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Friday, September 16, 2016


Feeling Rebloggy 

When Trump finally took the stage after several short speeches by decorated military personnel who are endorsing him, Trump offered no apology, as he was encouraged to do a few weeks ago by one of his key black advisers, Dr. Ben Carson.
Rather, Trump offered two short sentences where he proffered the false notion that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, Obama's rival during the 2008 Democratic primaries, was responsible for the creating the birther movement, while adding that he was "ending" the birther controversy by admitting that Obama was born in America

[....]Trump seemingly lives in a alternate universe where he is the center, one in which some of his supporters will overlook his many shortcomings no matter what. His reversal today on the Obama-as-a-Kenyan narrative will have zero impact on the core group of his supporters that fall within what Clinton called last week the "basket of deplorables."
And yes, they are deplorable, because their previously latent racist, sexist and other bigoted beliefs are now on full display...

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Trump's 'birther' speech doesn't erase disrespect of first black president