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Saturday, January 28, 2017



"Trump banned Muslim refugees from the U.S. on Holocaust Remembrance Day. Think about that fact. Something else to think about: white men account for a disproportionate percentage of mass shooters and domestic terrorists. Hmmmm, why aren't they being banned from entering the U.S., monitored, rounded up, subjected to Trump's police state?"
~Chauncey DeVega

The White House will publish a weekly list of crimes committed by immigrants--> Read More:

"The Trump administration is framing the executive order as a security measure: It is titled “Protecting the Nation From Terrorist Attacks by Foreign Nationals.” But the restrictions it poses on refugees in particular are much broader than the actual security reforms it introduces.
In the midst of a global refugee crisis (with more people living as refugees than ever before and staying refugees for longer) the order will, both by design and due to predictable consequences, result in the US taking a fraction of the refugees it’s taken in the past couple of years. It will also fundamentally alter the composition of who is able to come to the United States for humanitarian reasons — showing, in many cases, the greatest skepticism and least openness to people facing the most immediate harm abroad.
Trump is cutting US refugee admissions to a fraction of previous levels
Since World War II, the United States has been the world’s leader in resettling refugees; half of all refugees who are permanently resettled in a third country (somewhere that isn’t the refugee’s country of origin or the place she initially flees to) resettle in the US.
The Trump administration has ended that era."

Read More: 

To tell you the Gawd's honest truth, I have mixed emotions about taking in refugees lighter than the average black person. I feel that's an ugly truth to tell. But it IS true. 

I was completely and totally thinking we had to take the Syrian refugees in -- right up until somebody said Steve Jobs was Syrian.

"See Steve was Syrian! He was productive! See! Accepting refugees is good for America!"

I couldn't help but think that passing-for-white refugees will be accepted into whiteness or at least accepted as white-adjacent and become part of our white oppressor group. 

And I don't think that's true. I know it is.  Did you know Steve Jobs was anything but white before he died? I didn't. I'm reading he was proactively working at affirmative action. Still that's not the point. The point is he-and-his could pass for white.

People who pass for white do not do well by me and mind generally speaking. 


When people are running and in trouble and scared and being killed, you have to think about who is in the most danger in the immediate moment. You have to. Don't you? I think you have to. 

As a black person and a person trying to be a decent human being I have to help people who are in dire straits, even when I know they will become part of the oppressor group. 


I know the Native Americans made the same decision when white people showed up on their shores not knowing what the hell they were doing and promptly started starving and freezing to death. 

I wonder how long it took for First Nations people to regret not letting them die. I know some of them did, no matter how good hearted they were at the outset. That's a human thing.

And I know some of me and mine will probably live to regret supporting the acceptance of Syrian refugees - the ones already here. 

But most of me and mine will make the same decision that the Native Americans did anyway.

And this is a huge part of what just freaking burns me about these cheeto satan-ettes on this particular subject. 

They are screaming about their own white fears of not being able to make a middle class living with rubber stamped high school diploma because jobs are going overseas WHEN their parents and grandparents orchestrated the same thing happening to black left behind in our cities --only when it happened to blacks, instead of the jobs going from the U.S. to China, the jobs went from the cities to the white suburbs. 

These Trumpthuglicans and their parents didn't have an ounce of empathy for black people when black people were being left behind in the inner cities with middle class jobs. But they want sympathy from us.

White Trumpthuglicans want people of color to see them as human beings suffering and angsty over their financial futures instead of white racists who voted for an overt white racist endorsed by the KKK. 
These Trumpthuglicans and their parents and and grandparents don't have an ounce of sympathy for refugees who look more like them than not -- who will most likely be one with them one day (when Trump is gone and the white-ish refugee saving starts up again.) 

But ME and mine?  In the here, and now, we have to wrestle with knowing the paler refugees will likely oppress me and mine one day. We have to wrestle with knowing white people will point to them and say, "Well they made it what's wrong with you and yours?" while pretending not to notice those refugees were saved by being closer to whiteness --and therefore eligible for neighborly behavior, benefit of the doubt when there is crime, and assistance. 

Yet we, darker-skinned people of color, still have to find a way to not have our hearts harden against lighter-skinned refugees who will be white or white-adjacent one day because they are running for their lives.



If Gawd left me in charge of the world 
for an hour every single year, 
on my worst day every year, 
during my most pessimistic hour every year, 
immediately after someone stained my favorite dress 
that I had saved all year to buy, 
I really do not think I could do what 

Bleached Cheeto Satan and the Satan-ettes did yesterday.

I hope you can't either.