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Tuesday, December 6, 2016


As you may or may not know, Trevor Noah interviewed a young, up and coming hot head white racist. She's on a show called "The Blaze" and it's clear she's trying to become the next Anne Coulter by saying things very much like "Black Lives Matter is the new KKK" Noah gently clowned this little white blond girlfriend type on "The Daily Show" not long ago. Then he wrote a piece for the New York Times where he seemed to be explaining why he was so gentle with her. He spoke of not being divided. In my mind, and a lot of other minds, he spoke of white supremacy as being one opinion of many He tried to make himself an authority on fairness by using this paragraph to close the article.

"When you grow up in the middle, you see that life is more in the middle than it is on the sides. The majority of people are in the middle, the margin of victory is almost always in the middle, and very often the truth is there as well, waiting for us." 

The quote above is at the center of the problem I have with TOO MANY biracial people. Some bi-racial people think they are looking at the problem from a place where there is less bias instead of more whiteness. And, frankly, I think it's evident that President Obama has gotten caught up in this kind of thinking every other time he went to give a commencement speech at an HBCU.
Having a white person in your household and/or having white people in your extended family does not decrease the presence of ambient white supremacy last I checked. In fact, white people who have married a person of color have been found to be chock full of white supremacy and excuses for white supremacy fairly regularly. I've actually met more than one biracial couple that seem to exist as normal-good-white-person PLUS credit-to-his/her-race black person which actually means that anti-black racism is the agreed (but not conscious) basis of their relationship. So puh-lease, do not come at me with "I'm biracial and therefore that automatically makes me in a clearer, more unbiased life location. Many people of color, including myself, know this to be self-deluded garbage. Predominantly, it is white people who will take that crap at face value.
His entire article screams of an obvious desire to be in the middle and unbiased. And that is a major problem when it comes to overt patriarchal white supremacy being dished out by Donald Trump and his white supremacy leading peer, the Anne Coulter Wanna Be

What Noah fails to realize is that sometimes the middle is a place of enabling evil.  
If you were to go back in a time machine and talk to Hitler's middle management and informally selected Jewish leaders of concentration camp populations then you came back to the present time and talked about how you understood both sides, EVERYBODY IN THE HERE AND NOW would see you as an ignorant, compromising-with-evil mofo that needs middle eastern Jesus to heal your mind.

While Noah's overall point IS correct (but misapplied) what he cannot see is that he has failed to identify his blank-faced-blond guest as an extremist who shouldn't ever be compromised with, much less given a platform. And white supremacy should never be legitimized as simply "an opinion" like he did in the article quoted above.

Noah was careful with the Anne-Coulter-Wanna-Be (ACWB) on his show. And that's probably as it should have been because if he'd have been too tough on a precious, delicate, white woman then the paler folk he's trying to be so understanding toward would have cyber lynched his silly @$$. Furthermore, let's not be naive. His boss is about making that money, getting that click bate in a positive way. This means big black man cannot beat up on poor, little dumb white woman no matter how much trash spews from her hate spewing mouth. If that show was really interested in doing a social service, then a BLACK WOMAN HOST should have been the one to eviscerate the blank-faced blond ACWB. Woman to woman, BFB should have been able to take a verbal beating without any (legitimate) white supremacy based patriarchal blow back. And eviscerate is what you do to somebody like Anne Coulter wanna-bes because that's what you do to extremists that are hateful leaders or wanna-be-hateful leaders --you verbally destroy them and their hate filled argument as best you can so the lesser, weaker, possibly redeemable patriarchal white supremacists following them will scatter when the light comes on. The people that the hate-filled leaders are leading are the people you may have to put up with in some shape or form until they see reason. Maybe. But the up and coming Hitler-ess-es get their heads handed to them. Jon Stewart may not have liked his role. But maybe he was doing it the right way. And let's face it, maybe Trevor Noah's skin color, pale as it is, will keep him from being able to go after certain pale, female guests. As pale as he is, if he's aggressive with a white female spewing hate speech that doesn't include the n-word, he's gonna turn into BIG BLACK GUY BULLY. Then, his career is dust.