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Wednesday, November 30, 2016



Officer Brentley Vinson

The district attorney's announcement that no charges would be filed "doesn't end our inquiry," Scott family attorney Charles Monnett said.
"We still have concerns," Monnett said. "We still have real questions about what decisions were made that day," such as whether police could have used better deescalation techniques that may have prevented Scott's death.
Another Scott family attorney, Justin Bamberg, acknowledged that "it's safe to say he did have a gun on his person" -- but there was no definitive proof that he had the gun in his hand.

...Regardless, Murray said, Scott "could have raised his gun at any point" to shoot officers.


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Democrats from President Obama on down are blaming their 2016 debacle in part on too much “identity politics” — messaging aimed not at voters broadly, but at Latinos, women, African Americans and the LGBT community as groups.

The one group Democrats did not target were their old mainstays, non-college-educated whites (especially the males of that species), who responded by giving Donald Trump a margin of 39 pointsover Hillary Clinton, while voters of color failed to vote for her in the expected numbers.

According to much newly minted conventional wisdom, Democrats can and should win back downscale whites by cranking up economic populism, without losing minorities, women and other key components of their coalition.

TRANSLATION.: We need to stop talking to non-white people, non heterosexual people, Muslims and pretend to be colorblind like whites want and talk about money.


REALITY: The reason Trump won is because he understands what most black folks above the age of 40 have understood for decades. And what Trump understood that democrats still don't is exactly how bone deep white supremacy is.

President Obama, who was raised by white people, and the rest of the democrats refuse to believe that white people voted for Trump BECAUSE of his anti-anything not white, heterosexual, and male. A lot of white people are claiming they voted for him in spite of the white supremacy, but they are trying to save face. .

You cannot be a moral person and vote for somebody that spouts hatred. Even white evangelical leaders know that which is why some of them are so baffled by the vast majority of lay Christians who voted their whiteness instead of their Christianity. 

By the way, there's no way a rational person could believe Trump is a Christian. He's can't pronounce books of the bible correctly and he flat out said he's never asked Jesus for forgiveness. Even people who have never had a bible in their hands know that White Christians are voting their whiteness instead of their Christianity.  

The only moral choice that white Christians had in this election IF they absolutely could not vote for Hillary due to her stance on abortion, for example, was to NOT VOTE. To vote for Trump was to vote for children already born to die and grown people too.

Bigotry kills. White supremacists who don't know they are white supremacists do not admit that to themselves UNLESS they see somebody with a pillow case on their head screaming the word n*gger as they kill a black person.

So, if some white evangelical leaders can admit that most white evangelicals voted their whiteness instead of their Christianity, why can't the leaders of the democratic party admit that Patriarchal Ethnoracism and Xenophobia in white people is the problem that must be overcome. 

Instead, what the democrats are doing is responding to the change in the wind. Again. Trump has brought a white supremacy wind into the country that's going to blow for longer than four years. And the Democrats are trying to find a way to turn into it by saying, "We don't like identity politics either" Democrats are announcing that they are going to turn toward colorblindness. 

Colorblind claims in regards to race have already been identified as a form of racism that is called "Colorblind Racism."  I don't know what you'd call LGBT blindness, Immigrant blindness, and Muslim blindness but that's coming too. 

What happened in this election had nothing to do with being "working class." If it did black and brown working class would have voted for Trump. They didn't. Black folks voted against Trump to the tune of 88%  The dominant white culture via television, internet, billboards, and magazines are using this "white working class" identity to con themselves into believing that white supremacy was not what drove this election.

Trump understood exactly how bond whiteness is to white supremacy, just like blacks of a certain age do. And he knew how to make the white supremacy grow and flower. Trump got a bunch of different looking groups of white people together,.

And now the democrats want to be able to do the same thing so they can win next time. 

Trump has a created a new wind in this country. And that wind is whispering "White Supremacy" Anybody who is not white, male, married to a white male, Christian, or Atheist  is not  even safe from weather vane politicians now. 

As far as I'm concerned, the democrats and Bernie Sanders -- who is so clueless about race and identity that he thinks blacks, browns, women etc are stupid for falling for tokenism -- are using "identity politics" label as code to lean into white supremacy without calling it "white supremacy" Then think winning white people over (without address white supremacy dreams of grandeur) is what it's going to take to win. And they're right. The white democrats know they cannot put together a solid POC vote like Obama did.

Therefore they need white people that they have no intention of insulting -- but NEED insulting.

So now the white dominated democrats,are going to lean away from the Obama wind that was blowing. They are going to lean away from being multi-cultural, lean away from speaking to each demographic's different issues. Again, the most important issue white democrats are going to lean away from is problem of unidentified white supremacy desires in nearly 2/3rds of white people.  

If POCs, LGBTQ, MUSLIMS, and IMMIGRANTS cannot pull the democratic party out of the white wind that Trump has created, then it's time for a new political party led by people of color. We need to create a party and let it be tiny through 3 or 4 election cycles without giving up hope and give it time to grow gradually.

I don't see another answer. If the democrats don't start addressing whiteness and white supremacy now, there's no hope of a fraction of white people taking a look inside and see what's going on within. I can't even pretend to think that Trumps horrendous choices for his transition are going to wake people up. 

Scared powerful people are dangerous people. We have to find a new political way to jump 2/3rds of the white population. If we don't, the next few decades will see us slide backward dramatically before we move forward again. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


His late-night show on Comedy Central canceled, Larry Wilmore has inked a multi-year overall deal with ABC Studios that will see the writer/producer develop his own series for the network, as well as shepherd those created by others.
“We’re thrilled to welcome Larry Wilmore back to ABC Studios,” said ABC Studios President Patrick Moran. “We worked closely with Larry while we were developing “black-ish” and are looking forward to what’s coming next from this incredibly talented writer/producer.”

SHONDA is already at ABC (Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder, Still Star-Crossed)

KENYA BARRIS ("Blackish") is already at ABC

JOHN RIDLEY ("12 Years A Slave," "American Crime")
KERRY WASHINGTON has gotten big enough to ink her own deal with ABC, and has a television show coming out soonish. It stars SANAA LATHAN. 

VIOLA DAVIS already has a production company. It put out "Lila and Eve." And now she has a deal with ABC

And now, LARRY WILMORE has a deal to make his own series for ABC

ABC, the African American Broadcasting Company is on the rise again. 

I wonder if Wilmore is petty enough to call Comedy Central and thank them for cancelling his show not so long after he was asked to perform for President Obama. 


Sunday, November 27, 2016


Feeling Rebloggy

Dylann Roof is competent to stand trial in the murders of nine worshipers at a Charleston church last summer, U.S. District Judge Richard Gergel ruled Friday.

The ruling came after two days of closed-door hearings this week at which Roof was present


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Saturday, November 26, 2016


Feeling Rebloggy 
Ron Glass, a prolific TV actor known for playing Ron Harris in the sitcom “Barney Miller” and Shepherd Derrial Book in “Firefly,” has died. He was 71.
The actor’s rep confirmed the death to Variety, but had no further details regarding the cause or location.


Feeling Rebloggy
Thanks to the Paris Agreement and the broader arrangements around it, the coming of Trump will not be as bad as it might have been.

The Paris system’s flexibility makes it resilient in ways more traditional international regimes (like trade agreements or NATO) will come to envy under President Trump.

A solar power installation at the COP22 venue in Marrakech1 Pic: Flickr/UNclimatechange)

First, there is the Paris Agreement itself, which entered into force last week. If Trump withdraws from it, as he has promised, it will take four year before the US actually leaves (or one year to leave the overarching UN climate convention). And, because of clever drafting that elides the US Senate, a new President could instantly re-ratify the Agreement after he or she comes into office.


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Friday, November 25, 2016

Child Asks Obama:"Why Do People Hate You?"

This was a tough subject he spoke on. But it made me grateful I lived to see such a gracious black man become President. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016




Feeling Rebloggy

EMU Alumni Photo 
Kids go to college to learn. 
Some will learn to become teachers.
Some will learn to become programmers.
Some will learn to become researchers.
Some will learn to become racists [before or after they even leave home for college]
Eastern Michigan University used to have an Indian mascot—the Eastern Michigan Hurons. It was changed to the Eagles in 1991. [But that hasn't stopped white students and others who are bidding for acceptance into whiteness from putting on red-face and dressing up as Hurons even now.]
[It's news to some people that all of North America is indigenous people's land and that treaties are still being broken. There's a congressional bill on the table right now, a bid to take Native American land in 2016]

Never mind that most Natives actually don’t live on reservations, ask yourself: Why did Native people lose their homeland when they used to live free on the whole continent? What happened? Which side broke treaty after treaty (and is still breaking treaties now – just the other day the state of Michigan transferred [9,000] acres of treaty-protected land to a mining company)?
Which side took away children and sent them to boarding schools where they weren’t allowed to speak their languages, got beaten if they did, and got abused in countless other ways? Which side didn’t have religious freedom until 1979? Which side had generations of children stolen and “adopted” to families outside of their community?
Enjoy your Thanksgiving. But have a real, age appropriate conversation about Thanksgiving with the kiddos -- especially if your child's school is smoothing things over. Children led to denial become adults that bask in denial -- denial that's deep enough that they can't even try to understand what's happening at the DAPL Protests.

Read More:

Monday, November 21, 2016


President-elect Donald Trump has selected Mike Pompeo to head the Central Intelligence Agency, a republican representative "who favors brutally interrogating detainees and expanding the American prison at Guantanamo Bay."

Feeling Rebloggy

Pompeo’s extremely hawkish views on critical national security issues, such as his support for keeping open the US prison at Guantanamo Bay; his defense of brutal CIA interrogation practices like waterboarding and “rectal feeding”; and his overwhelming focus on the dire threat of “radical Islamic terrorism” — all positions closely aligned with those of President-elect Trump and his new national security adviser, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn — suggest he is not likely to be a particularly sobering or restraining force on the president-elect, particularly when it comes to controversial policies like torture and drone strikes.
Pompeo’s hawkish stance toward Russia, on the other hand, could be a major source of tension between him and the president-elect, who, along Flynn, seeks to develop closer ties with Russia, particularly in the fight against ISIS in Syria.

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Skip the video if you don't like rough language 

Sunday, November 20, 2016


Feeling Rebloggy
An unemployed 56-year-old woman who lives with her dog in an aging mobile home in Manchester, Ky., one of America's poorest places, the Affordable Care Act was life altering.
The law allowed [those in the county of Clay,] Kentucky to expand Medicaid in 2014 and made Lockaby – along with 440,000 other low-income state residents – newly eligible for free health care under the state-federal insurance program. Enrollment gave Lockaby her first insurance in 11 years.

Now that 86% of those 
in 93% white 
Clay County of Kentucky 
have voted for Trump 
(despite having one of the 
highest poverty rates in the land) 
they are worried that 
those Obamacare based medicaid benefits 
are about to be slashed.


Sounds like poor whites voted for the group 
that demonstrates it pretty much despises the poor 
BUT does make "those people" statements 
at the highest rate of speed 
-- so poor whites voted to cut their own throats 


* * * * *
"The Washington Post included the image in an article published on 18 November 2016 about how Russians in the city of Obninsk were planning to rally in support of a Trump presidency:
The demonstration was organized [by] Artyom Mainas, a 27-year-old blogger in Obninsk, a nuclear-research center 60 miles south of Moscow. He decided to act after seeing news from the United States about demonstrations against Trump’s election.
“I believe it is very important to support him here in Russia,” said Mainas.
However, while the billboard is genuine, it is not in Russia (as might be inferred from its use illustrating a story about Russia's support of Trump), but in the Balkan country of Montenegro.  "

Saturday, November 19, 2016


As Pence exited the auditorium after seeing HAMILTON on stage, there was a chorus of boos from the audience. An actor,  Brandon Victor Dixon, stepped forward on the stage and hushed the audience. He said
Feeling Rebloggy
"Vice President-elect Pence, I see you walking out, but I hope you will hear us just a few more moments....We have a message for you, sir. We hope that you will hear us out.”

As he pulled a small piece of paper from his pocket, Dixon encouraged people to record and share what he was about to say “because this message needs to be spread far and wide.”

“Vice President-elect Pence, we welcome you, and we truly thank you for joining us here at ‘Hamilton: An American Musical.’ We really do,” Dixon said to further applause.

“We, sir, we are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights, sir. But we truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and work on behalf of all of us. All of us. Again, we truly thank you truly for (sharing) this show, this wonderful American story told by a diverse group of men and women of different colors, creeds and orientations.”
Pence heard the entire speech from an outer hall. 

See video here below or at the link

Trump later demanded apology that does not appear to be forthcoming. 

Read More -

Friday, November 18, 2016


Confessed That If He Had Voted In The Election He Would’ve Backed Trump 

When you're so rich you don't think racism in politics will touch you, first you say stop talking about racism and the last election.

Then you say you see the racism "but so what?  Be more objective about it, like I am"

Eventually white racism won't REALLY be racism in this numbskull's view. I'll just be a "misunderstanding."

Later when he runs for president himself, he'll be saying things that are more and more appealing to the 63% and the 53% who simply suffered from a misunderstanding (instead of racism) when they voted for Mean Tangerine in this election.

Maybe this is step one in appealing to the white nationalist vote.
Kanye -- WE SEE YOU!!!!

He needs to be on the list of people who do not get one more red cent from black and brown folk. Boycott's work. 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

FROM HERO TO ZERO IN 3.5 SECONDS: Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick says, “It Would Have Been Hypocritical Of Me To Vote”

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick says it would have been hypocritical to have voted in the 2016 election after his national anthem protest, he told reporters on Sunday.
It didn’t matter to him who won and so he declined to vote.

That statement all by itself almost made me name this post "FROM ZERO TO DUMBASS IN 3. 5 SECONDS because I'm still hot about the fact that black and brown did not come together to outvote our political enemy, namely racist* white folk -- most of whom don't know they are racists*. 

A week later, I'm still not feeling completely reasonable. I know most black and brown history has been hidden from black and brown people. I know most black and brown people did not have their people's history shared with them over the dinner table like I did (apparently).

But I'm still HOT about the fact that so many black people don't have a couple of basic life skills that absolutely necessary for the person of color, such as: 

1) Knowing regular undercover white racism (Hillary's) from over the top overt white racism. 

2) Knowing which racism moves fastest and is deadliest to us. 

3) Knowing that peak white violence did not start occurring with the death of Trayvon Martin or any time in the last two decades
“You know, I think it would be hypocritical of me to vote,” Kaepernick said. “I said from the beginning I was against oppression, I was against the system of oppression. I’m not going to show support for that system. And to me, the oppressor isn’t going to allow you to vote your way out of your oppression.”

Wrong answer, Colin 

Believe it or not, things have changed in this country since black people got the right to vote.

For example, the white town fathers can no longer hang a black somebody in the town square, then go door to door and collect all the black people's guns like they did to Ida B Wells and her friends in 1890s

In fact, Ida B Wells' response to her friends being lynched was just the opposite of Kaepernick's. She started an anti-lynching crusade, became one of our most famous suffragists, and also wound up being a founding member of NAACP. 
What Ida B didn't do was run away while saying it be hypocritical of her to try to vote in a system that didn't want her.  
Ida B Wells' dreams included more than herself and her own children, and they for damn sure included more than saving face when the road ahead looked rough 
And if black people having the right to vote and therefore the ability to affect law doesn't change anything, then why does Colin think he does NOT have to walk down the street with his head down, making sure he doesn't make eye contact with white people like black men did in the 1940s and earlier?

Furthermore, the white people of Ferguson were fleecing the black people of Ferguson through fines, fines, and more fines for decades --- because a huge percentage of black people that lived in Ferguson used to think (past tense) the same thing Colin thinks about voting 

'White people own everything. We're powerless and we always will be until...."

Until what is the question.

Until the countries of Africa band together to save us?

Until white people get tired of trying to be the gate-keepers on everything that's positive and natural in this country? 

What the heck do Colin and the rest of non-voting black and brown America think is gonna happen if POCs don't vote and find some way of changing the political system? 

And if black and brown people affecting change in our country's laws hasn't already changed things for the better why does Colin think he CAN vote?  

Does he think white people just felt benevolent one day? (That's practically how white teachers explain history in school) Or did he just forget that people put together their own political groups until they had the right to vote? 

If civil rights leaders dying so he could vote, change laws, and speak freely, all while being black, didn't make a difference already, why does Colin Kaepernick think white folks haven't carted his dusty ass off to jail for disrespecting the flag? Doesn't he know they want to?

Do some of these shallow black revolutionaries NOT understand that there's a direct relationship between who votes and who gets to make up the laws?

I wonder how he thinks it is white people don't  just walk up and take the riches he's earned under the white owner of his football team?  If not for black people voting and having influence over laws, somebody white could walk up and say he stole the money, house, and cars he has. Somebody white could walk up and say the contract he signed isn't valid because he lied about X 

or... or... or....

Before black people could vote, white people didn't even have to PRETEND when stealing from us using something like "The New Jim Crow." 

Some black folks need to read black history written by other black folks. Old Jim Crow and New Jim Crow are not equal...or at least they weren't until Boss Orange Hogg was elected.

Yeah, we're having a problem with equitable enforcement. But we are NOT having the same problems black people were having in the 1880s or even in the 1980s. Things have gotten better and worse for black people over time. We take 3 steps forward and 1 step back, but things get better.  The times we move forward are not because white people felt benevolent from time to time or due to happenstance.

Black and brown people persevered, fought, and died for Colin's right to vote and every single legal right he now possesses

Black and brown people died so that Colin Kaepernick

and some unknown quantity of black men 

who didn't vote 
along with the black women that followed 
these shallow revolutionaries over a cliff
the traitorous 13% of black men 
that voted for the white nationalist's pet mini-dragon 

...could join with other to politically protect us from yet another KKK Presidency.

Kaepernic is showing his fear based despair and nothing more. I expected much better. I don't know why. He's just a sports figure. But I guess I hoped he set a better example.

A week has passed and there have been upwards of 200 race/ethnicity/islamophobia/LGBT attacks in U.S. schools alone   (Maybe he doesn't care. Maybe he doesn't have kids or have compassion for someone else's kids). 
Trump announced a white nationalist as part of his white house. 
Trump's already clearing a path for the banksters to take control again
Trump is gonna choose 1 to 3 Supreme Court Justices which will affect us for decades. 
Trump is considering Sarah Freaking Palin for Secretary of The Interior. (say goodbye to clean air, water, etc)

Kaepernick is about to find himself in jail for life for jaywalking (read: for being black).

If Colin and the black-than-though gang think the draconian sentencing that happened in the 1990s under the Clintons (with black support) was something, wait until they see what happens next moderate republicans don't turn out to be slightly smarter than Trump

If moderate republicans don't pull Trump back, Trump's greed and xenophobia will wind up destroying us all. (And greed is at the base of most racism and exclusion. Believe it.)

And, like I've repeatedly said before, the hatred and exclusion of everything not white and male could turn out to be the least of our problems once Trump starts opening his mouth to foreign heads of state.  

Never forget that the POC demographic that rose united to defend all of us from the Trump was black women. We, as black women decided we had to get over Hillary's bull  --of which there was plenty -- so that things that have already begun to happen wouldn't happen at all.

All men of all races go to jail at higher rates than women-- including white men. And black men go to jail at a much, much higher rate than white men due to racism. But Black women got hit by "super predator" too. Black women are in jail 3 times as much as white women.  
But black women decided to get over their feelings and move forward.
Black women looked at Hillary and Donald and decided who was the bigger threat. And then black women stepped up to vote for the Hillary-Block.

We, as black women, did not vote for Hillary we loved her. As black women we decided we loved ourselves. As black women we decided we loved black children enough to step up for their future even when the choices weren't great. We, as black women, decided to put faith in a black and brown future in The United States since we don't plan on going back to Africa.

I suppose black women stepped up despite Hillary's crap because we, as black women, have lots of practice getting over hurt feelings....and damage. 

Black men fail to step up for black women when WE are killed by police over and over. (I swear I find out about a new black woman killed by police, that I never heard before, once a month.) Yet black women are still loyal to the black community. 

Black men protect the Cosbys, Browns, Rices, and Parkers without batting an eyelash even when black women are bleeding and torn on the ground --- while only a fraction of black men will turn around and say to their brothers, "You are so wrong..."

Yet black women are loyal to the black community.

Black women know how to look at the lesser of two evils and make a choice. We don't may put too much faith in people who don't reciprocate like white democrats and a huge swatch of black men. But we don't run because our feelings are hurt. We make choices with whatever we have to work with.

Black men like Kaepernick did not choose to get over a thing.

Kaepernick and the gang chose to protect their hurt feelings over "super predator" and hide their despair through a macho looking, sour grapes attitude. 

"This ain't mine anyway. If I can't rule it [easily], then I don't want it anyhow"

When men comfortable with patriarchy start feeling like they are losing they say, "So what? I just won't play."

And while a lot of black men will never say it out loud, voting for a white woman as stop-gap measure protection from a white man that is much worse for was just too shameful. 

That feeling of shame was too much for some patriarchal black men to bear -- so they didn't vote at the expense of all black and brown people

That runaway-feeling that some men get
has got to be a lot like how some black men in our history left their wives and children when they were struggling to feed them. They couldn't pull together with their wives side by side sometimes. They felt like they were less than men so they left, overwhelmed by the feeling of shame. It took a lot for the black men who couldn't provide to NOT RUN. A lot of them didn't. But some did.

Black people, especially black women, have to know who the heroes and the zeroes are.

I know running when I see it.  

Colin is running.

But I guess that's better than black men, the 13%, who love their toxic masculinity so much that they voted for their rich and powerful role model, Donald Trump.

* * * * *
I wish I had more compassion for weak-minded people. I just don't right now. I'm too mad. People of color, men of color, could have prevented a Trump Presidency.

We knew white people were our enemy at the polls. We knew we had to jump over 2/3rd of them.

We knew.

We didn't DO.

We didn't do it.

Worse, Kaepernick is encouraging young black men --who look up to him JUST BECAUSE he plays a sport and is an example of hyper masculinity that's so attractive to young men-- to not vote.

Kaepernick is encouraging black men away from a united front when a smarter white supremacist than Donald is in our future.

We cannot afford shallow and/or fake black male revolutionaries who cannot get past their feels. Tell Kaepernick to do his knee thing during the national anthem,  shut his mouth after that, then go cry in the corner if he needs to.

Black women will be out in the open, on the political battlefield, holding it down, as usual. Thank goodness 80% of black men joined us -- but that ain't enough.

White people need to fix their own racism. And black men need to fix their own Toxic Masculinity as well as handle the shallow revolutionaries among them that spread despair in order to cover up their own fears.


updated/completed 11 17 16

Wednesday, November 16, 2016



As you read about various hate crimes and hate should-be-crimes, remember that words come first and actions come later.  
* * * * * 
It's been one freaking week since white racists nominated Donald Trump president. Based on watching what happened with Ronald Reagan, this is the rising tide before the big storm, wave after wave of white racist abuse will be counted as the random behavior of white individuals instead of the natural outcome of 63% white males and 53% of white females voting their true feelings about anybody not-white, not Christian or atheist. And when the white violence begins, they'll do the same thing. 
Some of the reports that came directly to the SPLC include: 

My 12 year old daughter is African American. A boy approached her and said, "now that Trump is president, I'm going to shoot you and all the blacks I can find". We reported it to the school who followed up with my daughter and the boy appropriately.
Another, this time in a college setting:
The day after the presidential election, my friend, a black female freshman in a [Boston area college], heard a white female student say: "this is their punishment for 8 years of black people." When she turned around to see who said it, the white student laughed at her.
In Louisiana, a woman was harassed by white men in a passing car which was a frequently reported "venue" of harassment since election day: 
I was standing at a red light waiting to cross the street. A black truck with three white men pulled up to the red light. One of them yelled, "Fuck your black life!" The other two began to laugh. One began to chant "Trump!" as they drove away.
Anti-immigrant incidents often came with reference to the Trump campaign. In Washington state, a teacher reported: 
"Build a wall" was chanted in our cafeteria Wed at lunch."If you aren't born here, pack your bags" was shouted in my own classroom. "Get out spic" was said in our halls. 

Read More: 

It's hard to tell. But I predict that the white racists will calm down over the holiday. The KKK version of white racists will simply run out of victory steam.  White folks who don't know they are white racists too will think it's just some tiny fringe individuals overreacting. There will be no group responsibility taken by close to 2/3rds of white people.

I think there will be a resurgence of white verbal violence near the inauguration as racists feel the thrill of victory again.

I really think that the 1980s white mob violence will start playing out again by 2018, but worse. Maybe with the white racism being so overt, it'll be even sooner. A woman I know suggested those who believe in gun control to at least get some mace. I'm thinking seriously about this even though I live in a blue state and don't plan on going out into the very white rural areas. You should too.

In the meantime, like the article says, let's see if we can take political action to stop some of his appointments.  

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


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New Balance is rejoicing in Donald Trump’s election win, primarily because opposed the Trans-Pacific free trade agreement.

“The Obama administration turned a deaf ear to us and frankly, with President-elect Trump, we feel things are going to move in the right direction,” Matthew LeBretton, New Balance’s vice president of public affairs, said in an interview on Wednesday.
But fans of the sneaker company aren’t pleased with their support, and have been burning the shoes in effigy.

I don't have any to burn. But I can make sure I never buy any. BOYCOTT NEW BALANCE

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Feeling Rebloggy
Mary Jo White, the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission, announced Monday that she will step down two years before the end of her term, clearing the way for President-elect Donald Trump to reshape the way Wall Street is regulated.
[She] has been a key part of the Obama administration’s effort to rein in big banks following the 2008 financial crisis and prevent future taxpayer bailouts of the industry...
White, a former federal prosecutor, is known for a no-nonsense style and beefed up the agency’s enforcement efforts over the last three years, pushing for more companies to admit guilt and taking more cases to trial. But progressive Democrats were often critical of her efforts, complaining they did not go far enough.
White was widely expected to step down no matter who won the election to allow the next president to appoint their own chair.

Trump has already indicated he would usher in a period of deregulation, including dismantling 2010’s financial reform legislation, known as the Dodd-Frank Act. 

Monday, November 14, 2016


It's official we are living in AMERIKKKA


Feeling Rebloggy
Steve Bannon, who stoked the flames of alt-right [almost all white] fury while running Breitbart News, is headed to the presidential inner circle.

Steve Bannon, the Breitbart News Network executive chairman known for having white nationalist views....was named chief strategist and senior counselor to President-elect Donald Trump on Sunday. 

Bannon, 62, was taking time off from Breitbart to serve as CEO of the Trump campaign before Sunday’s announcement giving him a senior leadership role in the incoming administration.

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I've written a few articles over the last few days wondering if I was being alarmist, reacting out of the past.

I'm not wondering about that any longer. Every time I think that ethnoracist devil can't get any bolder in his racism, he one ups me. 

Of course, Trump always had a white supremacist view and white supremacist advisors. But his feeling safe enough to have these dragons come out of the closet is meaningful -- and not in a good way

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