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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Kanye West Leaves Mental Hospital And Meets With Trump

It's offical. Kanye can be called "Coonye" from this point forward

I don't care what Coonye's opinion is. He is legitimizing Trump's ethnoracist crap just by being seen with him and letting himself be identified as "friend."

What the two of them have in common is the need to be seen and the craving of adulation. Coonye is about have another bad mental health episode because black folks can't GET adoration for anti-blackness and anti-browness --- that's a bonus reserved for white people.

If you ever had any doubts that some people can make choices that puts extreme pressure on their own mental health*, lay those doubts to rest here. Coonye thinks he can acknowledge racism, use his money and power to rise about the consequences of that ethnoracism, then embrace the racist.

Yeah, he's gonna wind up back in the hospital if he wants adulation from black and brown folks.

The main thing I know is this because I've lived it: Mentally ill people can have huge character defects too.

So, I'm not crying of Coonye or trying to make excuses for him.  He's made his choices. I'm making mine. He's not getting another dime from me.

And if the NAACP keeps nominating Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson for NAACP Image awards, they aren't going to be getting any money or support from me either. 

Black faces standing up for Trump matter.

We wouldn't tolerate this behavior from a white person after hearing all the racist and misogynistic comments we've heard from Trump.  Do not forget that the Orange Dragon took out an ad in the NY Times and tried to have black and brown children given the death penalty -- for a crime they (The Central Park 5) did not commit. And the Orange Dragon still says they are guilty despite a serial rapist confessing to the original crime. Why the hell should we even THINK of putting up with this kind of treasonous behavior from a black man?

This election is not about left and right beliefs. This election was about life and death.

Some white writers have been saying, "It's just 4 years. We will survive this." But that's not true. All of us are not going to survive. The heat will be turned up so hot under some people that they'll be jailed (at even higher rates of speed) made so miserable that they commit suicide, or murdered by white cops.

I think that it's more than slightly possible that the white juror who refused to put Officer Slager in jail was emboldened by the nomination of this KKK president. If you thought the last four years of white lash against President Obama were bad, wait until you see the white supremacists behave now that they feel legitimized by Trump's election.

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*= some people believe Coonye's last stint in the mental health hospital was real. I think that stint was a stunt to save money. But I don't think Coonye can do anything but put REAL stress on his mental health if he's the kind of star that needs black and brown adulation to survive -- because he ain't gettin' no mo' from heeyah.