Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Shondaland’s Still Star-Crossed‘s Monday run is over after three low-rated outings. 
Starting this coming week, the Romeo & Juliet sequel no longer will air in its assigned Monday time slot. After a break, the ABC series will continue its freshman run on July 8, airing on Saturdays.

I'm sad. But it was bad.  Wasn't it?

The casting was off. The female star didn't look right with the black guy or the white guy.  Something about the men chosen to play her love interests were just wrong -- the black guy and the white guy were both cute but too small in some way. I never could quite put my finger on it.
Starting the series in summer on Mondays was dumb. Not having it follow something like Grey's Anatomy (which already has a following) was dumber still. 

But maybe it was just bad?

I love Shonda

I love Shakespeare
I love Romeo and Juliette

And I still forgot the third episode had come and gone for a week.

So, maybe it was just bad.

Can't win them all. Not even Shonda. 

Something about the colorblind casting just didn't work. I've seen it work before...I think. But this was done too widely. I mean, this is supposed to be a story about two families. And with a period piece you're already working to understand the language, the times, and the customs. And then you add not being able to figure out who is related to who when there are only two families? Really? 

I mean, even when there are all white folks there's some sort of an attempt to do some physical matching with hair or something  -- isn't there?
Maybe not. But I don't remember being this confused in a story about who is related to who before. 

Or maybe it's just that we started in the middle of Romeo and Juliette when there were dozens of characters "already on the stage," all being introduced at once.

Or maybe if you don't have skin colors match when two families are at war, you should have all the men of one family be in one color uniform then have all the men of the other family be in another uniform -- so you know which set of people you're watching.

I knew all the players because I know the play, and my confusion STILL didn't wane until the second episode --where nothing had really happened.

Maybe STILL STAR-CROSSED will save itself in the Saturday time slot? Maybe something will happen that makes the character's interesting.

But maybe it was just bad. Three episodes in and the characters are all saying the same things in the third episode that they were in the first. 

Even so, ABC seems to have given this show the short shrift. A Jimmy Kimmel  special or re-run replaced STILL STAR-CROSSED in the third week. 
So ABC decided the show was a failure by episode two and killed what little momentum it might have had?  
Was it that bad? Was it bad enough to put a Steve Harvey game show on instead of the fourth episode? Is FAMILY FEUD really going to get more ratings if you switch it out last minute? Really?   
That seems like a slap in the face.
Or maybe they extended Shonda all the grace they could. I mean, I don't think THE CATCH is that great. I think it got a time slot where the other shows are carrying it. 

And I think some black folks, like myself, love HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER because so many people of color are in it --even the black extras, black minor characters, and famous black guest stars. But the ratings aren't so great that it seems safe. Viola Davis winning acting awards helps keep it on the air, I'm sure.

In any case, I'm sad STILL STAR-CROSSED is dying on the vine. I really am -- and in less than a month.  I really wish it had been given a chance during the fall when people are gearing up to watch new shows...instead of putting it on in a place where it was almost guaranteed to fail unless it was awesome.

And STILL STAR-CROSSED definitely wasn't awesome.

However, I am going to try to give it some love on Saturday's hoping it manages to pull itself out the hole it's in. I'll be DVR-ing it at the very least.

The Muslim Ban: Did Trump Really Win?

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On Monday, the US Supreme Court partially revived President Donald Trump's revised travel ban, agreeing to hear arguments in October and allowing the administration to suspend travel for some foreign nationals and refugees until it decides the case. Trump immediately took to Twitter to declare triumph, but many travellers he hoped to ban can still enter the US, claiming their own victory.   

And the Court has not reached the merits of the case ...[The Court only made a decision on the Emergency Application]

US Supreme Court agrees to hear Trump Muslim ban case [later in the year.] Until the Court issues its final decision, the ban "may not be enforced against foreign nationals who have a credible claim of a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States". That connection would allow those with familial ties and students and employees to enter....

Trump claimed the travel ban was a temporary pause necessary to allow his administration time to review its internal procedures and develop "extreme vetting" protocols without the burden of processing ongoing travel applications. But Trump's national security urgency is belied by his administration's delays in developing the safeguards whose absence it claims imperils the country and justifies the ban.

White Supremacy got a 1/2 to 3/4 point win yesterday. Or maybe they scored a full point. It depends on how badly the partial decision is implemented.

The Emergency Application of the MUSLIM BAN will likely take effect on June 29th.  It seems the most clear effect will be that refugees will not be allowed into the country temporarily. How the people who enforce our borders interpret and enforce keeping out those that don't have a "bonafide relationship" to the United States remains to be seen.

Sounds messy, as usual. And I think it's rather ironic that refugees are being blocked as the United States is threatening to create more refugees in Syria.  

Apparently, there's some sort of wind up toward another gas attack like the one in April. Trump is threatening to respond. If he bombs another airport and misses the runway again, there COULD be more people in Syria trying to get out....a.k.a. more refugees.  
It takes a lot of damn nerve to have created ISIS (by bombing Iraq) then refuse to help mop up the outcome by taking in refugees.
I'm not sure how much of a protest there will be in response to MUSLIM BAN this time. The big companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook....they all got what they wanted. The people they wanted to be able to move freely in and out of the country are safe. 

We're about to see how many people care about ethnoracism now that the money-folk may be mostly out of the debate.

There may not be much of a protest come June 29th. But, I'm glad I'm not going to be in an airport within the next week. 

Monday, June 26, 2017


"U.S. District Judge E. Richard Webber....ordered the settlement agreement sealed, writing that its disclosure "could jeopardize the safety of individuals involved in this matter, whether as witnesses, parties, or investigators," the newspaper reported."

In case you missed this news from a few months back:

The Ferguson police were very selective about which part of the store surveillance video they showed the public.
You remember the video right? The one where they showed Mike Brown shoving a man that grabbed him, turned out to be the person running the store. Well, Brown was at the store hours before that more "damning" piece of video that the Ferguson police called a "strong arm robbery.

This new section of the same video makes it look like Brown might have been retrieving something that was ALREADY HIS.  
This, in turn, might mean that the older gentleman who grabbed Brown hours later -- during what the Ferguson police called a "strong arm robbery-- didn't understand what was going on.  
And if it was a misunderstanding, maybe this is why the store owner never called the police; a customer in the store called the police about the incident in the store.  

Now lets go back and remember the sequence in which the information about Mike Brown's murder was revealed

When I first heard of Mike Brown's shooting, Wilson had stopped Brown and his companion because of jay walking.
Then when the incident started getting national attention and therefore national heat, then the Ferguson police said Wilson stopped Brown because he matched the description of the "strong arm robber."
Then when it started looking like Wilson couldn't have known about the incident in the store before he stopped Brown and killed him, that's when the crazy n-word story starts to take shape.
Wilson didn't give his official statement, as far as I know, until after the autopsy. Was he waiting for the autopsy results to come back to see if any of the bullets hit Brown in the back? Was he waiting to see if he'd blown a hole in Brown's raised hands?  
Wilson was panicked by the big black demon, remember? He probably didn't know where he hit Brown at all.
 When the strong arm robbery story gets wobbly -likely because Wilson didn't know about the robbery when he killed Brown- that's when white Ferguson law enforcement starts with the crazy n**ger story 
You remember the crazy n-word story right?
In the racist white mind, if a person is black and also willing to snatch cigarillos in broad daylight they must be crazy violent enough to reach down into a cops car grab his gun for no reason.
That's why holding back that other piece of surveillance tape was important. The trumped up robbery story makes the crazy n-word story work for a wider variety of white folks.

No matter which way you turn Mike Brown's death was a murder.

In my opinion, hiding a part of the surveillance video was white law enforcement helping make Wilson's ridiculous story more solid. And now we have a judge ordering 1.5 million dollar settlement sealed when such settlements aren't usually sealed ...so as to protect all the lying white supremacists that helped Wilson get away with murder, maybe?



Saturday, June 24, 2017


Charleena Lyles called police because she thought somebody broke into her home. Mentally ill and pregnant, police shot and killed her in a home full of children. Police are, once again, stating that they were just defending themselves.

According to her family and police records, Ms. Lyles wrestled with significant mental health issues. An audiotape reveals officers discussing her police and mental health history immediately before the shooting. 
Seattle Police Department officers had been called to her residence more than 20 times before this Sunday, with mental illness often figuring in those encounters. 
The department had placed an officer caution on her address for this reason, meaning officers should be on alert for dangerous behavior from her. 
When I was a kid in grade school, the teacher told us what policemen did for a living. One of the things the white teacher said is "The policeman is  your friend." Having seen footage of police with black civil rights protesters, I knew the policeman was not MY friend.

But when I was little I thought it was the old people with old views that were bad. I thought my generation was going to be so much better because we saw each other day to day and knew each other. That was before I realized that little white Suzie and I could be looking at the very same event at the very same time and be seeing totally different things. 

I cried because I saw innocent people peaceful requesting their rights as U.S. citizens being attacked by white police officers. Little white Suzie cried right beside me wondering why black people won't behave so they won't have to be treated so harshly.

I was in my teens before I realized two people could be sitting side by side and crying over having witnessed two totally different things.

Before I realized little white Suzie was seeing life very differently than I was, all occupations were open to me -- princess, doctor, lawyer, superhero. I had an endless list. Things dropped off as I got older.

When I was a little older and saw a television news report where a police officer followed a suspect into a dark alley, I knew my being a police officer was out of the question. 

There was no way I was going to risk my life in such a direct way for strangers
I realize now that I had no idea that there were a bunch of little white boys sitting all around me thinking something totally different. Such as:  
1) 'I'm going to become a police officer and protect the public. 
'2) 'I'm going to save my own life first before I do anything else...'especially if the person I'm supposed to protect is not of my own tribe.

Cops, mostly white, have been making choice 2 be made over and over again. 

This is why Philando Castile is dead.

I'm not exactly sure this is why Charleena Lyles is dead. But I feel certain that a lack of empathy born of lack of concern for those not of my tribe is at the root.

The shift away from hospital treatment of mental illness was not matched by an offsetting commitment to fund the health care people needed to live on the outside. Medicaid reimbursement rates are so low that it is difficult to find providers who will accept it....  
African-American[s] are at least as likely as white people to experience mental health distress but are half as likely to receive mental health treatment. This helps to explain why it’s easy to recall other high-profile cases of police use of deadly force involving black victims with documented histories of mental illness....
I'm sick and tired of white run newspapers trying to tell us that police officers are simply untrained when it comes to the mentally ill. This may be true. But so what? This is less than 33% of the story most days. 

Charleena Lyles didn't wind up encountering police because her out-of-control behavior drew them when she died. She called the police for help. She called them over and over again for help. 

Maybe something inside her knew she needed help

  • Two Seattle police officers went to an apartment police had been to 20 times before. 
  • Charleena Lyles was known to be mentally ill, so 
  • The Seattle Police marked her address in their system so that police officers would know to expect dangerous behavior from her  

In other words, the local police department marked her address so as to know they should protect themselves but they didn't do it. They put themselves in a situation where they didn't search her, couldn't get back to the door and get out of her space, and wound up shooting their way out --past a small pregnant woman with a knife.

Hard to imagine this happening to say...Charlize Theron, isn't it?

  • If you know a person is mentally ill before you get there, then you know you are going to have to take special precautions to stop her from escalating things --even if you haven't had training to know exactly how to do that.  
  • If you know a person is mentally ill before you get there, then you know that you may wind up having the protect that person from themselves AND yourself too
Police had been to Lyles' home just two weeks before, on June 5th. A police officer had to talk her into giving up a pair of scissors she was using to threaten them.  

The police report of Lyles' June 5 arrest states that she allegedly threatened two police officers with “a pair of extra-long metal shears” while they responded to a domestic violence call she made at her home. The report, written by responding officer Davidson Lim, says both officers were "eight to ten" feet away from Lyles, who was sitting on a couch, and had their weapons drawn to the “low ready position” when he arrived. The suspect, allegedly a former partner of Lyles, according to her lawyer, had already fled. Lyles allegedly told the two officers that they would not be able to leave the room.
At one point, her 4-year-old daughter climbed into her lap. During this time, Lyles allegedly made statements about turning into a wolf and cloning her daughter. Lim says he eventually convinced Lyles to drop the shears and called her family, who later arrived. He arrested her and took her to the King County jail. 
“After talking with Lyles' family, we learned that Lyles has experienced a recent sudden and rapid decline in her mental health,” Lim wrote...
Lyles was talking about turning into a wolf and cloning her daughter. 

1) So how did Lyles still have custody of her children? (Was it just about the money? Not enough medicaid money to put her in a mental health facility where she belongs? Even so, what about her children?) 
This is a sign of total lack of concern for black bodies all by itself. And it's just luck one of the children wasn't shot.
2) And why would an ordinary person, much less a cop, let someone who is mentally ill get between him and the door without searching her -- especially if that mentally ill person had to be talked out of scissors the week before?
The police caution as to be on the look out for dangerous behavior should have stopped this from happening all by itself. 

I think they key to understanding police officers killing the mentally ill is to understand the mindset of the police officer once he reaches a black neighborhood. 

Believe people's actions not their words. 

These police officers are behaving as if protecting their own lives is first and only priority --whenever they encounter a black person. 

- Charleena Lyle
- Philando Castile
- Miriam Carey 

Cowardice born of anti-black stereotypes is the the other 2/3rds of picture when it comes to unintentional murder of black people. The other 1/3 discussed before, the lack of formal training to handle the mentally ill, is compromised further by callousness. 


Seattle Police Flack Talks 

About the Charleena Lyles Shooting 

While Playing Video Games

Incompetence is always made worse by a callous lack of empathy.  And some of that callousness is based on racism and likely classism too. 
For example, do you really believe this "police officers aren't trained" bullsh** would fly if Paris Hilton wound up dead on a the floor because she got high and picked up a kitchen knife...much less is she has some sort of psychological break down?
If you do believe cops would treat Paris Hilton the same way as they treated Charleena Lyles, please do recall that Charlie Sheen was running his white ass around with a machete in public when he was out of control and stoned. The police were called and they did not shoot him.

Things may have gone down exactly the way the Seattle Officers said it did. But they didn't use the precautions they should have to avoid having to shoot a mentally ill pregnant woman who was with her children at the time. 

And if white folks really cared about somebody aside from themselves and their money, in the form of tax dollars, Lyles would have been committed to a mental hospital on June 5th -- two weeks before cops trapped themselves in a mentally ill woman's apartment and wound up having to shoot their way out. 
Despite repeated previous mental health referrals and the involvement of Child Protective Services, she was alone with her children on Sunday, in distress and with nowhere to turn but 911. 
Ms. Lyles’s situation is not unique. People with untreated mental illnesses are disproportionately likely to attract police attention. The combination of mental illness, racial segregation and poverty is particularly likely to result in police contact, often leading to arrest. In fact, a 2006 Bureau of Justice Statistics study revealed that 24 percent of state prisoners report a history of mental illness... 
What changed over the past half-century is that the United States has seen a stunning decline in resources devoted to public mental health — during the same time the nation adopted mass incarceration
Bullets first and sorrow later is reserved for the mentally ill when bodies are black, especially black female bodies.

We know what happened to Charleena Lyles, give or take a few specifics. Cop just think it was justified when it wasn't. The shooting being justifiable is what we're arguing about. 

These cold-hearted bast*rds, unable to see black people as human, are actually arguing about Lyles being at fault because she filed a false police report...when she thought she turned into a wolf two weeks back.

Charleena Lyles kept calling police because she needed help and attention. She didn't get it. 

So what we're truly arguing about, what we're protesting, is the same thing as always: Black Lives DO Matter. 

Friday, June 23, 2017


Well, maybe not half of medicaid. But the part of medicaid that has zero to do with Obamacare is on the chopping block too.

I don't know why republicans don't just come out and say it: "We, the CEO class, making 300x more in than you per year want you to die ten seconds after your value as a worker bee is done. No medicaid for you."

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REPEAL OBAMACARE TAX INCREASES ON THE WELL TO DO: Much like the House version, the Senate would do away with things like Obamacare 3.8% tax on investment income on people earning an annual income above $200,000...For instance, Republican megadonor and casino magnate Sheldon Adelson could have his 2017 tax bill cut by roughly $44 million.

MAKE FEWER PEOPLE ELIGIBLE FOR MEDICAID:   Obamacare's Medicaid expansion, which extended the program to those making 100% to 138% of the federal poverty limit, would be phased out over four years. 90%...millions now on medicaid would be gradually become ineligble for medicaid.

PUT SPENDING CAPS ON MEDICAID: The Senate bill retains the House's per capita cap for federal Medicaid spending. After 2025, however, growth in spending would shift from the consumer price index for medical care TO the CPI for all goods [--an LESS related index that was chosen simply because it goes up a lot slower than healthcare costs. The gap between healthcare costs and healthcare coverage by medicaid would get bigger and bigger every year....until medicaid doesn't cover anything health insurers are willing to pay for --effectively destroying medicaid?] 

STATES CAN ADD MEDICAID WORK REQUIREMENTS:  A state can demand that people maintain employment in order for a person to receive Medicaid... it also gives a significant amount of leeway to states to define what counts as work and for how long someone has to hold a job. 

TAX CREDITS Anyone earning up to 350% of the poverty level eligible for credits; Obamacare caps that at 400%.  It would, however, adjust the credits so they were less generous as a person aged.
FEDERAL MONEY FOR SUBSIDIES: The bill would allocate money for cost-sharing subsidies through 2019. These payments offset the costs for insurers to offer low-income Americans plans with smaller out-of-pocket costs. The uncertainty around these payments has led to instability in the individual insurance market ---This should reassure insurers desperate for guidance ahead of the 2018 plan year and could bring down premium increases for next year's individual insurance market.
STATES CAN OPT OUT OF OBAMACARE ESSENTIAL BENEFITS which mandate that all plans must cover 10 basic types of care....The Senate bill, [as compared to the House Bill,] would not allow states to repeal community rating, the provision mandating that all people of the same age in the same area be charged the same amount. 

Read More  http://www.businessinsider.com/senate-healthcare-bill-trumpcare-ahca-details-2017-6



Dean Heller Becomes the Fifth GOP Senator to Oppose Health Care Bill

Heller is the only Republican senator up for re-election in 2018 in a state that Trump lost, making him one of the most vulnerable Republicans in the next election. More than 600,000 people in Nevada are on Medicaid, including disabled and low-income children.

Remember, Senate Republicans can only lose two Senators and still get the 50 votes they need to pass the latest REPEAL AND REPLACE abomination



A Quote On Blacks And Patriotism

I think African-Americans have a very convoluted relationship with patriotism. The fact is, we essentially were the abused child. We still love the parent, but you can’t overlook the fact that we have a very convoluted relationship with the parent.

...The Oscar-winning actor got real about his experience as an African-American in America. An experience that has included racial profiling since he was as young as 10 years old to being celebrated by white America after starring in Moonlight.

 “When suddenly you go from being followed in Barneys to being fawned over, it will mess with your head.”


Mahershala Ali in

Thursday, June 22, 2017



"What changed was the importance of identity. Attitudes toward immigration, toward black Americans, and toward Muslims were more correlated with voting Republican in 2016 than in 2012.
Put a little differently, Barack Obama won re-election with the support of voters who held negative views toward blacks, Muslims, and immigrants.
Sides notes that “37 percent of white Obama voters had a less favorable attitude toward Muslims” while 33 percent said “illegal immigrants” were “mostly a drain.” A separate analysis made late last year by political scientist Michael Tesler (and unrelated to the Voter Study Group) finds that 20 to 25 percent of white Obama voters opposed interracial dating, a decent enough proxy for racial prejudice.
Not all of this occurred during the 2016 campaign—a number of white Obama voters shifted to the GOP in the years following his re-election. Nonetheless, writes Sides, “the political consequences in 2016 were the same: a segment of white Democrats with less favorable attitudes toward these ethnic and religious minorities were potential or actual Trump voters.” "

Like a friend of mine recently said,

A white person marrying a person of race X
does not make them free of bigotry toward race X
That's like expecting men to be free of sexism
just because they have daughters they love. The same, for damn sure, holds true for white voters who voted for Barack Obama.
I never, for even one minute, thought the white folks that voted for President Obama were free of anti-black racism

I think most people of color --of the darker persuasion-- think this idea is laughable.

Nice to see the racism in Obama voters explained along side a study though. Maybe white folks will come to see how obvious this should have been from the start.
Trust me. It's a problem that white democrats don't see this. White democrats are only focused on moving white voters to the left when that is not where the power is. Waking up people of color voters is how you get your candidates in office.
This is rather important because the white voters, like most voters, have made up their minds long before any political advertising gets to them. In the Trump age of successful race-baiting, white folks (and some pale POCs) are either for or against white supremacy AND/OR for or against one-percenter supremacy. To me this means there is nothing to be lost in a candidate's going hard for black and brown votes -- which I haven't seen a democratic candidate do this year. Have you? Since white folks can't seem to grasp this concept, it means we need a change in leadership. Our leadership needs to be two decades younger for sure, but I say what we need most is a black and brown led party with 1/3 of white folks bringing up the rear. White folks cannot lead the left because they cannot see, hear, or think clearly when it comes to white supremacy in their family, friends, and neighbors.

So all is not lost. As I recall 37% of white people voted for Trump. If we can keep a third (33%) of white people while solidifying the people of color vote we can keep the republicans out of office and form a better party on the left. Decreasing black men who voted for Trump (13%) to near where black women were (4%) is important. But fixing the Latino vote, especially the Latino male vote for Trump (33%) is critical and kinda...well...scary. That latter number has to be fixed. I don't give a crap who feels what about whom either. Black women couldn't half-stand freaking Hillary. We got over our feels and, to the tune of 94%, voted to keep Cheeto Satan out of office ANYWAY. Everybody else needs to step up.


Obama won lots of votes 

from racially prejudiced whites 

(and some of them supported Trump)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Whiteness is Bulletproof

"One of the greatest advantages of being white in America (besides walking, driving and living anywhere you want without the threat of being stopped, harassed, cast out or noticed because you don’t belong) is that whiteness gets to exist in the singular tense.... 
Being white means you don’t have to automatically bear the weight of a skin color, a religion or an ethnicity. White people aren’t automatically assumed to be gangbangers, hood niggas or jihadists. They always get the benefit of the doubt; therefore, when white people do something heinous, the world begins a frantic, desperate search for a valid explanation of [that individuals singular] actions....
When whiteness shoots up a school, it must have been the violent video games. When whiteness opens fire in a movie theater, it must mean the person was off his medication. When whiteness goes ballistic on a college campus, they will discover how many days since the shooter saw his therapist, because it must be something that causes whiteness to explode.

It must be the cable news. It must be “affluenza.” It must be trouble at home. It must be political rhetoric. It must be gun laws. It must be the National Rifle Association. It must be the mental-health system. It must be a lack of attention. It must be the divorce. It must be his childhood. It must be bullying. Because whiteness is logical. Whiteness is never evil. 
Whiteness is never just plain crazy [for no reason]
Whiteness is bulletproof"

White people don't think of black and brown individuals taking singular action. They are pieces of a group acting out that group's pathology.

"That’s why it’s believable to white people that 17-year old Trayvon Martin would [attack someone sans provocation] who weighed 50 pounds more than he did and was carrying a gun.
It’s why virtually [no-white-body finds it damn near impossible to believe] that Michael Brown just willy-nilly decided to reach inside a squad car and grab a police officer’s gun. .. " 

I don't know what's wrong with me sometimes. 

I honestly thought I was going to find some main stream news information on the radicalization of James T Hodgkinson, a white man who was volunteer for Bernie Sanders once. But there's virtually nothing online about the twisted reasoning that led Hodgkinson to create a hit list full of republicans that were members of the ??House Freedom Caucus of the republican party.

Not only has the predominantly white press failed to be curious about his motivations --not nearly as curious as they've been about Omar Mateen, the Pulse Nightclub Shooter. There isn't even any decent speculation in mainstream news. White people in the press are simply aghast that Hodgkinson seemed "so normal"

...or 'so just like white me.' They want there to be some signal that a person is likely to just pop off and start shooting people. Me thinks the liberal white press is almost as comfortable with racial profiling as the right. They just like coming off as sympathetic to those they think of as coming from a broken culture.  

The "so normal" comments coming from the white media reveals an ugly truth in itself though. 

Hodgkinson had domestic violence problems. The only reason he didn't go to jail is because a foster daughter refused to testify. 
So white people saying he's "so normal" means domestic violence leaves a white man in the "normal" category, right?  
Is that white people have failed to connect those police officers who have domestic violence issues at home as the ones likely to fail to control violent tendencies on the street too?
Believe it or not, I was thinking the white dominated press was going to be curious enough to find out what Bill Euille, a black former mayor Alexandria found to talk about every day for a month before he tried to kill  Congressman Steve Scalise.
But the investigation into what made Hodgkinson tick have been superficial at best. 

James T Hodgkinson and Mayor Bill Euille

Hodgkinson's beliefs have been expressed as anti-Trump posts and once worked for Bernie Sanders and that's it. I mean, think of how much more we THINK we know about each Muslim terrorist as opposed to this white terrorist?
I mean, it has not been made exceptionally obvious that Hodgkinson was a bible thumping Christian, atheist or agnostic. Mainstream news haven't even taken a little bit of information over here and little bit of information over that made up layered theories about his "twisted" beliefs.

When one of your own has his cheese slide of the cracker, you label him as just one individual 

But what if one of the things burning inside Hodgkinson's unbalanced brain and heart had to do with being humiliated by other white people being so racist?

Not that I've heard anything like this about Hodgkinson. But I've met white people, especially young white people, that are humiliated to the point of wanting to be violent when they find out the parents, friends, and lovers they though of as "good people" harbor deep feelings of white supremacy. 

This very white behavior is lightly touched on in the movie GET OUT. Director Jordan Peele shows the white woman getting worked up and excited about some non-deadly white supremacy exhibited by a police officer.  Her outrage is muted by the black boyfriend's amusement.   
In real life this humiliated-outraged that white folks let erupt in the shadow of a newfound knowledge that white racism exists and exists nearby makes a lot of black folks itch. Black folks know that this almost violent anti-racism display means "I'm not like that. I'm one of the good white people."
There were multiple mainstream (white) reports on this man's problems that indicate that his business, his ability to make money, his world was falling apart.

In America that can tear a man psychologically asunder because he feels his fellow man looking down on him. 

Toxic masculinity and Hyper-masculinity in America and Europe say a man is nothing if he can't make money. People, including male people, search for something new to feel strongly about when the basics of life are falling apart.

Maybe he started feeling strongly about politics and working for Bernie Sanders as way to feel like he was contributing to something important.

Maybe he started feeling some kind of way about republicans who seem to hate poor people (a group he'd joined)

Maybe Euille  didn't have to be talking about anything in particular.  

Maybe Euille helping Hodgkinson when his own tribe wasn't might have --in a warped desperate mind-- inspired him to go after the most powerful anti-poor white racists he could think of....

Steve Scalise would have fit the bill

In 2002, Scalise gave a speech to the EURO a.k.a the European American Unity and Rights Organization. And if the name doesn't tell you that this is a premier white supremacist hate group of Louisiana, that should have been identified as such long before 2015 it's links to a certain person should. EURO was created by David Duke, a former Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan.  

When this thrown up in Scalise's face sometime later, he said he didn't remember speaking at EURO and implied that he was confused about the nature of this club. His *I'm confused* claim sounds a lot like cops saying "I was afraid for my life" when they shoot an unarmed somebody that was black.
Last week I kept reading and reading and reading, thinking I would find some clue as to whether or not Hodgkinson un-hinge-ed-ness was linked to Scalise's  one-percenter and white supremacist tendencies. But now I understand that I'm not going to find a thing

Like the author of the article quoted said, white men belong to a demographic that is seen as a group of individuals without a group pathology. Therefore white run news agencies aren't going to look for a pattern or radicalization like they do when someone black or Muslim kills someone. 

Hodgkinson's domestic violence isn't part of a pattern either. In the patriarchal capitalistic society, his brush with the law over violence of the domestic variety is looked at with mild curiosity instead of a sign of someone with violent tendencies.*  

Hodgkinson, as an individual white man who's life was falling apart has been written down as a one-off in less than a week's time. There really aren't going to be any deep think pieces on Chrisitan violence, white violence, atheist violence or anything else.

James T Hodgkinson is one white man who did one bad thing, end of story.

Yeah, whiteness is bulletproof. But it's not the only thing that's bulletproof though. Maleness is too when it combines with enough money

...but not when it's not compromised race in the good ole U.S.A. 

If moneyed maleness weren't sociologically bulletproof as compared to everything else Martha Stewart never would have seen the inside of a jail cell and blackness would have taken Bill Cosby to jail directly to jail without passing go last week.

*Statistics say one in four or five or six women will be a victim of domestic violence at some point in their lives, depending on which study you read. I wonder what the number would be if the statistic focused on the perpetrators instead of the victims.

I wonder what the numbers would be if the statistic read one in six/seven/eight men will be domestically violent at some point in their lives. If we focused on the perpetrator end of things instead of the victim end of things, I wonder if that information could be linked to unprovoked violence by police officers? I wonder if then we'd move on to noticing that most police officers are white? After we re-figure out that domestic violence has no color, I wonder if we'd move on to figuring out that white police officers aren't born in bread boxes marked "police officers" but in white communities where other white people are born.

I wonder if that could bring the negatives of white culture into as much focus as the positives always are?