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Wednesday, October 5, 2016


"The judge has made it clear that he doesn't agree with the state's theory of the case."
Marilyn Mosby 
speaking on dropping charges 
against all 6 cops involved in the Freddie Gray case
in July 2016. 

The judge and I agree. The state's theory, Marilyn Mosby's theory, was bad from the start. And now this prosecutor has had to drop all charges against all six cops, three of which I was pretty sure should have had nothing to do with Freddie Gray's murder at all.

Mosby blamed this epic failure on the police investigation, which I'm sure didn't help. But Mosby's political rush to end the protests in Baltimore is probably what led to her rush to judgment in this case. What else could centering the blame for Freddie Gray's murder on an even mix of three white and three black officers be except a political decision? The primary thing she had to have had on her mind was stopping the Baltimore Uprising. And that's exactly what happened when she blamed six cops and made the police van driver the main culprit -- when an ambulance should have been called for Gray in the first place, not a police van.

Marilyn Mosby's The Van Did It Theory centered the three black police officers that came along later, in the police van, when the white officers that arrested Gray had no reason to put their hands on him period, much less beat him.

Anybody who has had more than a passing interest in this case saw photos of Gray were it appeared he couldn't walk, his head off to the side in an odd way before he was ever put in the van.

Mosby should have charged two out of three of those white cops, Brian Rice and Garrett Miller, for beating Freddie Gray to death period.

It sounds like Edward Nero came along after the physical arrest was done.
...said in closing arguments that countless court decisions backed the officers' actions, saying officers may chase a suspect in a "high-crime" area and detain him while seeking to confirm or dispel their suspicions. Another officer, Lt. Brian Rice, had initially begun chasing Gray, and Miller and Nero had responded to his call for help.

The false arrest should have been the center of Mosby's case. For better or worse, the white cops would have had to explain why Gray looked the way he did on his way into the van. Even if Mosby had still lost the case, it would have been a legitimate loss. Instead she set all chances of Freddie Gray getting some justice on fire from the beginning... in order to stop the Baltimore Uprising. 

If I was one of the black officers involved, I'd want Mosby's head on a plate.

Two of the black officers, Alicia White and William Porter were the first to sue her for defamation of character and invasion of privacy. It sounds like a judge tossed the case out. But I hope they find a way to get some sort of satisfaction out of her. 

Later all three of the white officers decided to sue Mosby as well. when one or two of the white officers beat Freddie Gray to the point that he looked like his neck was broken pre-van. The only that hasn't sued is the black van driver, Goodson.

In September of 2016, a white right wing group actually celebrated the white officers for their role in Freddie Gray's death(?). But the right white people were uneasy about it, apparently.

Garrett Miller and Brian Rice

We, the black community, shouldn't have trusted Marilyn Mosby just because she's black. Her argument never made sense. She mentioned Freddie Gray's lack of a seat belt in the van as the reason for his injuries twice during that famous May 2015 press conference -- when his spine was almost severed.

Either Gray was beaten into that condition or he was so damaged before he was put in the van, he couldn't sit up or do the normal things a healthy person does to stay upright inside a vehicle.

This van is designed as a punishment.
Only the healthy should be put in the position of sitting sideways to direction of motion
and on such a narrow seat. You'd have to be able to plant your feet firmly on the floor to remain upright.

When you consider the person you've beaten and arrested a human being what you call is an ambulance, not a police van. 


Again, Mosby arrested six officers, an even mixture of black and white, producing the image most likely to end the Baltimore Uprising and the reactive white violence.

There's no way we-the-black-people shouldn't have been able to see through to Mosby's motives. And if she had been white, we would have. 

Anybody who is in a position of political power has to be watched and questioned, no matter what color they are.

Black people in positions of power have to know how to navigate white supremacy better than most.  And that might require a black person wearing a thicker mask for longer periods of time which can have a negative effect on the psyche (for lack of a better word). I've let President Obama off the hook a few times for doing and saying things I didn't like when he was first running for president.

So with black politicians,
you can't always tell what's being said for effect,
to put white people at ease
what's being said by a black politician (or black entertainmenters) 

as symptom
of a black person becoming their mask

I don't think Marilyn Mosby became her mask at all. I don't get that vibe. The point is there can be all sorts of things going on with a black politician, so you have to watch them closely. I think what went wrong with Marilyn Mosby is that she was a black politician politicking instead of searching for justice.  We cannot assume that social justice is at the heart of any politician. And when a prosecutor winds up on the national stage that's what he or she is -- a politician that's not to be trusted.

Marilyn Mosby charged three black people that didn't appear to be involved in the beating. And we should have dropped her like a hot rock and aligned ourselves with the black police officers or remained neutral on the black cops AFTER we demanded she charge the white officers who actually hands-on-arrested Freddie Gray.

We cannot afford to let this happen again. Ever. 

Marilyn Mosby didn't fail Freddie Gray alone. We all did that.