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Tuesday, October 18, 2016


"A video of a black Minnesota man being handcuffed for walking in a street near a sidewalk that was closed for construction is sparking social media outrage, CBS News reports.

The video was filmed by a bystander and posted to YouTube. It shows a plainclothes Edina, Minn., police officer holding the man, identified as Larnie Thomas, by the collar of his jacket. The incident took place Wednesday."


Larnie keeps asking him why he's touching him. That's my question too. 

These are the other questions I have:

1)  Why a plain clothes police officer is on sidewalk monitoring duty?

That old man with the police badge is getting paid big money at his age, probably in the 6 figure range if the city of Edina is near a major city. Why is he monitoring when people step off the sidewalk around construction?

2) How many tax dollars are being wasted on this racist bullsh**? 

3) Why do police officers have the right to touch anybody they aren't searching or arresting?  

Nobody died, but this man needs to be reprimanded to the point that he's off duty for months without pay, forced to retire, or fired.

* * * * *
And in case you haven't figured it out, this is an example of Toxic Masculinity on Toxic Masculinity Crime. 

That woman recording the video hit the nail on the head, "He's scared." But Thomas will never say that. Not ever.

And the white cop? The only reason he will not let go of Thomas's jacket is because he wants to let Thomas know "I am the big d*ck in charge here."

  • The cop is clearly not afraid for his life. All those pockets and winter coat bulges Thomas has? He hasn't searched them. He's holding Thomas by the back of the jacket as Thomas faces him. If that cop had pulled this crap on anybody EXCEPT Thomas and that person had had a weapon, we'd have seen a different video that ended with that cop's body on the ground.  

  • In fact I think 50% of white law abiding citizens with a licensed gun would have shot that cop, thinking he's insane.  

This is where toxic masculinity and white racism converge. White cop knows perfectly damn well that it's true that "I'm the only one with a big d*ck around here." He is absolutely sure that his whiteness protects him from a black person. He knows.