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Saturday, December 16, 2017


A Tennessee boy's viral video about being bullied inspired celebrities to share messages of love and support. Now questions are being raised about the family over allegations of racism and fake fundraisers.
Keaton Jones, a sixth grade student at Horace Maynard Middle School in Maynardville, tearfully asked his mom why kids bully him as she filmed him. He said his peers poured milk on him and put ham down his clothes.
"Why do you find joy in taking innocent people and finding a way to be mean to them? It's not OK," he said in a video posted Friday. "They make fun of my nose. They call me ugly. They say I have no friends...  People that are different don't need to be criticized about it...." "

In other words, Keaton may have been treated as if he were a little black girl in a predominantly white school in the good ole United States.

Except little black girls don't have white supremacist Daddy in jail and a Mama educating him in the fine art of white denial, idolizing cowards who tried to maintain the slavery that likely kept most of the poor whites that fought for the confederacy as poor as church mice.

These three photos of Keaton and/or his mama, tell Keaton's story

Here's what Keaton's Mom had to say in the facebook post. 
“Dear butt hurt Americans, If you aren’t bleeding, no bones are sticking out & you can breathe, STOP crying! For the love, some folks clearly never picked a switch. And before y’all start talking to me about metaphorical, emotional, financial or historical blood & brokenness, Don’t. Join a group.”
This from a mother whose son went viral because of bullying.
MMA fighter Joe Schilling also posted on Instagram showing a conversation he had with someone claiming to be Kimberly Jones in which she said, “What happened to us whites sticking together and helping one of another against the predator?”
Read More:

The go fund me page was frozen due to the racism accusations last I checked.  And I'm glad.

When I try to feel sorry for Keaton --and I really do have to try-- it is because his mother has increased his life chances of being a jackass in 8 to 10 years once he's an adult -- if he's not one now. 

I have to wonder

...if any black kids go to his school? 
..was Keaton flappin his lips at the black kids at school -- just like his confederate flag-wavin' mama taught him at home? 
..if he is wearing the required confederate t-shirt when he sees the black kids at school?  
And what are the chances that Keaton IS the bully whenever he see's black children at school...and he's calling justifiable retaliation "bullying" now that his butt is the one that's hurt?  

  I truly do hope black kids are giving him what for.. I hope black parents are not teaching their black children to let white supremacy wash over them without challenge because white kids can't help how ignorant their parents are. If black parents are still doing this, we will soon see pictures of Keaton and his one white-racism-ignoring black friend sometime soon.

That black friend will likely be the only one I'll feel sorry for because my sorrow for this little white boy only seems to last seconds at a time. I can't help but think that Keaton seems 90% guaranteed to be a future racist

...if he hasn't been fully indoctrinated already.

When I was a kid they showed us a film at school of white kids my age, 10 or 11 years old, at KKK rally's with burning crosses. Those grinning little white kids, damn near glowing in the dark with blond hair, telling the interviewer behind the camera how proud they are of their superiority.

Some white people I've seen on social media want me to be nicer or softer in regards to Keaton. But that's because a lot of white people want to think white supremacists spring up whole out of the ground. 

They don't. All of the most horrible white racists you've seen were Keatons at one point. 

When I look at that picture in the middle of the panel, I imagine his all white friends and all white neighbors taking a walk, riding bikes, and driving cars all of them pausing to wave while he and those other kids stand on A FRONT PORCH flying that traitorous / murderous flag that the KKK uses during their marches. 

Their entire white community must be okay with him holding a confederate flag -- a symbol of black enslavement. Or maybe there are a few white people it bothers that don't say anything. And maybe there's one black or brown family that knows better than to say anything.

Mild terrorism, that flag is.

Keaton doesn't have much of a chance to NOT become a card-carrying member of that race-based bullying group called  "racists."

So, I really don't know that I have an obligation to feel sorry for Keaton because 8 years haven't passed yet.

For those who might say, "He's just a kid" all I can say to that is "So was Tamir Rice." 

Keaton hasn't done anything yet. All he has are racist attitudes he doesn't recognize as bad....same as Officer Timothy Loehmann in the hours, days, weeks, and months before he murdered Tamir Rice.

The racist assumptions that white Officer Timothy Loehmann took with him inside his head and heart on the day he murdered Tamir Rice may have been born inside a mother-son relationship not unlike the one you see here between Keaton and his mother. 
However, I wouldn't be surprised if Officer Loehmann was born further north, to parents who taught him the most subtle, covert, love-everybody (while pretending racism doesn't exist) version of white supremacy you've ever seen.
Whichever way you look at it, Loehmann had to have such disregard for black life that he snuffed out the life of a tall 12 year old that he saw standing alone on a playground within seconds of confronting, not having had the time to utter a single word of real warning. 

Loehmann was badly trained and a bad officer. That much was made obvious over time. He tried over and over again to become a police officer before a department took him on. But what is also obvious is that Loehmann's white culture taught him well. He didn't hesitate or ask any questions before killing someone with dark skin....same as the dozens of "good cops" that shot unarmed black people before him

RACIST IDEATION KILLS, even the seemingly mild forms.




Too many black people have died as a result of unacknowledged white supremacy. 

And too many of us have simply lived with it, trying to be gracious to vicious white children because they are "just children."

I don't know if Keaton is vicious (as rumor has it) or if he's an innocent lamb living with vicious adults. But 
I have been on receiving end of white racism from young children while white parents laughed "he's just a kid" I've experienced this when I was a child myself and as an adult too. So have most black people in this country. 

I gave a bitter laugh when I heard black twitter ripped Keaton and his mama a new one the other day. And, I felt a little guilty. But tearing them a new one is as it should be. It's way past time that the "butt-hurt" is on the other ass. 

Keaton's mama responded with the usual white claims of "We're not racists" Read it below if want...if you can stop yawning long enough


P.S. You have no idea how much self-control to NOT petty-pick this boy's appearance apart TOO in face of the likelihood that this is yet one more racism-repeating little white supremacist in the making. No idea.

Friday, December 15, 2017


Tanya Fields said,
 Harriet Tubman would have put a bullet in her and [stepped] over her (Don't believe me just read up on Harriet). I suggest we do the same...figuratively. 

I don't have a thing for her. 

Not one iota. 

I understand that we have to navigate capitalism and racism best we can and that's even trickier for Black women at certain intersections but she wasn't tying to make hard decisions to survive. She took glee in being apart of the destruction that is white supremacy and she thought her participation would exempt her but she's a bed wench (I said what I said and I almost never use that term). 

She thought she had a seat at the table but failed to realize they only needed her to fetch water, wine and place settings, like a good house negress. They wanted her to keep the other negroes in check and it filled them with such excitement when she projected her self loathing and she used a little subjugation, abuse and tyranny to do it.

 And they threw her out kicking and screaming like she was trash. 

It was the literal visual of what this country thinks of Black women collectively. They let her do the dirty work and then discarded her. 

I guess she forgot that this country was built on the (stolen and exploited) labor of Black women. They reminded her pretty Black ass. 

The ancestors want us to have compassion but they also don't want us to be fools. She could go off into obscurity and I wouldn't bat an eye. She is no friend to Black people, she isn't even a friend to herself. I don't wish ill on her but if ill is all she reaps it is just because that is what she sowed. 

I am tired of Black folks especially women welcoming back those who would cut us and our families down without thought for a mere SNIFF of what greedy white folks got in their table. She BEEN left us out there so as far as I'm concerned she's on her own. In short, f*ck her.

Robin Roberts, of all people, said it all on Good Morning America

Thursday, December 14, 2017


Feeling Rebloggy

Hybrid Solar Eclipse over Kenya 
Image Credit & Copyright: Eugen Kamenew (Kamenew Photography)

Explanation: Chasing solar eclipses can cause you to go to the most interesting places and meet the most interesting people. Almost. For example, chasing this eclipse brought this astrophotographer to Kenya in 2013. His contact, a member of the Maasai people, was to pick him up at the airport, show him part of southern Kenya, and even agreed to pose in traditional warrior garb on a hill as the hopefully spectacular eclipse set far in background.
Unfortunately, this contact person died unexpectedly a week before the astrophotographer's arrival, and so he never got to participate in the shoot, nor know that the resulting image went on to win an international award for astrophotography.
Pictured in 2013 from Kenya, the Moon covers much of the Sun during a hybrid eclipse, a rare type of solar eclipse that appears as total from some Earth locations, but annular in others. During the annular part of the eclipse, the Moon was too far from the Earth to block the entire Sun. Next month a total solar eclipse will cross the USA.





* * * * *
I'm not exaggerating (yet)
not even a little bit

1)  Report: Omarosa Dragged From White House by Security 


 Omarosa tripped White House alarms after being fired: report


(December 2016)

* * * * * * * * *
Commercial Break For A Definition
* * * * * * * * *


December 13 2017 Weave Snatched by Kelly's goons, 
Omarosa cries, calls out for Daddy Trump

Like she doesn't know that man can barely write his name


(November 2016)

Having aligned herself with Trump, Omarosa cries
 after being "abandoned" 
by black friends
(including one erst-while bridesmaid)

* * * * * *


Omarosa shuffling off to Buffalo, NY


WORK FOR WHITE SUPREMACISTS matter how much money and/or power one thinks is in the offing. 


"Bye Felicia" shall now be used interchangeably with "Bye Omarosa"

Wednesday, December 13, 2017





Black voter turn out in Alabama was off the hook. Upwards of 70 percent of black voters turned out to stomp Roy Moore to dust and hand Doug Jones the win in Alabama. 

And out of all black voters that showed up to vote, near 94% of black men went for Jones while black women went all out -- same as during the presidential election-- with 97 to 98% of black women voting for Jones.

Early polls, numbers will change...
In other words, black women showed up and showed out...AGAIN. But this time we won. Alabama black women kicked Moore's white supremacist child molesting @$$ to the curb.

And black folks won that race for Alabama despite Roy Moore and his wife dropping two fairly major white supremacy shells trying to rally his white supremacist based in the last two days. 

Somebody pulled out a 2011 video where Moore said all the constitutional amendments after the 10th should be scrapped --- which would include the 13th Amendment that freed slaves and the 19th Amendment which gave women the right to vote. 

Then, yesterday, that jackal showed up at the polling station, on his horse Sassy, to vote for himself. 

And he still lost

headline from the zero chill New York Daily News

My stomach hurts. I've been laughing so hard. So hard. The memes I've seen have been so funny.

Most important though? Trump's endorsement lost. Not only did Roy Moore loose, Trump endorsed Luther Strange to run for the Senate seat over Moore in the first place -- and Strange lost.

It has now been established that Trump is not all powerful with white people. 
Then again, it has been established he is still very powerful with the majority of white people. More than 2/3rds of white people voted for Moore, a man who preyed on young girls in school when he was in his thirties.
I'm reading only 55% of the white electorate showed up to vote - but I think that's in the normal zone of 55 to 65 percent turn out.  Black voter turn out at 72 percent, if that's the right number is correct, is simply high.
Black people in the U.S. have just proven that we only need one-third of white voters to overcome white supremacist voter. We just did it in a very, very conservative, ex-confederate state.     
I've been preaching this all year --starting a third party led by black and brown people, only needing one-third of white voters--and EVEN I DIDN'T THINK this voting block could win in a deep like Alabama 
This vote should also have proved to us, to us as black people and especially black women, that WE ARE a voting block to be contended with. 
It's going to be interesting to see if the white democrats finally start to understand that we do not need win over the white Trumpthuglicans. We need to out vote them. And for that we need high black and brown voter turn out. 

And in order to have high black and brown voter turn out, we need to "keep hope alive" in our breasts. LOL

It is important to note that Doug Jones got high black and brown voter turn out because, as a prosecutor, he put some KKK demons in jail for crimes during Civil Rights movement. 
Going for the block of someone like Moore is motivation enough for me a lot of days. But it is good and satisfying to reward a candidate, that happens to be white, for demonstrating that he can actually produce results that directly benefit black and brown people, produce results that take aim at reducing white supremacy. 
It will be a good thing for blacks to be DEMANDING of white candidates in the future. As Janet Jackson would sing, "What have you done for me lately?" is the right question for all white candidates...until we can create a black and brown led third party

You know what else left me breathless with laughter and schadenfreude joy last night? 

Jeff Sessions, who Trump pulled from his Alabama senate seat to be Attorney General, was replaced by a democrat --IN ALABAMA-- where that wasn't supposed to be possible. And now Trump can't stand Jeff Sessions because Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation.|

And that alt-Right loser Bannon was behind Moore, got him on the republican ticket instead of Trump's first choice, Luther Strange. And Moore LOST!!! HAAA!
So now Bannon's getting trounced by members of his own party --who knew Bannon went too damn far a long time ago. The status-quo republicans know perfectly doggone well they have to keep their white supremacy at dog whistle level.  But now Bannon has trapped them with the alt-Right overt racism....and a voting base that CRAVES MORE overt white supremacy.

But the most important thing that happened is this: 

The Senate is now split 51 to 49. This means Obamacare is a little safer than it was. This means the runaway train that was the republicans has been slowed down a little. The republicans can only lose one republican on any given vote.

The republicans have to worried about what's going to happen to them in the 2018 midterm elections. But that'll wait.

For now, I'm just waiting for McTwitterwits next few tweets. 

Maybe the U.S. isn't going to crash and burn after all. 



Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Warning: Graphic Language

Keri Claussen Khalighi has accused Russell Simmons of raping her 26 years ago when she was 17 years old. Also present was Brett Ratner, the director that's already been accused by 10 women of sexual harassment/ assault and general foulness by a host of others. 
Twenty-six years ago, when the girl realized she was in trouble because she was alone with a sexually aggressive Simmons, she looked over at Ratner. 
"In that moment, the realization fell on me that they were in it together."
Keri Claussen Khalighi

Russell Simmons responded to these accusations by saying  said that their sexual contact  --the rape Claussen Khalighi describe-- was not rape but "consensual." 
Brett Ratner, who was also there, has basically claimed he didn't remember anything out of the ordinary going on. In Simmons non-apologetic apology, he indicated said he wanted people to know that he's in a grow process as a human being 

He's in a growth that he's an old man without a hair-trigger dick that doesn't get up and go like it used to?

Only problem with this little apology is that this girl was 17 years old and unable to give consent.

That's called statutory rape



As you may be able to tell, I've never been a fan of Russell Simmons. It became apparent early on that he's yet one more black man using a paperbag test to choose his romantic partners. Later, it became apparent that the light women were stepping stones to white women similar to some other black men in Hollywood and sports that I won't name.

This is important to me because anybody who is only supportive of  half the race (black men) 
is a burden the entire black race cannot afford.

When he put together a video where he suggest Harriett Tubman had sex with white masters to get slaves free --as a joke. Some joke. When I see a black man suggest that Frederick Douglass got down on his knees and gave oral sex to white men in order to get black folks free, I might believe a joke was the intention instead of the intentional degradation of a black female icon.

Open warfare misogyny is always called a joke  
when the joker gets called out

same as

Open warfare white racism is always called a joke 
when the joker gets called out

But you know what? I am just as conditioned as my sisters. I can't stand Simmons. I mean, he makes me a little sick to my stomach for decades now. Yet, when that Harriet Tubman video came out --mad as I was-- I still tried to look for information that might exonerate him first. 

This is why I started reading about Simmons case with the understanding that this sexual harassment scandal that's moving from Hollywood to Washington D.C. is about the abuse of power, toxic masculinity, and also whiteness gives (gave) white men a feeling of invincibility.  Women, people of color, and men of color, mostly don't have enough power to demand access to disembodied genitals, all the tits and ass they can handle as a reward for getting rich -- just like so many American television shows, movies, books, magazines suggest men should get.

No matter how linked power is to whiteness in this country, that does not mean I ever thought black men were not capable of abusing women in the same way as white men. I know toxic masculinity works for them just like it does for white men...just not as often and not as thoroughly.  My mistake was in thinking that there might be so few black men with Harry Weinstein level power that it might not be possible for black men to abuse their power in  so large and bold a fashion 


In other words, I didn't think a black man  --sans an uncontrollable-- rape fetish wouldn't be stupid enough to step off into the sexual blackmail business that is sexual harassment sans whiteness as a shield.

My bad.

When you think your money makes you superman, I guess you are that stupid.

Deep down, I have to admit, I did not want a black man to be guilty of this. So despite the colorism, mysgynoir, and elitism Simmons had already shown, I was actually resistant to the idea that he might have done this....instead of thinking the original, single, rape accusation was likely given his character. 

But once I knew Ratner was involved --before I read one entire article on the two of them together-- I knew Russell Simmons was likely headed into the completely and permanently cancelled zone. 


Ratner’s introduction to a 2005 book,
“Def Jam, Inc.” by Stacy Gueraseva, 

acknowledged that their relationship 
was “initially based on 
our mutual admiration for beautiful women.”

The men would go clubbing in Simmons’ Cadillac limo, partying all night and into the next day. At the time, Simmons was a power player in New York who helped turn hip-hop into a mainstream business and cultural force with the release of records by Public Enemy, the Beastie Boys and LL Cool J. Simmons also has founded clothing labels including Phat Farm — once a staple of the hip-hop scene — and created HBO’s “Def Comedy Jam,” which has launched the careers of many black stand-ups. 

Admiration — and success — were not the only things Ratner and Simmons allegedly shared. In a 2005 Playboy article about Simmons’ reformed ways, magazine writer TourĂ© described a 1994 incident in which he met Simmons for an interview at a cafe below the music mogul’s apartment. When Ratner showed up a little while later, Simmons disappeared for half an hour without explanation. TourĂ© wrote that he later learned that Simmons "had gone up to his place and had sex with a sumptuous model whom Ratner had just finished with."
The pair’s conduct together has also been scrutinized by authorities. In 2001, a woman told Beverly Hills police that she was held against her will at Ratner’s mansion, Hilhaven Lodge, “by two males who both unlawfully touched her,” Lt. Elisabeth Albanese told The Times this month.
The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office declined to file criminal charges against Ratner and Simmons due to insufficient evidence.


Now that I've read these articles, I'm more than done. I'm actually hoping he's arrested and put in prison. The other woman he assaulted with 10 time offender Ratner actually went to the police. Furthermore, Simmons supposedly wrote Terry Crews and asked him to forgive the white man that grabbed his genitals. 

And now Crews attacker, Adam Venit, has gone back to his job


Monday, December 11, 2017


Republicans give unnecessary tax cut to the richest and blow up the deficit. Will then say they are deficit conscious and try to cut Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, health care; ruining middle class lives. Remember this-get rid of them in 2018 election  ~ reportedly an ERIC HOLDER TWEET

We all knew this was coming. But the ink isn't even dry on the republican cut taxes for the rich plan yet.