Thursday, February 2, 2017


"NBC “Today” show Host Tamron Hall is leaving the network after finding out that the 9am hour team was being replaced by former Fox News Political Commentator Megyn Kelly."

The Post-Obama whitening of the news continues. But by replacing Tamron Hall with Megyn Kelly NBC has gone a step further. NBC has hired a white woman that's known for fanning the flames of white supremacy and white racism. 

If NBC wants to get on Cheeto Satan-ettes good side, they couldn't have picked a better person to replace Hall.  This is the very different than the position that the news organization Reuters has taken in response to a Trump presidency. 

Reuters has decided to cover Trump as if he is the leader of an authoritarian regime, and will even give up access to various Washington briefings etc.
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Don’t Forget That Megyn Kelly Is a Racial Demagogue

The recent flattering coverage of her move to NBC leaves out the ugliest episodes of her work at Fox.

Do you remember that tiny fringe group that was calling itself "The New Black Panther Party?" Do remember how Faux News tried to freak their white audience out? 

"Over the course of two weeks and 45 separate segments, Kelly and her colleagues at Fox News aired video from the Philadelphia incident—where the NBPP members in question shouted insults at white Americans—connecting it to the Obama administration in an effort to paint the president as hostile toward white Americans, part of a broad conspiracy to intimidate white voters. 
Writing for the Atlantic at the time, Dave Weigel called it a “minstrel show” meant to inflame and exploit racial tensions." 

This is just one example of Megyn Kelly's white supremacy enabling behavior as a news anchor. Again, what makes her perfect for NBC is her ability to do the same in the age of Trump.  

I think I'm going to boycott for NBC and THE TODAY SHOW until Megyn is gone.