculinity. We need to stop calling them racists and start calling them cowards...daily. Because that's what they are. That's what they care about being. Both "coward" and "racist" apply. But "coward" is the identity that has meaning for them where "racist" does not.