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Friday, January 6, 2017


You can skip to the end to listen to Michelle Obama's short message to the young. But first, I want to make sure the true background of this particular exit speech is clear since the predominantly white main stream press has a habit of normalizing the president elect and legitimizing his white followers.

The outcome of this last election was about patriarchal white racism.

While white people, right and left, try to pretend that the 57% of white people that voted for Don The Con were all of this newly defined "working class" whether they work for minimum wage or 500K a year; had a high school degree, a 2 year degree, 3/4s of a bachelors, or a masters degree in rocket science; or making on average 72,000 a year, people of color know better. 

Black and brown folks know this "economic panic" only experienced by 57% of white people is a lie.

If the white "working class" economic panic lie wasn't a lie, a heck of a lot more than 4% of black women and 13% of black men would voted for the Orange Dragon. Black and brown folks have had to think about ignoring the racism coming out of the mouths of white candidates in favor of their wallets during every single election there ever was prior to 2008 -- when they were allowed to vote, anyway.

If the hardly-racism-free Hillary Clinton had looked like she was going to knock the house down and leave us all, including black and brown folk, broke, in foreclosure, and homeless,  a heck of a lot more black and brown folk would have voted for Trump or not voted at all. That didn't happen because the economic panic theory built to protect white people from the knowledge of their own white racism is a lie.

White people voted in favor of white patriarchal ethnoracism spouted by Trump. That's the entire story.

Those white people that don't like the KKK-in-your-face type racism are lying to themselves about caring about human beings that don't look like their white me-and-mine.

They are aligned with the KKK because one or some of 10 forms of white racism spewed by The Orange Dragon appealed to them or at the very least appalled them so very little that they were able to vote on this single issue or that other single issue -- pretending that white racism hasn't killed before, hasn't killed lately, and won't kill again.

The white people who voted for Trump are the ones confused by their own racism into thinking "Black Lives Matter" means "Black Lives Matter Only" instead of "Black Lives Matter TOO!" 

Most black and brown people know what Donald Trump message is. Lady Michelle, as I shall call her from now on, knows what the message was too.

Lady Michelle and President Obama may truly believe or may be forced to pretend to politically believe that the 57% of white people that voted their white racism aren't representative of 57% of all white people, or even think the 57% of white people are still "confused" 50 years after anybody has a right to be confused due to The Civil Rights Movement. However, she definitely knows Don The Con repeated said and implied that black, brown, immigrants, Muslims, LGBTQ, and trans folk do not REALLY belong in this country.

Lady Michelle knows Trumps message was really, "Let's Make America White Again."

That's why FLOTUS is making one of her final messages to the young, up and coming adults, "We all belong here. This country belongs to all of us."