Thursday, January 19, 2017


Hope springs eternal. So I'm still praying for a divine double lightening strike on Trump and Pence, both. I'm even hoping for an X-files-like alien abduction-- anything-- so long as the MEAN TANGERINE doesn't become president. But just in case nothing swoops in like a superhero and to save us all, here is AWESOMELY LUVVIE'S plan B. 

Feeling Rebloggy

A Handy Guide To
Disrespecting Cheeto Satan 

She said,
"Donald Trump, will be sworn in as president of the United States [tomorrow]. And the four horsemen of the apocalypse will ride in as Jesus emerges behind them with a whip and proceeds to beat his ass (like they beat Kunta Kinte) before putting us all out of our misery.

Well, one of those things is likely. The latter is too kind a result. We don’t deserve the rapture. We gotta sit here and live in a world where our leader is a guy who shouldn’t even run on a treadmill, let alone run a country. And every day since November 8, I’ve had gagging episodes where I feel sick to my stomach and heave when I realize that this is really happening...

Her step 1 is "Do not watch the inauguration."  But I say don't skip watching television altogether. 

The next day's soundbite should be "Millions of Americans watch television during the inauguration, but only 10% of them are actually watching the inauguration itself."

We don't want the only ones watching television at that time to be Trumpthuglicans. We do not want there to be 100% viewership because those of us with common sense refused to watch at all. 

What we want is this thin-skinned The Velcro Don (as opposed to the Teflon Don) to see himself being ignored as the trash he is.

Read her other steps to disrespecting Cheeto Satan here: