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Monday, August 21, 2017


Yes, I'm talking about TrumpleRacistSkin

This is the usual order of events

1) Trump feels bad about himself

2) Trump sets up a rally so white people will cheer for him

3) Trump feels better about himself
But will it work this time?

Arizona has a reputation for being super white though it may be that Phoenix is not. 

And the whites are powerful and ugly there. This is the home of Joe Arpaio, racial profiler of "illegal immigrants" no matter what the court says -- which is why he's due to go to jail...unless Trump pardons him.

Arizona is the home of Jan Brewster, shake her m**** f**** finger in then President Obama's face.

Arizona is the home of remove the books by Latino "radicals" because from schools because they are getting the brown folk too riled up.

Dems in Arizona are scared of what will happen, post-Charlottesville, of what will happen if Trump follows through on pardoning that freaking ethnoracist Arpaio 

....because I'm sure Chucklehead McTwitterwit was on track to do just that, pardon Arpaio....until Charlottesville.

Question is will Chucklehead still do it?

I'm thinking he will. I'm thinking his penis feels small right now. I have been able to expound on my thoughts but I think white supremacy is usually white male driven version of toxic masculinity and alt-Right is the latest manifestation of that.

Trump oozes toxic masculinity all the time, nearly every time he speaks. That master of the universe white supremacy speech is always undergirded by "I AM THE BIG DOG IN HERE."

Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer sounds the same way too, every single time I've heard him talk. 

Neither one of them can probably satisfy a woman for very long.

Most of the white cop on black men interactions --the male end of Black Lives Matter issues-- are about proving who is the bigger man too. And the leading edge of white supremacy, cops, are winning that fight hands down because they have the weight of the law behind them.

So I think Trump will step out in front of everyone and pardon Joe Arpaio to prove his manhood hasn't shrunk by an inch after the ass whuppin he's taken over his response to Charlottesville.

I think he will

I'm thinking he's been advised against this.

But I know in my bones he wants to

Will he do it? That's the question.

And if he does what will be he outcome in the very white controlled Arizona, the most western state of the confederacy

I'm never sure with Mexican populations how safe their population feels as opposed to how numerous they are. I can never figure out who is telling the truth about what percentage of them are undocumented and what percentage of the documented have undocumented family members to worry about.

We may see Charlottesville 2.0. We may see nothing at all even if he pardon's Arpaio. But I think the toxic masculinity / white supremacy cocktail inside him is going to come together and cause him to spew barely hidden, racist venom just like he did last week.

General Thinks He's In Charge Of Communications can talk to DJ The Chump until he's blue in the face. But I think this genius will pour gasoline on whatever he decides to do or not do reference Arpaio.


Feeling Rebloggy

That makes Jasmine Jacobs more than one kind of hero. She serves in the military. And now she has served the black community too.



What steps did you take to get the establishment to pay attention to this issue?  
The first thing I did was start the petition on I then reached out to every person with natural hair I could think of on social media, asking them to share the petition or make a statement. From there I sent out press releases to media outlets about the issue. 
The first outlet to pick up my story was Roland Martin. From that interview, it just took on a life of its own from NBC, to John Stewart and the New York Times. I think what helped get the story shared was that it was truly absurd. 
Natural hair was nothing new, so to take a step back during what should’ve been a progressive time really blew people’s minds. The language used in the regulations was incendiary as well, using trigger words like ‘unkempt, matted…’ it was a slap in the face. Once members of Congress got word, things really started happening on a legal level as well....
What was your greatest triumph? Any events in particular that stood out? 
The women of the Congressional Black Caucus wrote a letter to the former Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, calling the regulations offensive and biased, and calling for their overturn. It brought me to tears that these strong, powerful, amazing women of color, took time out of their day to get behind my cause. That was “the moment” for me.

Of course, the best part was when the regulations were, in fact, overturned haha… but having all that black girl magic on my side literally made me sob.

Oh, and being on The Daily Show is right up there too; Jessica Williams is the best.
If you had to do it again, what would you have done differently, if anything? 
I think I would’ve been a little bolder...I wanted change, but I didn’t want to offend anyone too much in the process. I remember how I would purposely veer away from words such as ‘prejudiced’ and ‘ignorant’ because I didn’t want to detract from the mission by giving ammo for an “angry black woman” rhetoric. 
If I did it again though, I probably would’ve just tossed the boat from the beginning and said, “Hey, this is racially biased. It isn’t right, and we need to fix it.”


Sunday, August 20, 2017


...not walking by statues, school names, and monuments 
built to honor those who wanted your ancestors enslaved, tortured into submission, or dead 
on a daily basis 
pretending not to notice 
until you don't notice. not having to train your face 
to not to respond even if something makes you re-notice 
a statue meant to honor someone that would revel at the very thought of the thought of your soul's destruction telling a black or brown friend that you think confederate statues are no big deal and "just a piece of history" and feeling victorious when they silently nod or even agree with you because they're too deep in their denial to be honest. not even hearing the bricks you're stacking, forming a wall between yourself and the rest of the non-white world because "I have a black friend."

History, good and bad, goes in books and museum. And when the evil are mentioned in books and museums their deeds are spelled out so that nobody mistakes them for a hero. 

As Takiyah Thompson said, we need to smash the symbols that give white supremacists power.

Those confederate statues need to be destroyed as do the confederate names on schools --where white supremacy is often taught in the classroom whether or not that school has a confederate zero's name on it.

That HBO series that wants the same white writers who have already made shabby use o brown people in GAME OF THRONES needs to be scrapped because they've already provided enough ambient white supremacy for Alt-Right Nazi's to thrive.

I wouldn't be surprised if GAME OF THRONES has just enough imagery presented in just the right way that it can be twisted into a white supremacists wet dream. 






"Long’s gesture came a day after Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett urged white athletes to get involved.
Bennett, who has been sitting during anthems, said on SportsCenter that that “it would take a white player to really get things changed.”
“It would change the whole conversation,” he added. “Because when you bring somebody who doesn’t have to be a part of [the] conversation making himself vulnerable in front of it, I think when that happens, things will really take a jump.”
After Thursday’s game, Long — a native of Charlottesville, Virginia....
“I’ve said before that I’ll never kneel for an anthem because the flag means something different for everybody in this country, but I support my peers,” Long added. “If you don’t see why you need allies for people that are fighting for equality right now, I don’t think you’ll ever see it… Malcolm is a leader and I’m here to show support as a white athlete.” " 
Read More:
If Long has children right now, they may see him as mildly brave or very brave right now. Who knows? But it will likely be his grandchildren that will find his history heroic because I'm guesstimating that it generally takes 30 to 40 years for white people, as a group, to look back at obvious white supremacy and call the problem "white supremacy"

And that's if they don't erase the white supremacy of the past with "that's just the way it was back then."

Yet, 30 to 40 years from now when he's seen as hero for standing up and away from 98% of his own tribe, that tribal white majority who failed abysmally by not seeing why people of color "are fighting for equality right now" will not be seen as zeros.

And that irks me.

It makes me itch that the old white people running around here right now who failed to be on the right side of the Civil Rights Movement were never identified as "zeros" like they should be. 
And the zeros I'm talking about are not just the Kluxers  and Aryan Nation and such. I'm talking about the zeroes at home who angrily wondered why the black and brown folks were leaving law and order behind and causing a ruckus by participating in a sit-in.
These white zeros represent a significant slice of those who voted for Trump and have been the majority of those who voted for Trump if most them weren't (likely) dead already of old age.

I'm not a sports watching person. I don't know Long at all. And I was reluctant to even imply that Long is a "hero" for basic decency. And that's all I think he's done here -- execute basic decency. But it takes some real courage to pull away from your own demographic, your own tribe, and maybe even portions of your own family.

Pulling away from the normalcy of everyday white supremacy that most white people don't even see due to a fairly deliberate and comfortable apathy is not nothing. That takes courage. That takes a lot of heart. 

And heart is what's missing in 95% of the white folk people in this country.

So I'll call Long "a hero" for now.

And I'll call Michael Bennett "a hero" for now too.

Bennett pulled away from the vast majority of black people --even black women-- by asking for help outside our race. Black folks have been burned so many times by "good" deliberately apathetic white people that we are afraid to trust anyone with our vulnerability. And I do mean "afraid." 

We are afraid of even considering --even CONSIDERING-- for even a moment that we might have a few true allies outside our race.  

A bell tolled announcing a New Civil Rights Movement on the day of THE TRAYVON MARTIN VERDICT when three black feminists named Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi, and Patrisse Cullors created BLACK LIVES MATTER. May there be more white heroes than zeros this time around.


Saturday, August 19, 2017



Though I hope he missed Charlottesville altogether. If he did see Charlottesville I hope he watched a lot more white folks show up for the fight. More importantly,  I hope he watched Trump set his own butt on fire this week. I've been laughing at Trump for days.

I hope Mr. Gregory got a chance to do that too if he had to know about Charlottesville at all.

My grandmothers died a couple of years ago. I was glad they got to see Barack Obama become president. But I'm so fearful the old folks in my family will die with Orange Twitterb*tch in office. I don't want them to die thinking we're going to lose ground all the way back to the 1950s.

I know they won't hang onto it when they pass. But I don't want them to be troubled by the news or the troubles of younger relatives who are worried now.

Mostly, I hope Dick Gregory's last days were peaceful and he didn't see Charlottesville at all. I hope he went peacefully. It seems like he deserved that. He lived a brave life.

From MSN

Mr. Gregory was a breakthrough performer in his appeal to whites — a crossover star, in contrast to veteran black comedians like Redd Foxx, Moms Mabley and Slappy White, whose earthy, pungent humor was mainly confined to black clubs on the so-called chitlin circuit.
Though he clearly seethed over the repression of blacks, he resorted to neither scoldings nor lectures when playing big-time rooms like the Hungry I in San Francisco or the Village Gate in New York. Rather, he won audiences over with wry observations about the country’s racial chasm.
He would plant himself on a stool, the picture of insouciance in a three-button suit and dark tie, dragging slowly on a cigarette, which he used as a punctuation mark. From that perch he would bid America to look in the mirror, and to laugh at itself.
“Segregation is not all bad,” he would say. “Have you ever heard of a collision where the people in the back of the bus got hurt?” Or: “You know the definition of a Southern moderate? That’s a cat that’ll lynch you from a low tree.” Or: “I heard we’ve got lots of black astronauts. Saving them for the first spaceflight to the sun.”
Read More: 

As he got older, he spoke, did interviews. He was an awesome speaker


"Designed by Dale Lamphere and erected in September 2016, the 50-foot stainless steel Dignity statue depicts a Native American woman in Plains-style clothing holding a star quilt behind along her back. The statue looks over the Missouri River in Chamberlain, South Dakota, and represents the courage and wisdom of the Lakota and Dakota people who hail from the area."



Read More:

Heard an internet rumor (unreliable at times) that Solange is the one who paid Takiyah Thompson's bail. 

If you haven't heard Takiyah speak and her approach to pulling that statue down in North Carolina, you should. 

I'll be surprised if  we don't hear from Thompson again. She's a leader. To me she sounds like an ultra-strong, fast-thinking, decisive, soft-spoken, and soft moving leader. 

To me she sounds dangerous to white supremacy.

I guess I'm saying she's a new hero of mine too.


That fake history tweet Trump issued after Barcelona (about bullets and pig blood) is hardly the only bizarro crap the TrumpleThinSkin has been up to this week.

Trump appears to have had his personal lawyer take a pot shot at Black Lives Matter when the backlash started getting heavy after his third set of white racism born Charlottesville comments.  
And, I was actually worried about BLM when I heard this. But then I read the story below: 
Trump's personal lawyer forwarded an e-mail to several news outlets on Tuesday, August 15th 2017 stating Black Lives Matter has been infiltrated by terrorists. 

"...The email’s author, Jerome Almon, runs several websites alleging government conspiracies and arguing that the F.B.I. has been infiltrated by Islamic terrorists. He once unsuccessfully sued the State Department for $900 million over claims of discrimination.
Mr. Almon’s email said that Black Lives Matter, a group that formed to protest the use of force by police against African-Americans, is being directed by terrorists. Mr. Almon blamed the group for deadly violence against police last year in Texas and Louisiana.
The email’s comparison of secessionists to the nation’s Founding Fathers echoes an early Confederate rallying cry, said Judith Giesberg, a Villanova University historian and editor of The Journal of the Civil War Era. Washington’s face appeared on Confederate money, she said, and secessionists were eager to place their rebellion in the context of the American Revolution.
“The first states to secede drew a straight line back to the Revolution,” she said in a telephone interview. “They said they were the inheritors of this revolutionary tradition that traces back to Washington.”


Read More:

A friend of a friend on social media said in response to the headline (and maybe not the story), 
"We'll be in gas chambers inside 4 years." 

Remember this story originally came out on August 15th, before anybody knew there would be any white backlash at all to his last set of Charlottesville comments, much less the collapse of at least four White House Master-Of-The-Universe Councils of Rich Folk Trump set up to run the country like a business.

I was already afraid prior to reading the body of article, prior to realizing his Black Lives Matter infiltration-lie was 10x more half-baked than most of his other fibs.

But my first thought about "we'll all be in gas chambers inside 4 years," despite already being afraid and not knowing the content of the article was, 

"That's ridiculous!" 

But I immediately recoiled from my own internal response. I was talking to myself.
"Wait. Not so fast."
I grew up on the east coast for the most part. The grammar school I went to was between 50% and predominantly Jewish. 
The pale kids were all white to me, very tribal, and sometimes very accurate in their reenactments of their parents racism. I was little though. Memories are faded. But I overheard "Jewish neighborhood" about my school's location so I'm pretty sure the schools I went to were predominantly Jewish.  
I tell you all this in order to explain that a lot of Jewish history has been washed over me during my formative years. And I've been wondering the same thing about the Jews in Hitler's Germany since I was 9 or 10 years old.

Why Didn't They Run?

I was told the answer several times without believing it. The Jewish people in Germany just didn't believe enough in mans inhumanity to man until it was too late.  

I thought I had learned to believe this answer by the time I hit my late teens. But maybe not. I don't think I really believe this answer until this week. 

We aren't even thinking about running. 
Are we?

There are so many black and brown people on social media that seem to think its okay to ignore what's going on in Washington D.C. So many seem to think that white supremacy becoming more overt has nothing to do with the political climate and THAT as nothing to do with Charlottesville, which some are saying is the largest white supremacy rally in decades

Some black and brown folks, especially the young, do not seem to understand that things truly could have -- still can-- if the OVERT white nationalists are not run out of the White House

Emboldened white supremacists can and will organize to kill us more often. The police have been doing it a little at a time already,  jumped up to do it even more often after 2008 in their anger at having a black president (my opinion. I don't think it's an accident white hate groups jumped when he became president).

And Trump has poured gas on that white resentment --with his own birther bullcrap and Alt-Right's help. And now he's in the White Nationalist White Supremacy House. 

This is not a "I don't really follow politics" moment in black history. Our lives literally depend on what's happening now and what can be constructed by these white nationalists/ white supremacists next. 

Some of us who are older might be having a bit of a PTSD reaction. And, I'm not saying I literally believe the gas chambers comment. Furthermore, I don't think the black woman that wrote this comment was doing more than expressing her fear as sarcasm. But I am trying to investigate my own thinking.

I've found that I am afraid. 

I admitted that to myself the other night. I'm not just angry. Sad. I cried. I didn't want to go to work and be anywhere my Breitbart reading supervisor. So I took a mental health day, called in sick.

What I'm doing for myself, other than avoiding her more than usual, is trying to be honest with myself. And part of that is trying to not intellectualize my feelings and my instincts away.  

I am trying very hard to not reject the gift of fear.

And I don't think anybody else should either. 

The Jews were not afraid enough, in the 1930s, until it was too late. That's what I'm reading between the lines.

However, beyond that broad generalization, I can't really figure out what they did "wrong" or if I would have done anything differently than they did.

Everything I've ever read about Hitler confuses me because the man was obviously an imbecile. White people have told me over the decades that the man was an evil genius. I don't see any logic in anything he said (probably because I've never existed as part of a dominant culture or dominant group.) 

And, I'm not using the words like "stupid" to describe Hitler as a put down or as a mild epithet. I'm saying that what I've read about that man suggests that he was an articulate but an obviously stupid person.

Obviously stupid.

Trump is an inarticulate, obviously stupid person who has hired The OG white supremacists that have renamed themselves "alt-Right" so white people who hate can join a white supremacy movement while still feeling too good for the neo-Nazis or the KKK.

"Alt-Right" is nothing more than re-branding. And that re-branding has been successful. I'm not going to help them hide by refusing to acknowledge their new name and by refusing it to put in my list with




And I'm adding Traditionalist Worker Party to the deadly, overt, white supremacist list too. Like alt-Right (and under the umbrella of alt-Right) this group also gets the white supremacy minded to join them when they feel too good to be the KKK and nem.

Kuhn came when Alt-Right called, not neo-Nazis
Alt-Right got themselves into the White House and took over the country. The Supreme Court is likely skewed toward white supremacy for decades to come. Even if Trump should get tired and resign, the alt-Righters have Pence waiting in the wings, a man who is likely a mentally stable, more articulate version of Trump.

Now I'm asking myself if the right question is,

Why don't we run? 

A picture of Tina Turner popped up in my feed like it was magic as I was writing this, got me thinking she might be smarter than the rest of us put together --except that she got out early by going to Switzerland, where I'm pretty sure black folks aren't safe without tons and tons of money. But I DO know why we don't run, anyhow. 

We don't run because this sh*t is ours.

I know that because our blood soaked into the land and holds the ground together to this day. The capital in capitalism that is the foundation of this country came from our free labor. And we've paid in more than free labor and abuse too. Most black and brown folk have dozens if not hundreds of cousins we've never met, that were never born, because so very many of our ancestors were killed by the white supremacists that stole this nation from Native Americans via genocide.  

We ain't running. This is our country, too. Hell, it's our country more.

But Yvette Felarca is quite right. Alt-right is organizing to kill us. As soon as Alt-Right demonstrators found DeAndre Harris relatively alone during their "Unite The Right" rally in Charlottesville, they tried to kill him. And Harris' beating took on video, right next door to a police station.

Right next door. 

Kinda puts the country's biggest police union endorsing Trump in the same ole white supremacist light. Don't it?

I am afraid.

And when I don't feel afraid, don't "feel" my fear, I remind myself  of it. I bring it back to myself that I am afraid by repeating the words "I am afraid" in my head a few times. I accept the gift of fear.  I will work to be brave (which is to move forward despite fear). I will try to write something that might inspire others to act and support one another. 

But I am afraid. 

And you should be afraid too. the black woman who told a group of us that she had racial epithets shouted at her while walking her dog near her home a few days ago. 

I'm trying to keep in prayer another black woman who had racial epithets shouted at her on the subway too because she is afraid.  And, I am also being honest enough to thank God that the white supremacy I endure in a controlled environment since I really don't use public transportation anymore.

I am afraid

I accept the gift of fear.

I accept the gift of agency too

In social science, agency is the capacity of individuals to act independently and to make their own free choices. By contrast, structure is those factors of influence (such as social class, religion, gender, ethnicity, ability, customs, etc.) that determine or limit an agent and his or her decisions. 

People of color have to unite and vote these people out of power. We only need about 1/3 of whites to follow and help form a people of color led political party to crush the white supremacists.

We can do this. We can crush the Cheeto Satan and his Satanettes at the local, state, and federal level. We've already seen black voting groups do it a couple of times when prosecutors didn't prosecute cops that murder.

We can do this

We can accept the gift of fear and ultimately win.  




Read about his white tears about having to move after being outted if you're interested
The overt white supremacists who are deadly to us are inside Alt-Right, and they do not all identify as neo-Nazis. When you say "neo-Nazi" you're leaving a bunch of deadly white supremacists out of the equation.

Furthermore, the fact that "alt-Right" sounds close to "the right" when you say it out loud is appropriate. 

Republican dog whistle racism is a lot of what creates enough ambient white racism for alt-Right to put its new umbrella term in place. 
Again, alt-Right is a way to belong to a white supremacist group without other people recoiling from you because people don't identify "alt-Right" as the same as "KKK" or "neo-Nazi"

...but they should

Now, after Charlottesville, everybody should understand that we need to make a correction to our responses based on the following list. 

  • alt-Right*
  • KKK
  • neo-Nazi
  • Skinhead
Read EXHIBIT A here because Alt Right is still in the White House, post-Bannon

* * * * *

Friday, August 18, 2017


A bill that had passed North Carolina's State House of Representatives but hadn't made it the State Senate froze  after Heather Heyer, who is white, died in Charlottesville

 Drivers would be protected if they exercise “due care” in navigating the street – but still hit protestors.

Hmmm....I will not bother to find it writing that this bill was aimed at absolving white people who hit Black Lives Matter Protesters "by accident"


Won't bother.

I don't have to google-sleuth this out. I already know. The white folks out here in good ole California were talking about doing the same thing.


I also won't ask anybody to wonder 
if ye olde whitened folk of North Carolina 
would have stopped pushing 
that law onto the books 
had white, inbred looking, James Fields 
plowed his car into a huge group 
of mostly dark-skinned 
Black Lives Matter protesters 
instead of a mostly white protest group
which wound up killing a white woman


Won't ask.


I say Bannon.
You say Gone.
You say GONE




Again! Take it from the top!!!


In June 2015, Texas police pulled over Charnesia Corley, a 21-year-old college student at the time, for failing to stop her car and searched her under suspicions that she was carrying marijuana. Then, to her horror, they handcuffed her, body-slammed her, put her head under her car, took her pants off, put her ankles behind her ears, and reached into her vagina.

Texas actually had to pass a law against public body cavity searches without a warrant.

"Without a warrant."

Does that imply police can get that warrant and still do a body cavity search on a woman (while is on the side of the road), proceed to strip search her half naked, then penetrate her?
Do you understand we live in a world where male supremacy lives now? When the cops and judges and congressman are overwhelmingly men, they get to make up rules like this....and go unchallenged for decades.

By the way, how much is two one-hundredths of an ounce? That's what police said they found. And they might have done a Baltimore on her--after all she is black-- with that little amount. But for argument's sake how much marijuana is that?

Half of a cigarette's worth?
The amount that might stick to an eraser if it's wet?  
So how many states other than Texas allow this, and have police that are so bold with this "right" they have to rape and humiliate. And they are so casual with it, that cops actually allow it to be recorded on dashcam video without thinking anything of it.

The article goes on to discuss how this is probably not happening to white women. I'll let you read the links yourself. 

But understand this:

In Texas (and elsewhere) the cops, the judge, the police department, and the grand jury have been participating in the violation of black female bodies for years, decades...

Until 2015,  when they violated one woman too many during a black man's presidency, a black man who is feminist father with black daughters.
None of the white people involved will think they are anything like the white supremacists in Charlottesville. And maybe most of them really aren't.

However, many of the white people involved in this and cases like it have white supremacist ideals. And they have male supremacist ideals too.

Male supremacists, white supremacists all choose the same old targets: The only way roadside cop rapes happen under the cover of public strip searches is if they are happening to people who do not count.

You know perfectly well this wasn't happening to white soccer Mom X (married to while male power that protects her) who is perfectly safe from police abuse while driving in a middle class neighborhood or better, no matter what her car smells like if she's pulled over for a turn signal or a blown stop sign. 

Class, race, and gender are always wrapped around one another like a braid. But the white folk in power who thought roadside rape by cop was okay through 2015 for so long as it's happening to "those people"

And "those people," the people who don't count can probably be described as follows 
1) black women
2) brown women 
3) white sex workers 
4) white women married to black and brown men
There may be the occasional middle class white woman. However, as black and brown women experience a lot more poverty and men tend to abuse those with the least power, it's likely that roadside rape by cop is a women of color issue more than it is an "all women's issue."
I'm guessing, but it seems likely that the only reason Texas made any chances at all in 2015--at this late date -- due to the psychological pressure of having a black president. The real of imagined threat of a federal investigation of their actions during a black president's watch, a feminist father who has daughters, is likely the only thing that made white lawmaker's reel themselves in a little.

Again, I know in my bones that this happened to Corley she's black, young, and looked like she probably couldn't fight back. They must have been surprised she showed up with an attorney.

Let me say this again about white supremacy:
 A) White Supremacy looks like hate when it doubts itself, when a lowlife is having to prove himself or herself.
B) More often than not white supremacy is about adoring the feeling of superiority. And that's usually calmer and less violent. 

The cops, the judge, the police union, any grand jury members that may have been involved, most of them probably fall into category B. They probably don't even have awareness of how much they enjoy not having a single pang of empathy for somebody who "probably deserves it"

And it never occurs to them that those they feel "probably deserve it" is an attitude linked to their white supremacy.

This is why the majority of white people will never link themselves to the ambient white supremacy that encourages those alt-Right Nazi's existence and actions.


Let me tell  you something else that's likely: Corey's case isn't going to go anywhere if KKK Pikachu* (Jeff Sessions) is involved.  
Keeping Jeff Sessions out of the Department of Justice and Trump out of the presidency was worth putting up with Hillary. (And I don't think she'd be that bad. She's weathervane. And the wind was blowing in our direction)
We can't screw up another election. We have to outvote the white supremacists. 
We have to create a people of color led political party or take over the democrats. We have to accept the fact that we'll only have about 1/3 of white people with us --especially if that 1/3 of white people refuse to take ownership of white supremacy problem and clean their own white racism soaked house.

Momma, Daddy, Bubba and nem need to be told off in clear language if they're indeed racists. Anybody who walk with people doing Nazi salutes and carrying confederate flags is a racist. Anybody who makes excuses for these lowlifes is a racist or a racism enabler (no reason to make a distinction)

The one-third of white people who see most of the problem need to stop making excuses and get to work.

* * * * *

A just released dashcam video shows Texas cops strip- and cavity-searching a woman in a parking lot And it might reopen the sexual assault case against the officers.

I'm pretty tough. I couldn't really through it. Not the images, because I didn't see much...just the very idea. Use caution)


Twenty year old Charnesia Corley, a black woman, was pulled over for running a stop sign. The cops claimed to have smelled marijuana and turned this into a reason for a strip search near a Texaco station parking lot. Corley wound up naked from the waist down on the street for at least 11 to 15 minutes and it was caught on dashcam.Somehow Texas stopped the trial from happening at all. 

But the case may be reopened.

From The Guardian 
Corley was allegedly running a stop sign and failing to use turn signals. In the video, she is made to stand, handcuffed, outside her car while two officers look inside. She is then searched with the rear passenger-side door open, partially obscuring the camera’s view of her body....
Corley is then put on the ground, naked below the waist, and examined for about 11 minutes by a female officer using a flashlight. 
The Federal Lawsuit “When one of the Deputies tried to insert her fingers into Ms Corley’s vagina, Ms Corley protested. At that point, the Deputies forcibly threw Ms Corley to the ground, while she was still handcuffed, pinned her down with her legs spread apart, threatened to break her legs and without consent penetrated her vagina in a purported search for marijuana.”
Corley was arrested and charged with possession of 0.02 ounces of marijuana and resisting arrest; the charges were dropped by the Harris County district attorney’s office... 

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(According to another article I read the made her put her ankles behind her ears while they examined her vagina.  
I'm pretty tough. I couldn't really through it. Not the images, because I didn't see much...just the very idea. Use caution)



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One of Our Feminist Abolitionists. 

This is appropriate

Feeling Rebloggy
Norwegian, the World’s Best Low-Cost, Long Haul Airline and Europe’s Best Low-Cost Airline, today announced its first black and first American female tailfin hero, Sojourner Truth. The image of the notable abolitionist and activist will be featured on the tailfin of the airline’s next Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft. The Sojourner Truth aircraft, the second in the airline’s American hero series, will take flight to the United States in a few weeks.

Born Isabella Baumfree in Upstate New York, the former slave changed her name to Sojourner Truth in 1843. She gave numerous speeches throughout her life and was recognized as a great orator for her ability to capture the crowd with her accounts of what she endured while enslaved. In 1851, Truth delivered remarks about slavery and women’s rights at the Ohio Women’s Rights Convention that later became known as the “Ain’t I a Woman” speech